February 20, 2022

Hey everyone! Before you read this article, check out the video I made below on how I personally outsource content and find images to use in my articles. Once you’ve watched the below video, you can check out the article below which was totally 100% outsourced!

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When someone is referred to as a Jack-of-all-Trades, it generally means they have the skills required to complete a variety of tasks. Many webmasters might think of themselves as a Jack-of-all-Trades. Their job requires knowledge of marketing, SEO strategies, web design, and content creation. Is it a good thing to be considered a Jack-of-all-Trades? On the surface, it sounds like a compliment. You are talented and resourceful enough to succeed at any task. This trait can make you valuable in a number of business settings, showcasing your ability to get the job done no matter what the specific task is.

On the other hand, the title also has a negative connotation. While you are capable of completing multiple tasks in various disciplines, some people view a Jack-of-all-Trades as someone that lacks a defined specialty. While you can do a lot of tasks, you can’t complete any one task at a high level. As a webmaster, does this sound like your content creation ability?

We all take English courses in high school and college, but that doesn’t mean we are all writers. When you are looking to create unique, fresh content for your website, are you up to the task? In this post, we discuss options for outsourcing your content creation to individuals with the skills to write engaging posts that weave in relevant topics, keywords, and other SEO strategies to get build your brand identity.

Not to mention, the single best way to turn your small affiliate marketing business into a thriving 6 or 7 figure company is to scale your business through consistent growth. You can only write so many articles in a day before you will need to get some help from someone else.

Why Outsource Content Creation?

If you’ve been struggling to make up your mind about outsourcing your content creation, you aren’t alone. A lot of webmasters believe they can create effective content without spending the extra money on writers and marketers. However, this goes back to the Jack-of-all-Trades conversation above. You might be able to create good content, but is it helping your brand? Are traffic levels improving? Most importantly, are you getting more conversions?

Content-creation specialists eat, sleep, and breathe their craft, much in the same way you live to be a webmaster. Their sole responsibility is conducting research, integrating keywords, and drafting short posts and long-form content that improves visibility and helps generate conversions. Turning over your content-creation needs to a specialist is vital to your success, because a lot is hinging on your content. Consider these statistics from Entrepreneur:

  • 67% of consumers say custom content aids in purchasing decisions
  • Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates three times as many leads.
  • A blog gives your website 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links.
  • Companies that upload 15 or more blog posts a month get five times the traffic of companies that don’t.

How to Outsource Your Content Creation

The worst thing you can do when outsourcing your content-creation needs is conduct a Google search. While this will result in a few good hits, how are you going to decide which content agency has a stable of writers capable of meeting your needs? There are several steps you should take as you start down the path to outsourcing content creation. It all starts with learning about various platforms.

As you conduct research about content-creation agencies, you’re going to find a handful that promise to deliver large volumes of quality content to match your demands. Before selecting an agency to work with, place a few small orders with each agency to test the abilities of the writers working with each group. Start simple and order blog posts that require little to no research. This will give you an opportunity to assess the ability of each agency’s writers to deliver content on time, at the level of quality you want, with a voice that matches your brand.

Spending time getting to know the writers on a particular platform also allows you to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of that service. How do the payments work? What about revision requests? Are pieces edited by dedicated editors, or do the writers edit their own work? With these answers, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

Sample Writers

Whether you’ve found one agency or three that you might like to work with, sample work from various writers. Think about it like car shopping. You wouldn’t test drive one vehicle, hate it, and decide you don’t need a new car even though your current one doesn’t start. Likewise, you shouldn’t quit working with an agency just because you don’t mesh well with the first writer. When you test the agency, work with a variety of writers on your initial orders to evaluate a group of writers.

Improve Your Communication Skills

One of the most difficult factors in building a content-creation team is effective communication. You know what you are looking for in a post, but knowing what you want and communicating what you want are two different things. Writers cannot get inside your mind, and the accuracy of any given project comes down to how effectively you communicate your needs to the writer. As you work with a group of writers, you need to work on providing instructions that are clear and accurate. The better your instructions are early on, the faster your writer will learn your market, and eventually they may not need as much instruction.

Build Good Relationships

Once you identify the writer or writers that understand your niche and provide quality content, work on building a good relationship with them. You should extend the same courtesies to your writers that you would onsite employees. Provide them with positive feedback and let them know, when applicable, that the company is impressed with their work and that clients are responding positively.

Additionally, don’t forget to reward your writers. There are more ways to reward writers than simply throwing more money at them. While a boost in pay is a good idea for writers who have consistently performed over a long period of time, there are other rewards. For example, be clear with your expectations, but flexible in emergencies. There is no need to punish a writer who has performed well for you just because an emergency comes up and they ask for an extension. Creating a positive relationship through rewards puts your company higher on that writer’s priority list, and can even push them to provide their best effort each and every time.

Listen to Your Clients

Last but not least, your clients/customers will let you know which writers are good and which ones underperform. You can directly ask for feedback from your office staff on the quality and relevance of the content from your writers, and even gauge the reception your customers give through clicks and conversions. Collecting this information will help you evaluate the writers who meet your demands and provide content your customers actually engage with.

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