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This isn't just another shallow, free affiliate marketing course. 

In this course, you'll get everything that we've learned over 13 years of doing affiliate marketing. 

We'll show you inside the business, plus, we'll also be building 2 brand new sites with you as well, so we can all grow totgether. 

Here's a sneak peak: 

Chapter 1: Introduction

Lesson 1: Welcome
Lesson 2: What is Affiliate Marketing
Lesson 3: Setting Your Expectations
Lesson 4:  Everything You Need to Get Started

Chapter 2: The First Steps

Lesson 1:  Choosing a Niche
Lesson 2:  Keyword Research & Site BluePrints
Lesson 3:  Domain and Hosting
Lesson 4:  Building Your Site
Lesson 5:  Setting up Google Analytics and Search Console
Lesson 6:  Basic Writing and Publishing

Chapter 3: SEO Techniques

Lesson 1:  Introduction to SEO Techniques
Lesson 2:  On-Page SEO
Lesson 3:  Off-Page SEO
Lesson 4:  Technical SEO

Chapter 4: Monetization

Lesson 1:  What Makes a Good Affiliate Partner?
Lesson 2:  How to Find Good Affiliate Partners
Lesson 3:  What to Expect in Your First 12 Months
Lesson 4:  Oher Ways to Make Money from Your Site

Chapter 5: How to Write Perfect Blog Posts (Advanced)

Lesson 1:  Why Content is King
Lesson 2:  The Types of Content for Affiliate Marketing
Lesson 3:  The Perfect Format for Blog Posts
Lesson 4:  Search Intent + Competitor Analysis
Lesson 5:  How to Write a How-To Post
Lesson 6:  How to Write a Q&A Post
Lesson 7:  How to Write a Listicle
Lesson 8:  How to Write a Review
Lesson 9:  How to Write a Comparison Post
Lesson 10:  How to Write an Ultimate Guide
Lesson 11:  How to Edit Your Articles Like a Pro

Chapter 6: The Next Steps

Lesson 1:  Other Ways to Get Traffic
Lesson 2:  What to do Next
Lesson 3:  Motivation

Plus several uncut bonus lessons where we show you ourselves doing exactly what we teach! 

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Meet Your Instructors!

Mike Rogers

Our Founder!

Mike started affiliatte marketing way back in 2009. Back then, he was a full-time truck driver, and decided to try his luck by creating a website about driving schools. 

Flash forward to today, Mike now has NINE affiliate sites, and makes around $40,000/month from his business. 

In the course, Mike will teach you everything he's learned over his 13 years in the business. 

From getting started to dealing with affiliate partners, you'll learn everything you need to know from Mike! 

Manoling Martinez

The Manager

Manoling is the guy that runs the day-to-day activities of Mike's businesses. 

From keyword research, to writing, to quality control, Manoling makes sure that all NINE websites are running smoothly and making as much money as possible. 

Manoling will teach you all the technical things you need to know, like how to build a website, how to do keyword research, and how to optimize your artitcles for SEO. 

Plus, in the course, you'll get to learn alongside Manoling, as he builds a new affiliate site from scratch!

Nikki Martinez

Our Expert Writer

Nikki is perhaps the BEST writer in our team. Whether that's blog posts that challenge tough keywords, or landing pages and emails to attract leads, Nikki is the person for the job. 

As part of our advanced chapter on writing, Nikki will show you her exact process of writing content that WINS. 

She'll also dissect the different types of content affiliate marketers need to write, and how to make every single post the best that it can be.

And like Manoling, Nikki will also be your classmate in this course as she builds her own site from the ground up! 

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