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Course Roadmap

If You Think Affiliate Marketing is About Making Money Without Hard Work, Look Away!

Real 6-figure affiliate marketers know better. Affiliate marketing is a legit business that requires hard work to take off.
Sound daunting?
Don’t worry! We’re here to show you exactly how it’s done. 
This is affiliate marketing done the REAL way!

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Setting your expectations right! In this section, we give you all there is to know about REAL affiliate marketing.

Building your website

Having a website is the BEST way to do affiliate marketing. That’s why we’ll teach you exactly how you can put up an awesome website.


How do you outsource your business without sacrificing quality or spending too much? We go over these questions in our Outsourcing section.

Getting Started

From choosing a profitable niche to getting the right keywords, this section goes over the building blocks of a successful affiliate marketing business.


Affiliate marketing and SEO go hand-in-hand. But as things get more competitive, SEM and SMM are becoming important too. Learn all about them here!

Taking it to the Next Level

Once your site is up and making money, don’t leave it alone! We’ll show you the next steps to take your business to the next level!

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New videos every 2 weeks starting 2022! We have 4 exciting shows for aspiring and established affiliate marketers alike!

Affiliate Marketing 101 – The basics! Geared towards newbies, we’ll share with you exactly how you can get off to a flying start!

Advanced Affiliate – Here we’ll share some of our more advanced tips and tricks for people looking to scale up their business.

Let’s TRY! – Ever wondered if a bright shiny new tactic actually works? (I’m looking at you Skyscraper Technique). With Let’s TRY, you don’t have to! We’ll try everything for you, so you can save yourself a BUNCH of time on things that don’t work.

Over-The-Shoulder Reviews – Not your typical talking head review. We’ll show you what it’s really like inside the more popular affiliate and SEO tools (so you’ll know if they’re worth your $$$).

There’s a lot coming up, so check us out in Youtube and Subscribe!


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