September 22, 2023

Love coffee?

Who doesn’t?

There’s nothing like that extra hit of caffeine that sets your brain on fire at 5 in the morning.

Coffee is the cure, the magic potion, and the delicious, nutty, creamy beverage you sip just because.

So if you’ve started a coffee blog and racked up a bit of a following…

…the next thing you’re probably looking for is a list of the best coffee affiliate programs to promote on it.

I mean, you already help your followers with awesome coffee advice and information, right?

Why not make an extra buck from it?

If this is you, we’ve got you.

In this blog, I’ll give you 16 of the best coffee affiliate programs out there.


But first…

Why Coffee Affiliate Programs Can Make You that Extra Buck You’re Looking For 

What if your blog isn’t about coffee?

But you’ve got a strong following of people who adore you?

Well, chances are a sizable percentage of them drink coffee.

So even if your blog is on stuff like work tips, life advice, marketing, and so on…

…you can always add a few mentions of the awesome coffee you recommend they try. 

Or that espresso machine they absolutely must own. 

Is going into coffee affiliate programs worth it? 

You bet. 

Here’s why: over one billion people drink coffee worldwide.

This amounts to over two billion cups of coffee brewed daily.


No one can resist a steaming cup of bitter black liquid.

But if you need other reasons, here are two more great ones:

  • Coffee affiliate programs offer up to 30% of commissions on each sale
  • Coffee products can go as high as $30,000 (think quality espresso machines) 

All excited?


Now, let’s take a dive into some of the best coffee affiliate programs out there today.

16 Coffee Affiliate Programs You Shouldn’t Miss

Sure, there are tons of coffee affiliate programs you can join.

But in this blog, I’ve made it a point to include only the best.

Let’s go.

1. Koa Coffee


Commissions: 10-20% per sale

Cookie duration: 45 days

Are your followers coffee connoisseurs? 

Would they love the taste of the exotic, premium coffee harvested from the slopes of the Mauna Loa Volcano in Hawaii? 

Or unique Mokka beans from Maui? 

Tell them about Koa Coffee.

Koa is a company that’s been around since 1997.

Back then, it was a tiny family business that prided itself on selling the best Hawaiian coffee straight from the island. 

Today, it has grown, and now ships mouthwatering, freshly ground beans straight to your door. 

They’ve won a bunch of awards too, including: 

  • The Gevelia Cupping Competition
  • PCCA Coffee of the Year
  • Top 10 Coffees of the Year by Forbes

Yup, Koa has got a lot to say for itself.

If you have coffee fans in your audience, it won’t be hard to convince them to buy a bag (or three).

The commissions? 

Good in that department, too.

You can get up to 20% per sale, and a set of three bags costs up to $219.

Not bad at all!

Plus, they have a 45-day cookie window, meaning you can earn multiple commissions from people who order the coffee, love it, and decide to order again.

Honestly, if you only choose one coffee affiliate program…

…this one is the one to go for.

You won’t regret it.

2. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf


Commissions: up to 10%

Cookie window: 15 days

Never heard of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf?

You’ve probably been living under a humongous rock. 

With over a thousand stores worldwide, it’s one of the most well-known brands out there. 

This is great for you as an affiliate marketer.

It means you won’t have to do a lot of convincing for your audience to buy from your referral links. 

And that’s not the only reason to promote The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

The company knows what it’s doing, having been around since 1963.

They have amazing coffee and tea blends you can be proud to tell your audience about.

Plus, if they’re really coffee enthusiasts, they’ll love the quality of the beans (the Coffee Bean team only selects the top 1% of coffee beans). 

Besides handcraft drinks, you’ll also be able to promote their popular flavoring powders, their brewing equipment, their customized drinkware, and their coffee pods. 

This gives your audience a ton of options to add to their carts before hitting checkout.

The commissions are great too – you can get up to 10% from each sale.

Plus, the more you sell, the higher your commissions will be.

Really not bad at all.

3. Volcanica Coffee Company


Commission: 10%

Cookie window: 30 days

Interested in promoting gourmet coffee?

Want to blow your audience’s mind with over 150 different coffee bean selections to choose from?

Volcanica Coffee Company’s affiliate program is the one to join.

It’s epic, with selections like peaberry, estate, low acid, and decaf.

It also has a wide range of different uniquely flavored coffees, like chocolate raspberry, caramel crunch, coconut cream, and more. 

All coffee beans are harvested from volcanic regions around the world, from the Caribbean to Africa, Indonesia to Arabia.

What’s special about them is that they grew in fertile volcanic soil, in a peculiar environment that fosters only the finest beans.

These beans from various parts of the world make their way to Atlanta, where they are roasted with top-notch equipment. 

Want fresh beans?

They’ll roast them for you on demand, before shipping them to your doorstep. 

Volcanica Coffee is no doubt a force to be reckoned with in the coffee industry.

And their program is great for affiliate marketers like you.

With a $65 percent average basket value, you won’t have to worry about making teeny cents in earnings. 

Their commission rate is pretty cool too, at 10-15% on all sales. 

Plus, if you’re new at affiliate marketing, you don’t have to worry about how to do promotions. 

They help big time, offering you marketing content and an affiliate team that’s always ready to support you.

It’s definitely the dream when it comes to affiliate marketing programs. 

4. Lifeboost Coffee


Commission: $10-$30 per sale

Cookie window: 30 days

Is your audience the more health conscious kind?

The kind that always wonders how much toxins are in the food they eat and the stuff they drink? 

You might want to tell them about Lifeboost Coffee.

Lifeboost’s USP is that it’s the healthiest (and the tastiest) coffee around.

And they’re true to their word.

In fact, they get 3rd party testing for their beans, screening for over 450 toxins.

The coffee they grow is also free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. 

A cool, shady environment ensures that the beans mature slowly, which gives them extra low acidity.

These beans are then hand-picked and freshly roasted for some of the most delicious coffee bags you can find. 

Think your audience will love healthy, sustainable, tasty coffee?


Go ahead and join Coffee Boost’s affiliate program.

When you do, you’ll get $10-$30 on each sale.

Kind of cool and unconventional, when most affiliate programs out there offer commissions based on percentage.

To add to the allure, Coffee Boost has spent over 4 million dollars to perfect its sales funnel…

…meaning they have a reliable, high-converting sales process.

Your only job will be to send traffic in their direction.

5. 1st In Coffee


Commission: 7%

Cookie window: 90 days

Looking for a company that screams “everything you need as a coffee lover”?

Check out 1st In Coffee.

1st In Coffee isn’t a gourmet coffee store or anything like that.

But it has an astounding array of coffee and coffee-related products for the casual coffee drinker and the enthusiast alike.

It prides itself on its large selection of whole beans, ground espresso, decaf, organic coffee, and more.

That’s not all they have, though.

They also have a wide range of coffee makers and machines, from super automatic espresso machines to single-serve coffee makers.

They have grinders too – blade grinders, retail grinders, single-serve grinders, espresso, and more.

Plus, they have cool accessories such as milk frothers, espresso cup sets, and even trippy art collections.

Basically, 1st In Coffee is a one-stop-shop for all your coffee needs, whether you’re making coffee at home or for your shop. 

So…is their affiliate program good?

You bet.

You get 7% on sales, and the great news is that some of their products sell for up to $5,000.

Plus, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee, which builds huge trust with buyers. 

Add to that their 90-day cookie window, and you have an affiliate program that checks all your requirement boxes. 

6. Bulletproof


Commission: 10% per sale or $25 for subscription

Cookie window: 120 days

Looking for a more diverse, generalized coffee merchant?

You might want to look into Bulletproof.

Bulletproof sells all the regular types of coffee…

…but besides that, it also offers a ton of various healthy products.

These range from MCT oils to softgel capsules, protein bars to collagen powders.

I’m not even sure if they should be called a coffee company. 

More accurately, they’re a company that specializes in healthy snacks and drinks, powders, and supplements. 

Think your audience would like stuff like that?


Bulletproof’s affiliate program is great, with 10% on commissions on sales and $25 for each subscription you send their way.

Their 120 cookie window is also one of the longest in the coffee affiliate space. 

Altogether, it’s a great choice for general health enthusiasts and coffee lovers alike.

7. VitaCup


Commission: 5%

Cookie window: 30 days

When you wake up in the morning, nothing can be more energizing than a cup of steaming coffee.

But what if that cup was actually infused with vitamins that boost your energy and improve your health? 

It’d be perfect. 

If that sounds like a miracle to you, you’ll love what VitaCup offers.

VitaCup specializes in coffee, tea, and other beverages which are infused with vitamins, probiotics, prebiotics, and all that good stuff.

They’re pretty unique too, with anti-bloating blends, herbal and supergreen blends, coffee pods with lion’s mane and chaga, caffeine-free shroom power drinks, keto collagen creamers, and so much more.

You only have to browse their shop to have a healthy beverage experience like never before.

So yeah, promoting VitaCup is awesome, whether or not your followers love coffee.

I mean, who doesn’t want to be healthier and feel more energized?

Tell that to your audience, and get a 5% commission for every sale you make.

I know, it doesn’t seem huge.

But the company has a base of over a million customers, meaning they’re not a tiny, never-before-heard-of shop that doesn’t make any sales.

Plus, their products are affordable, meaning your followers can fill up their carts with all the scrumptious, health-boosting products available there. 

8. Majesty Coffee


Commission: 5%

Cookie window: 90 days

Espresso machines are a big thing today.

What’s amazing about them is that they’re creeping from coffee shops and into everyday people’s homes. 

In fact, you’ve probably stepped into a friend’s house and seen a sparkling new machine sitting proudly on the kitchen countertop.

Know what? 

This is great news for you as an affiliate marketer.

That’s because espresso machines aren’t cheap, and if more and more people are buying them…

…you could make a nice cut on commissions if you join the right coffee affiliate program and help sell these popular machines.

If you already know this, and are shopping around for the right program, you’ll love Majesty Coffee’s.

Majesty Coffee prides itself on selling premium espresso machines from various award-winning brands. 

It offers fast, free shipping on all orders, an extra incentive to buyers.

Sure, Majesty only offers affiliates a 5% commission on sales.

But consider that some of their espresso machines go for over $25,000.

That’ll give you a pretty nice cut on commissions altogether. 

9. Bodum


Commission: 6%

Cookie window: 45 days 

Bodum is a coffee company that sells all sorts of coffee-related products such as vacuum coffee makers, grinders, mugs, beans, and milk frothers.

But it’s not only that.

It’s so, so much more. 

In fact, I’d say Bodum is more of a home accessories company than purely a coffee one. 

Aside from its specialized beans and coffee machines, it also sells air fryers, crockery, food storage containers, cutlery, table linens, bath towels, and portable grills. 

So if you’re looking for something less niche and a bit more diverse, this might be the right choice for you.

Sure, Bodum doesn’t offer a jaw-dropping commission rate at 6%…

…but the wide variety of useful and unique items your followers can buy means you might end up with a big cut from every buyer. 

Plus, the company offers affiliate partners help with marketing.

When you join their program, you’ll get access to creative marketing materials and an affiliate team that’s always ready to help you. 

Altogether, this is a great choice for beginner affiliate marketers who want a coffee-biased but more general affiliate program to join. 

10. Coffee Wholesale USA


Commission: Up to 10% per sale

Cookie window: 45 days

Coffee Wholesale USA prides itself on being the coffee and tea company that has everything you need in one place.

Does it live up to its claims?


The company offers a truly impressive variety of products, from coffee blends to liquid concentrate machines, tea filter packs to scrumptious coffee cakes.

It features four well-known coffee brands: The Coffee Club, Miss Ellie’s, Native American Coffee, and All Day Gourmet. 

Is joining their affiliate program a good idea?


With their 10% commission rate, their 45-day cookie window, and the marketing support they offer their partners…

…this is one of the most solid coffee affiliate programs you can join. 

11. My Espresso Shop


Commission: 5-7%

Cookie window: 90 days

As a coffee lover, you probably hunt down shops founded and staffed by fellow coffee lovers.

Know what?

My Espresso Shop is like that.

It’s a company that prides itself on knowing what it takes to produce a truly delicious, high-quality cup of coffee.

It also believes that to get that rare cup, you need a premium, long-lasting grinder and espresso machine.

That’s why My Espresso Shop is all about selling these top-notch grinders and machines.

They’re out to change the world and eradicate bad coffee.

Which means, if your followers are hard core coffee enthusiasts, they’ll love hearing about this company.

And when they buy a premium coffee machine (which goes for thousands of dollars), you’ll get a nice 5-7% cut.

My Espresso Shop also offers a lengthy cookie window at 90 days, one of the longest in the coffee affiliate program industry.

Altogether, joining their program is a good bet for you if you’re a coffee enthusiast and run a serious coffee blog. 

12. Eat Your Coffee


Commission: 15%

Cookie window: 60 days

Looking for something unique that’ll wow your coffee-loving audience out of their socks?

Tell them they can actually eat their coffee.

I know, right.

Sounds really cool.

And it is.

Plus, it actually exists. 

Eat Your Coffee is a company that specializes in healthy, delicious bars you can pop into your mouth each time you need that extra caffeine rush.

They’re fun too, with flavors like salted caramel macchiato, cocoa espresso, and fudgy mocha latte. 

Certainly not the boring cup of joe you brew for yourself at 3pm.

Think your audience would love these unique treats?

Go ahead, promote them as an affiliate on your blog.

When you do, you’ll get to reap quite a few goodies yourself.

For example, Eat Your Coffee offers a 15% commission fee on all purchases through your links.

You also get a 90 day cookie window, so you can swoop up the commissions from return shoppers as well.

With a $34 average cart value and lots of return customers, everything adds up to become a truly sweet deal for you. 

13. Black Ink Coffee


Commission: 15% 

Cookie window: 30 days

Black Ink Coffee is on a mission: 

To become the largest coffee company in the world.

Some dream!

And while we’re not sure if they can achieve it, we can be sure of this: they have lofty goals that include accumulating a huge customer base.   

Good for them, and good for you as an affiliate, if you ask me.

So, what do they offer?

Black Ink Coffee is a company that promises you will never run out of coffee.

All you have to do is join one of their subscriptions, and coffee will be delivered regularly to your doorstep. 

They also offer wholesale coffee – ordering a considerable amount will qualify you for their free shipping deals.

All great things to tell your audience about.

And when they buy through your links, you’ll get a nice 15% on commissions, with a 30 day cookie window. 

14. Peet’s Coffee


Commissions: 3.2%

Cookie window: 2 days

Are your readers the kind of people who care about the art behind the coffee?

The type who won’t settle for any ordinary cup, but want to know their cup is crafted carefully, with the best procedures in place?

This niche audience will love Peet’s Coffee.

Because Peet’s is all about the art of brewing coffee.

All their beans are carefully hand roasted, and their mission is to never let you drink the type of coffee that’s wrong for you. 

To achieve that, they have a quiz for customers to take, helping them find coffee that fits them.

Will you benefit from joining their affiliate program?

Well, to be honest, it’s not as attractive as some of the others I’ve just mentioned.

Their commission rate is at a meager 3.2%, and their cookie window is a tiny 2 days.

So when should you join them?

Only if you have followers who are huge niche coffee craft enthusiasts…

…and if you already have a robust list of other affiliate programs you’ve joined.

Otherwise, you won’t earn a ton from this program as a standalone. 

15. Ily Coffee


Commission: 6%

Cookie window: 45 days

Ask the person sitting next to you, and he’s probably heard about Illy Coffee.

That’s because Illy has carved a name for itself in the industry: it’s one of the leading coffee brands out there today.  

One of its specialties is its premium beans – Illy only sells the top 1% of the best Arabica beans. 

It prides itself on its various roasts and blends…

…plus its wide selection of espresso machines and grinders. 

It also showcases a unique art collection that blends together art and coffee.

Since 1992, it has become a black canvas for artists across the globe, and anyone can buy a beautiful coffee cup or mug to display in their coffee collection. 

So, should you join Illy’s affiliate program?

The commissions aren’t mindblowing at 6%. 

However, since Illy is known worldwide, and enjoys a $125 average order value, it could just work to pull in those extra bucks for you.

16. Gourmesso


Commission: 20%

Cookie window: 45 days

Drinking coffee from a Nespresso machine is convenient…

…but the truth is it’s not the go-to for serious coffee fans.

If your audience feels this, tell them about Gourmesso.

Gourmesso seeks to combine the rich flavors of real coffee with the convenience of pods.

It offers numerous blends and deals, flavors and brands.

Sure, pods will never take the place of real coffee brewed from beans.

But if you’re planning to talk about Nespressos in your blog, Gourmesso’s bundles will be a great option to promote.

If your fans love it and decide to buy, you’ll get a nice cut at 20% per sale.

The cookie window is quite generous too – you get a month and a half to lock in the commissions from buyers you send their way.

The Best Coffee Affiliate Programs for 2024 and Onwards (+Which Ones Are Best for You?)

Sure, choosing the right coffee affiliate programs isn’t a walk in the park.

To come up with the perfect list, you’ll need to spend time doing research and pruning it down until it’s just right. 

Because the truth is, not every coffee affiliate program is for you.

Even programs that offer mouthwatering commissions may not be the ones your audience will be attracted to. 

So, how do you start?

First, keep this list I’ve made of the best coffee programs out there.

Then, go through each one carefully.

Is the offer the kind your audience will likely buy (and do you know your audience that well?).

Next, is it something you think you can be proud of promoting?Does it match the standards of your blog?

Of course, you’ll also need to think about how much commission you’ll earn, the cookie window, and how often the company pays out.

But don’t worry.

This list of coffee affiliate programs I’ve compiled is one of the best out there.

Pick a few choice ones from here, find out if it fits your blog, and you can’t go wrong in that direction. 

Go on, you can do it! 

Image credits: All screenshots taken by the author, September 2023.

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