The Ultimate FREE Affiliate Marketer Training Course

 Welcome to our FREE affiliate marketer training course! 

Here you’ll learn all the fundamentals of building a successful affiliate marketing website (from choosing a good niche to outsourcing your business!)

Everything we’ll teach you here is tried and tested. It’s the same principles we used to build a 6-figure affiliate business. 

Let’s get started! Shall we? 

Chapter 1: Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Setting your expectations right! In this section, we give you all there is to know about REAL affiliate marketing. We’ll debunk the common misconceptions and myths of this business, and give you the right mindset heading into this business. 

Lesson 1: What is Affiliate Marketing?
Lesson 2:
How Much Money Can I Make With Affiliate Marketing? (With Real Examples)
Lesson 3:
How Long Does Affiliate Marketing Take?
Can You Start Affiliate Marketing for Free?

Chapter 2: Getting Started

From choosing a profitable niche to targeting the right keywords, this section goes over the building blocks of a successful affiliate marketing business. 

Lesson 1: How to Choose a Profitable Niche for Affiliate Marketing
Lesson 2: How to Find Good Affiliate Programs
Lesson 3:
How to Find Good Keywords for Affiliate Marketing
Lesson 4:
What Are the Best Ways to Promote Affiliate Links?
Is Amazon Affiliates a Good Idea?

Chapter 3: Building and Growing Your Website

Having a website is the BEST way to do affiliate marketing. That’s why we’ll teach you exactly how you can put up an awesome website. From choosing a web hosting, to where to find free images for your blog, we’ve got you covered!

Lesson 1: How to Create a Website for Affiliate Marketing
Lesson 2:
Best Web Hosts for Affiliate Marketing
Lesson 3:
Best WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketing
Lesson 4:
How to Create a Content Plan for Affiliate Marketing
Lesson 5:
Where to Get Free Images for Your Blog or Website
Can You Do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website?

Chapter 4: How to Write Affiliate Marketing Articles that Stand Out

With thousands upon thousands of affiliate websites in just about every niche – standing out is more important now than ever before. That’s why you CANNOT rely on dull, generic, articles. In this chapter, we’ll show you how we write outstanding articles that rise above the competition!

Lesson 1:How to Write for Affiliate Marketing
Lesson 2: 
How to Write a Product Review
Lesson 3: 
How to Write a Listicle
Lesson 4: 
How to Write a Product Comparison Article
Lesson 5: 
How to Write an Info Article for Affiliate Marketing
Templates for Every Type of Affiliate Marketing Article

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Chapter 5: SEO, SEM, and SMM

Affiliate marketing and SEO go hand-in-hand. But as things get more competitive, SEM and SMM are becoming important too. Learn all about them here!

Lesson 1: SEO for Affiliate Marketers – The Ultimate Guide
Lesson 2:
Content Quality vs Quantity for Affiliate Marketing
Lesson 3:
SEO vs Paid Ads – What is Better for Affiliate Marketing?
Lesson 4:
Social Media for Affiliate Marketers
The Best SEO Tools for Affiliate Marketing (That we Use!)

Chapter 6: Outsourcing

How do you outsource your business without sacrificing quality or spending too much? In this section, I’ll show you exactly how I outsourced my business so I can enjoy myself while others do the work for me!

Lesson 1: How to Outsource Your Affiliate Business
Lesson 2:
How to Outsource Content Writing
Lesson 3:
How to Outsource to Virtual Assistants
How to Check Outsourced Content for Copyright Infringements

Chapter 7: Taking it to the Next Level

Once your site is up and making money, don’t leave it alone! We’ll show you the next steps to take your business to the next level!

Lesson 1: How to Win Tough Keywords for Affiliate Marketing 
Lesson 2:
SEO Maintenance for Affiliate Marketers 
Bonus: Case Study – My Story
Best Affiliate Marketing Courses to Take it to the Next Level

Michael Rogers

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Hey, I’m Mike! I’m the owner of Roger’s Concepts LLC – my affiliate marketing “empire” with several sites all bringing in 5-figure earnings month by month.

Building my business was NOT easy. And I see way too many false advertisements claiming you can become a 6-figure affiliate marketer FAST.

That’s why I created this FREE guide to show aspiring affiliate marketers what REAL affiliate marketing looks like.

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Hi! I’m Manoling, but you can call me Pawi.

I run the day-by-day operations of Mike’s websites – from content strategy and SEO, to web design and social media!

In this FREE affiliate marketing course, I’ll be teaching you what getting your hands dirty looks like in the affiliate marketing world.

I’ll show you how we create business plans and execute them from start to finish.

To echo Mike above, I hope you learn something new today!