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P.S. Here’s a Sneak Peek of What You’ll Get Inside

Chapter 1: Introduction

Lesson 1: Welcome
Lesson 2: What is Affiliate Marketing
Lesson 3: Setting Your Expectations
Lesson 4:  Everything You Need to Get Started

Chapter 2: The First Steps

Lesson 1:  Choosing a Niche
Lesson 2:  Keyword Research & Site BluePrints
Lesson 3:  Domain and Hosting
Lesson 4:  Building Your Site
Lesson 5:  Setting up Google Analytics and Search Console
Lesson 6:  Basic Writing and Publishing

Chapter 3: SEO Techniques

Lesson 1:  Introduction to SEO Techniques
Lesson 2:  On-Page SEO
Lesson 3:  Off-Page SEO
Lesson 4:  Technical SEO

Chapter 4: Monetization

Lesson 1:  What Makes a Good Affiliate Partner?
Lesson 2:  How to Find Good Affiliate Partners
Lesson 3:  What to Expect in Your First 12 Months
Lesson 4:  Oher Ways to Make Money from Your Site

Chapter 5: How to Write Perfect Blog Posts (Advanced)

Lesson 1:  Why Content is King
Lesson 2:  The Types of Content for Affiliate Marketing
Lesson 3:  The Perfect Format for Blog Posts
Lesson 4:  Search Intent + Competitor Analysis
Lesson 5:  How to Write a How-To Post
Lesson 6:  How to Write a Q&A Post
Lesson 7:  How to Write a Listicle
Lesson 8:  How to Write a Review
Lesson 9:  How to Write a Comparison Post
Lesson 10:  How to Write an Ultimate Guide
Lesson 11:  How to Edit Your Articles Like a Pro

Chapter 6: The Next Steps

Lesson 1:  Other Ways to Get Traffic
Lesson 2:  What to do Next
Lesson 3:  Motivation