September 12, 2023

Wondering if you should use Jasper AI for your blog?

Or AI writing and editing tools in general?

You’ve come to the right place. 

In this blog, we’ll scrutinize Jasper AI, including: 

  • What it can (and can’t) do
  • The pros and cons of using it for generating content
  • Features and pricing 
  • Reviews from real people
  • Alternatives you can use instead of Jasper AI 
  • And more

Ready to get started?

Let’s go!

What IS Jasper AI, Anyway? (All You Need to Know about the Popular On-Brand AI Platform)

So, you’ve heard about Jasper AI

Maybe someone told you about it.

Or maybe you read about it on Google, because you were searching for a tool that would make your writing and editing faster and better. 

You want help with collaborating with writers, keeping your style consistent, and breaking through the barriers writer’s block puts in your way. 

But at this point, you’re not sure.

Is it worth it? 

Is it for you?

How will it help your content creation process?

Is the type of content it’ll help you produce the kind you want your audience to read?

How much will it cost you?  

These questions buzz around in your head.   

Your fingers hover over the signup button, but you hesitate.

Before you go ahead, you want to know everything about it.

Well, you’re in good hands.

Let’s dive deep into exactly what Jasper AI is, what it promises, and what type of content creator or business owner it’s great for. 

So, first of all, Jasper AI calls itself an on-brand AI platform for businesses. 

Jasper AI


It claims to be the antidote to writer’s block and, unlike other AI tools, to produce content that’s brand-specific (instead of generic).

Visit its website, and you’ll find a rather comprehensive list of why it’s great for businesses.

Jasper AI business


So, in short, Jasper AI can help you:

  • Beat writer’s block
  • Keep your brand’s content consistent across channels
  • Produce non-generic content 
  • Increase your productivity 
  • Improve your social media campaign, ads, email marketing, and more
  • Keep your team consistent with their tone of voice and writing style across channels
  • Collaborate with your team members more easily and efficiently 

Jasper AI is a powerful tool that aids you and your team with producing high-quality, brand-consistent content…

…while skipping the writer’s block, the errors, and the confusing, inconsistent styles. 

In essence, that’s what it is.

So, is it for you?

Let’s dive into its key features. 

Jasper AI: Key Features for Content Creators

It’s not enough to know what Jasper AI can do in general. 

You want to know what it can do specifically.

So here’s a list of the best things it can do. 

1. It  Can Keep Your Brand Voice Consistent 

Brand voice is essential to any business.

You don’t want to sound chatty and playful in some pieces of content…

…then intense and overly serious in the next.

That’s because doing so will confuse your audience and rob you of credibility.

A consistent brand voice will help you stand out amidst the noise and clamor of the online world. 

It’ll help you stick like tape onto your audience’s memory. 

Check out what Sprout Social has to say about it:

Brand voice


Honestly though, keeping it consistent can be hard.

This is especially so if you have a large team with different people in charge of the content.

With Jasper AI, you can eliminate this problem.

All you need to do is upload content with your chosen tone of voice and brand style onto the platform.

Jasper will help you and your whole team keep consistent with it.

This eliminates a ton of time editing, writing notes and memos to team members, and generally just stressing over something you shouldn’t stress about. 

Another special feature users love about Jasper is its memory. 

This helps you train the AI with your brand information.

So no, the content you produce with Jasper won’t be generic. 

It won’t end up sounding like a robot.

It’ll sound like you and what you represent, and this will help you stand out in the noisy online world where a ton of brands just drown, disappearing unnoticed by everyone. 

Note: Depending on the plan you choose, you can add multiple brand voices to your account. The Business plan even allows you to add an unlimited number of tones to it.  

AI for business growth


2. It Can Help You Rank on Google

No matter how awesome your content is…

…it’ll do you no good if it can’t rank highly on Google’s SERPs.

But honestly, navigating the confusing world of SEO can be tough.

You need to worry about things like: 

  • Placing your primary keywords in the right places (and using them in the right volume) 
  • Selecting topics both robots and humans love
  • Building content templates that are SEO-friendly 
  • Crafting strategic title tags and meta descriptions
  • And so much more

Plus, when you’ve finished crafting your content, there’s always that edge of doubt.

You’ll look over it and wonder, “Have I missed anything?”

Trust me, it can take you forever to figure out whether or not you’ve gotten the SEO right.

Hours and even days get eaten up as you stare blankly at your screen, scratching your head and wondering if that keyword is right, that title is good, that tag is sufficiently SEO-appealing.

With Jasper, you can eliminate this long, agonizing process.

That’s because Jasper has a special SEO feature, one that makes optimizing your blog as easy as eating cake. 

Yep, the tool will do all the optimizing for you. 

Jasper can also generate ready-made templates, so your content takes off from a good place right from the start. 

Can you trust Jasper’s SEO features?

You bet.

That’s because it’s integrated with Surfer SEO, one of the best SEO optimization tools out there.



Think of it.

No more agonizing over whether or not your content is SEO-friendly.

That’ll save you a huge chunk of time and energy. 

3. It Can Help You Create Stunning Images and Art for Your Website and Content 

Know how important images are for your content?

Check this out.

Jasper AI review pros and cons


Interesting right?

Vision is responsible for a whopping 80% of everything humans learn. 

And the truth is, your content without images to break it up will seem like a tedious task to your readers.

No one wants to wade through paragraph after paragraph of endless text. 

Sadly, generating content isn’t that easy.

Hiring an artist is expensive.

There are copyright rules out there that make it dangerous for you to crop someone else’s images.

And maybe you aren’t that great on the graphic art side either.

If this sounds too much like you, you’ll love Jasper AI’s art feature.

This feature allows you to generate images and art with user-generated text input. 

So basically, you create a written description of the image you want and voila!

You get unique art to make your content and website come alive. 

Here’s a list of the type of art Jasper can create:

  • Illustrations
  • Digital paintings
  • Hyper-realistic or semi-realistic art           

Cool, huh? 

4. It Can Help You Create Whole Campaigns (From Start to Finish)

Too busy to create consistent campaigns?

Or maybe you do have a little time on your hands…

…but not enough to edit your campaigns thoroughly, so you stay consistent with message, tone, and brand voice.

Because let’s face it.

Campaigns are complex.

They take a great deal of time and energy to create.

Think of it: 

  • Emails
  • Landing pages
  • Blogs
  • Social media posts 
  • Sales copy
  • And much more

You’re busy running your company, and maybe you don’t have the budget to hire individual people to build these campaigns from scratch for you (plus edit their work to ensure it’s synced with your brand voice and message).

The good news is that Jasper can do it for you.

All you need to do is provide it with a brief…

…and it’ll build your entire campaign (yep! With all the small moving parts). 

Best of all, Jasper stays consistent with tone, style, brand voice, and message.

So you don’t need to worry about long, backbreaking hours of editing before you can hit publish. 

5. It Can Help You with the Whole Process of Content Creation 

Content creation isn’t only about writing.

There’s editing for grammar and spelling mistakes.

There’s editing for flow, style, and word usage.

There’s editing for readability.

There’s plagiarism checking.

And so much more.

(I bet you’re nodding your head right now. You know just what I mean.) 

The good news is that with Jasper, you can say goodbye to all that.

Jasper can do it for you.

All the nitty-gritty, time eating tasks that you hate.

Finally, you can free up hours and hours of time to focus on other parts of your business. 

6. It Can Help You with Basic Chat Bot Needs

Tried Chat GPT



If so, you may have been amazed with its capabilities. 

You type something in, and immediately get the answers you’re looking for. 

Guess what?

Jasper can do that too.

It’s like Chat GPT + a marketing and content creation co-pilot.

With Jasper Chat, you get an AI engine that has access to the world’s top models (yup…including Chat GPT itself).

In short, Jasper is a tool that can end all your content creation and marketing campaign needs. 

It even promises to make you laugh.

AI Chat


The Pros and Cons of Using Jasper AI (+Is It Really for You?)

Until now, I’ve just been going on about how great Jasper AI is.

I hope you haven’t clicked back, thinking I’m raving about it because I’m trying to sell it to you.

I’m not.

I’ve just gone over the basic features and what it says it can do for you.

But the truth is, it’s not all good.

In this section, we’ll go over the pros and cons of adding it to your company’s tools. 

To be on the positive side, let’s begin with the pros.  

The Pros of Using Jasper AI (Why You Probably Should Sign Up for this Breakthrough AI-Powered Marketing Co-Pilot) 

So many out there love Jasper AI.

Like Christine: 

Personal blog post


Here are some other reasons to love it:

1. Jasper Saves You a Ton of Time

Reread what Christine said in the review above. 

She can now complete her weekly quota in a single day.

Because that’s what Jasper promises.

It speeds up your writing time up to more than half, cutting down those tedious hours hunched over your computer scratching your head and wondering what to say.

Just imagine: 3 blogs in a single day!

Sure, that’s possible if you have superhuman capabilities.

Or if you’re not that into crafting stellar, magnetizing, error-free content.

But if you’re serious about content creation, you know that it’ll take much more than a day to write three complete blog posts.

With Jasper, you now can. 

2. Jasper Cures Writer’s Block

Writer’s block.

The ultimate enemy.

As a content creator, you’ve probably faced it tons of times.

You staring at your blank word processing document, having no idea what to say.

Or jotting down a few sentences that feel all wrong – mechanical, lifeless, utterly terrible and mediocre. 

It’s exhausting to squeeze new ideas from your brain, especially when it’s already overworked with all the stuff it needs to do.

What Jasper does is helps you spark your creative fire.

It can give you ideas, prompts, and even whole outlines for your blog posts and other types of content.

So you can say goodbye to those useless, frustrating hours staring blindly at your computer and waiting for the muse of creativity to strike you. 

3. Jasper Creates Content that Reads Like a Human

Trust me.

The last thing you want is content that sounds robotic.

Publish something like that, and your readers will immediately know what’s going on. (And that’s not good for you.) 

People want human content, not something written by a soulless bot.

The good news is that you can train Jasper to write the way you want it to write.

That means warm, alive, human-sounding content.

Here’s an example of a piece of copy Jasper wrote:

Jasper writing


Doesn’t sound anything like a robot, huh?

4. Jasper Is User-Friendly

“I’m the epitome of old-fashioned,” you might say. “I have caveman abilities when it comes to anything techy.”

True, a lot of people think this when they consider upgrading their technology.

And a ton of the time, they’re right. 

There are too many overly-complicated, uselessly complex tools out there all of us could just do without.

But Jasper isn’t like that.

It’s easy to use.

Even if you’ve never worked with AI software before, you’ll find it super simple and beginner-friendly. 

5. Jasper Offers Great Value for Money

Are you hiring writers to create your content?

If so, you’re probably spending a huge chunk of your marketing budget on them.

According to Indeed, the average freelance writer charges $22.77 per hour for their work.

Freelance writing


For highly skilled writers, that price goes up to $56.67 per hour.


And for a single blog post of 1,000 words, you’ll need to pay for at least three hours of work.  

That’s more than $150 for one piece of authority content. 

Compare that to a monthly Jasper subscription. 

Even if you get the advanced Teams option, you’ll only pay $99 for a whole month.

With this, you can create unlimited content + get help with campaigns, editing, plagiarism checking, and more.

That price is equivalent to just two hours of a skilled writer’s time!

The Cons of Using Jasper AI (Why It Might Not Be for You) 

Nothing’s perfect.

Not even Jasper AI.

Here are three cons to consider before getting a subscription.

1. Jasper AI Is Not a Human


That’s what you want, right?

A robot to do all the work for you.

Yeah, I did say Jasper AI doesn’t sound cold and robotic.

The content it creates comes very close to warm and human-sounding.

But in the end, Jasper isn’t human.

It creates content based on what already exists on the web, not content that springs magically from its own brain (like humans do).

So honestly, there’ll always be that spark of creativity lacking.

That inexplicable drop of surprise and unique human experience readers crave. 

This means that even though it can do the bulk of the work for you, it’s still best used with a human to guide it.

And that human needs to know how to use it, how to prompt it, how to edit its work when it starts to sound too mechanical, and how to add that extra fire of creativity that robots will never reach (not really). 

So if you want to be on the dangerous, unusual, standout creative side…

…using Jasper will probably be a little more work for you. 

2. Jasper AI (Probably) Requires Another Plagiarism Checker

Sure, it has its own built-in plagiarism checker.

But keep in mind that a ton of other people are using Jasper.

How can you be sure you won’t be creating exactly the same content with exactly the same prompts they’re using?

To be safe, you might want to add in another plagiarism checker.

Just to be sure. 

Jasper AI Customer Reviews: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Ok, ok.

It’s time for me to zip my mouth about Jasper.

Chances are, you don’t want to get reviews from just one person. 

You want to know what other users have to say about their experience.

Honestly, it’s a mixed bunch.

I’m not going to mince things and make them appear different from what they really are.


Here goes.

Sarfaraz rates it at 4, as a user-friendly tool that develops optimized content, fast. 

AI content writing tool


Kevin thinks it’s “freaking good.”  

AI review


But here’s a one-star review from a user called Fahad:

AI reviews


And here’s a three star one from David, who loves its features and says it helps him with scheduling and deadlines:   

Jasper AI Review


And one from Wiktor, who thought the price was a little bit high for the results he expected: 

Jasper price


As always, reviews are mixed.

There are those who adore Jasper, those who hate it, and those who think of it as just ok.

How to sort through them and make your own decision?

You don’t have to, not really.

That’s because Jasper offers a 7-day free trial.

Jasper free trial


You can create an account, test it all you want for 7 days…

…and if at the end of the period you don’t like it, all you have to do is cancel.

Go here to start the free trial.

Jasper AI Pricing (Is It Worth It?) 

Of course, pricing should be one of the major considerations when it comes to any new tools for your business.

So, how much will you spend for Jasper AI?

Here’s a quick look at their pricing. 

AI pricing


Next: which plan will fit your needs?

It’s simple.

If you’re a solopreneur, and are simply searching for a writing assistant that’ll keep your content consistent, you’ll do great with Creator. 

If you own a small company with a few writers, Teams would be great for you.

However, if you own a bunch of writers and marketing employees, plus own a number of brands and websites, Enterprise would be the best choice for you. 

Jasper AI Alternatives (And How They’re Different)

Ok, maybe you’re not 100% convinced about Jasper.

Or maybe you’re getting there, but you want to shop around in the market before making your decision.

No worries!

Here are three alternatives to Jasper you might like.

1. Copy.AI

Generative AI


Copy.AI is an AI tool that allows you to craft long-form content and build workflows (copywriting, ecommerce, social media, etc.). 

Just like Jasper, it helps you stay consistent with your brand voice and provides you a chatbot for your questions and requests. 

Unlike Jasper, it has a free version, which you can use to generate 2,000 words of content per month.

For the paid plans, Jasper and Copy.AI are closely similar.

Find out more about Copy.AI here.

2. Rytr

Landing page


Maybe you’re on a budget.

And maybe all you need is a tool to help you write content.

No, you’re not managing a large content creation team.

You’re not a business owner, and sticking to brand voice and style isn’t on the top of your priorities list.

All you want is an affordable tool that’ll help you generate high-quality content fast.

Well, if this is you, maybe Rytr is for you.

Rytr is an AI tool that helps you create all kinds of content (story plots, blog posts, Facebook ads, product descriptions, emails, etc.), fast.

And guess what?

It’s super affordable.

You can get it for free if you’re only going to create 10,000 characters per month.

For 100,000 characters, it’s only $9 a month.

And if you think you’re going to go all out and post unlimited content, you can get their unlimited plan for $29 a month. 

Sound like something you need?

Check out more details here.

3. Writesonic

Best AI for writing


Write sonic is similar to Rytr, but with a little bit more scope.

Instead of being just a content creation aid, it branches out and gives space for marketing teams as well.

It’s also much cheaper than any option I’ve mentioned so far, its unlimited plan costing you only $16 per month.

Sure, maybe you’ll think its offers are quite basic.

It’s a writing tool that’ll help you and your team write content 10x faster.

But hey, its engines are powered by ChatGPT, assuring you of great, consistent quality.

So why not give it a try?

Check out the details and sign up here.   

Jasper AI: Do You Need It? 

Ok, so now it comes to the bottomline. 

Do you need Jasper AI?

Will it help you with all your content creation and marketing needs?

The answer: it depends. 

The truth is, AI isn’t for everyone.

And as someone who has explored it and seen what it can do, I can say one thing about it: it can’t work without the guidance of a human.

Sure, it can make your work faster. 

It can help you with editing and plagiarism checking.

It can build your outlines, help you beat writer’s block, and create compelling images for your blogs and marketing materials.

But it won’t replace the human touch (at least, not for now).

So if you’re looking for an AI assistant, one that’ll help you with content creation, then go ahead and sign up for Jasper.

But if you’re looking for something to do all the work for you, you’d better look elsewhere.

AI works great hand-in-hand with humans.

Not in replacement of them.

If you want to find out more, you can sign up for Jasper AI’s 7-day trial. 

It’s completely free, and you can cancel anytime.

Image credits: all screenshots taken by the author, September 2023. 

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