February 20, 2022

It’s no secret on this site that I like Affilorama, but Affilorama is not for everyone. In this Affilorama review, I will go over the good, the bad, and who Affilorama is best for.

Full Disclosure: I believe in honesty and I am not an affiliate marketer that uses deception. That’s why I want to be upfront with you. I am an affiliate marketer for Affilorama and that is the main revenue source on this site. If you do click on any of the Affilorama links in this article, I will receive a commission if you sign up. I sure would appreciate getting credit for the referral (assuming you decide to sign up), but I also totally understand if you avoid clicking on the links. Just wanted you to know!

Is Affilorama Worth It?

Since I promote Affilorama and am a member of the service myself, I can safely say that yes, Affilorama is worth it. However, Affilorama actually offers several different services under the Affilorama brand. I’d like to go through each of those services quickly and give you some honest advice on whether you should sign up.

The FREE Affiliate Marketing Business Planner On the Affilorama homepage, you will notice a button that says “create your first project”. This is an excellent resource to help build your affiliate marketing business plan. You get access to keyword research tools, search engine submission, Google Analytics integration, and help with social media promotion. It’s totally free and the worst case scenario is you will need to unsubscribe from their email list (which is actually pretty helpful). This service is worth trying for just about anyone, whether you currently have a site or not. Click here to check out the free planner.

The FREE Affilorama Training Videos The free training videos on Affilorama is the bread and butter of their free member area. This is perfect for someone who is brand new to affiliate marketing as the videos take you through ever aspect of the business from niche research to site development and even outsourcing. Seasoned affiliate marketers might not get as much value from these free videos, but many videos will still be of interest even to seasoned affiliate marketers. When you sign up for the free video training, you also get access to their members only forum. Check out the free video training here.

AffiloJetPack This is the premium service that Affilorama offers. It is a bit pricey at $997, but you can use this link for a discounted price of $747. The reason this service is so expensive is because there is a lot of manual labor involved. You are essentially outsourcing keyword research, niche planning, site building, and initial content for not one, but FIVE websites. That comes out to $150 per site. With this package, you get 1 full years worth of automated email newsletters (pre-monetized), 3 “free reports” around 10,000 words each to help gain email subscribers, a fully functional WordPress site loaded with the proprietary AffiloTheme, 12 months of web hosting, website setup, initial content, niche selection, and a few extra perks. AffiloJetPack is best for those who have the budget to outsource initial site research, development, and content creation. Please understand that purchasing this service will not guarantee any sort of success at all. They simply do the initial steps for you, but you must then take over and continuously grow the content on the site if you wish to succeed. This is a time saver, not an automatic money machine. You can learn more about this service and get a discounted price here. Before paying for the service, I also highly recommend you watch the free webinars associated with the service. You can access the first webinar here.

AffiloBluePrint For those who don’t want to spend $747 on the “do it for you” AffiloJetPack service, you might want to consider AffiloBluePrint. One thing I don’t like about AffiloBluePrint is how it is marketed. They call it a “system” which, to me, screams scam. However, “BluePrint” is a more fitting description. Basically, in the free Affilorama membership, you get all the tools needed to build your business. You also get a bunch of awesome step-by-step videos to help you along. AffiloBluePrint is for those who want to take it to the next level. The AffiloBluePrint service was put together by super affiliate Mark Ling. He has a step-by-step “system” (there’s that word again) that he follows for all new sites he builds. With this BLUEPRINT (I like that way better than “system”), you can see the exact steps he takes to research a great market and monetize his sites. For the most part, he explains it better than I do. This is also an expensive service at $197, but it’s 100% guaranteed or you get your money back.

AffiloTools This service is NOT for those who are just starting out, so if you’re brand new to affiliate marketing, you do not need to sign up for this service. This is best for affiliate marketers who already have sites up and running. In short, there are two types of affiliate marketers. Those who track data and those who don’t. Affiliate marketers who track data are almost always more successful than those who don’t track anything. If you know your conversion rates, for example, you know how much each customer is worth and can then decide if PPC advertising would make sense for you. With AffiloTools, tracking is easy. You can connect it to your Google Analytics account and they will help you keep track of all your traffic, where it’s coming from, and show you how to better monetize that traffic. You also get help with link building, tracking search engine rankings for keywords, index status in search engines, ClickBank and other affiliate dashboard integration / testing, social media tools, competitor analysis tools, and site health optimizers. Once again, this is NOT a service that newbies should sign up for. If, on the other hand, you have a site that already brings in traffic and you just need help tracking data and monetizing, this could be the service you’ve been waiting for. You can learn more about it here.

To Succeed With Affilorama You Must Have The Right Mindset

“Can I really make money with Affilorama?” That’s a question I commonly see in affiliate marketing forums and it drives me nuts. Affilorama doesn’t exist to be a cash machine for you. It is not possible to sign up for ANY service and simply make money while you do nothing. The Affilorama business model is pretty simple to understand. First, they let you sign up for a free account with all sorts of awesome videos and tools for you to use. They don’t charge you anything because they just want to get you “in the door”. The hope is, when you see how awesome their free stuff is, you’ll have no problem buying their more premium services. But, even if you purchase the most expensive service Affilorama has to offer, that still won’t make you rich. Some of their paid services will save you time, some of them will help you organize information, some of it will provide you with premium training, and their most expensive service actually outsources site research and development. In the end, however, you will never succeed with Affilorama if you don’t put in effort yourself. Affilorama provides the tools, but ultimately you must use them to succeed.

Don’t Sign Up For A Paid Affilorama Service!

As I stated earlier, I’m an affiliate marketer for Affilorama. Anytime someone uses one of my links and purchases a paid service on Affilorama, I get a commission. By telling you not to sign up for a paid service, I’m essentially shooting myself in the foot.

BUT… if you have never signed up for a free Affilorama account, you should definitely do that FIRST. There are hundreds of awesome training videos and plenty of great resources to get you started and keep you busy for a while. If, after going through their free section you feel you want to take things to another level, you can decide at that point which premium service you want to sign up for. With the free tools available with a free account, though, I can’t in good conscious tell people to sign up for a paid service before trying out the free service. If you’d like to give that a try, you can sign up here.

In the end, some people will like Affilorama and some won’t. I promote Affilorama because I think it is the best and most all-inclusive service around for affiliate marketers, including an awesome free membership area for those of you who are brand new to all of this. Affilorama will not make you rich, but they do provide enough value, education, tools, and resources that it just might be what puts you over the top. It’s worth a try!

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