February 20, 2022

One of the big issues I have with a lot of affiliate marketers is how they promote products and services they never use themselves, nor would they recommend those products and services to their closest friends and family. Instead, they just promote whatever is profitable, even if it is complete garbage.

I’ve never been able to figure this out. There has to be 10’s of thousands of affiliate marketing programs out there, and yet, so many affiliate marketers choose to promote crap. In my view, this is not only unethical, but it is completely unnecessary. You should always be able to find products and services you truly believe in. Even if you have to settle for lower commissions, you will still come out ahead in the long run.

So, with that said, I’d like to discuss how this website you’re on right now makes money through affiliate marketing. Hopefully it will help some of you out there see that you really can be ethical as an affiliate marketer and earn a decent living online.

This Site Makes Money With Google Adsense

While this isn’t the traditional form of affiliate marketing, I do earn a little bit of money from Adsense (due to the nature of this post, I’ve disabled Adsense ads on this page). Admittedly, this site makes very LITTLE money from Google Adsense. I am strongly considering removing Adsense ads from this site or finding an alternative, because I have ads that are annoying to a lot of people out there that is basically earning me next to nothing.

With that said, the affiliate marketing niche or any type of “make money online” niche is a really tough niche to use Adsense with. Most of you are familiar with online marketing tactics already. Most of us who are familiar with online marketing tactics tend to never click on ads. It’s just how the industry is. I do earn a little bit from the ads, but it’s not something that will be sustainable for this site.

QUICK SIDE NOTE – Since you are someone who probably never clicks on ads, I’d like to offer my opinion on this. We all hate being advertised to, myself included (and I’m a marketer!). However, as a marketer, I am always mindful that these advertisements help pay the bills for a lot of small blog and website owners. With that in mind, when I find a really good site or blog offering free content, I usually like to find an ad or two that is relevant to me and what I might be in the market for, then I click on those ads and see what they are all about. It’s just my way of saying “thanks” for the free content and I’m also doing my part to keep the ecosystem of the internet afloat. I’m not saying you’re a bad person if you never click on ads or use ad blockers. Not at all. I’m just offering a unique perspective to an audience that generally makes a point to never click on any ads. Just something to consider.

My Main Affiliate Partner And Revenue Source – Affilorama

I only have one service that I promote through traditional affiliate marketing on this site and that service is Affilorama (yes, that’s an affiliate link!). So, why do I promote Affilorama? Glad you asked!

I actually just recently started promoting Affilorama a few months ago when my first affiliate partner didn’t work out (I’ll explain what happened with that affiliate partner in a bit). But basically, I had already been a CUSTOMER and SUBSCRIBER of Affilorama for a couple years, so when things with my previous affiliate partnership didn’t work out, I was immediately drawn to Affilorama. It’s obviously relevant to the content on my site, I like it so much that I was already a long-term subscriber, and the traffic I would be sending from this site would be highly targeted. Here are some other reasons why I decided to promote Affilorama:

  • FREE Signup – I really like how Affilorama has a gigantic video training section for free members. All I have to do is refer someone to the site and get them to sign up for the free affiliate marketer video training and bam, I get credit if they end up purchasing a paid service in the future. Not only is there very little barrier for someone to sign up, but they actually get hours and hours of extremely high quality training videos, so even with a free membership there is a lot of value included. That makes me feel good that I’m promoting something that is beneficial even for those who pay nothing and it provides a great resource for the visitors I send there. In short – I sleep good at night.
  • Fills A Gap – Have you noticed there is a HUGE gap on this site? While I have created a handful of YouTube videos and embedded those videos into articles, this site is missing a high quality step-by-step video training. When I first started this site, my plan was to create my own training course. I did create a course and got some really positive feedback on it, but I honestly hated the process of creating the course and it would need to be updated regularly to stay relevant. Well, instead of doing all of that myself, I basically outsourced it. Affilorama has filled the gap on this site and they essentially pay me for filling MY gap.
  • Excellent Conversions – On average, about 1 in 7 people who sign up for the free training on Affilorama turn into a paying customer. When people see the type of stuff they got for FREE, it makes premium services very easy to sell. Trust has already been well established before anyone had to type in a credit card number. So, all I need to do is get about 7 people to sign up for the free video training, and on average 1 of those people will sign up for a paid service. That is phenomenal!
  • Huge Commissions! – Selling digital products or services is so insanely profitable. Not only do I earn 50% commissions on any sales generated by my referrals, but I get credit for that referral forever! That means, if they sign up for a premium monthly subscription, I earn 50% of their monthly subscription until they cancel. The majority of Affilorama premium subscribers stick around for well over 1 year (I think the average is 18 months). On top of that, there are some services, such as affiliate site development services, that earn me nearly $500 in commission on a single sale! On average, anyone who signs up for a paid service on Affilorama will earn me over $400 in commission over the lifetime of their subscription. IN-SANE!

Those are some of the main reasons I chose to promote Affilorama on this site. There are many other reasons as well such as a well established reputation, awesome customer support, excellent affiliate marketing tools to help promote the service, fantastic tracking and payment options (they use ClickBank), etc. All in all, it was clearly the best option for me.

My Prior Affiliate Partnership For This Site

During the first year I ran this site, I used to promote a service called Site Build It!. I had good reason to recommend Site Build It to new affiliate marketers. That is the exact company I personally used to become a successful affiliate marketer. Site Build It changed my life, so promoting them was my obvious first choice. I wasn’t just telling people they could learn to be successful online with Site Build It, but I had personally done that myself!

Unfortunately, sometimes there are companies that are great for a while and then over time, they lose their way. That’s how I feel about Site Build It. It’s really sad for me to see what happened to a once great company, but the same can be said for many other companies. It finally got to a point where I could no longer recommend Site Build It to friends or family members of mine, and so, I could no longer recommend that service to you.

I actually wrote up the full story about what happened to Site Build It if you’re interested. You can read that story here.

Some Closing Thoughts

As you can see, I do not have a very wide array of monetization plans on this site. Many would say I need to diversify by selling my own products and services. They would be right. If I created and sold my own training programs, I could probably make a lot more money and also diversify myself. However, as I’ve said many times, I only believe in doing what we enjoy in life. I’m just not a guy who wants to create products and services. I’m a marketer, and I want someone else to do all the stuff I don’t want to do while I focus on what I love – writing, blogging, and marketing (fortunately those all go hand-in-hand).

It’s also important to note how I was able to change affiliate partners literally overnight. While Affilorama is my main revenue source right now on this site, I could just as easily change that again overnight. That’s some pretty cool freedom to have.

So, as you can see, I don’t earn a living by pushing some get-rich-quick program, goofy health supplement pills, or by using deception.

Sure, you can earn a lot of money by deceiving people and promoting crappy products with high commission rates, but my advice is to succeed by promoting products and services you really believe in. It really is possible to do that.

How This Site Makes Money With Affiliate Marketing
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How This Site Makes Money With Affiliate Marketing
Learn how this website earns money through affiliate marketing and find out why I chose the affiliate marketing programs I did. This is some insider info!

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