December 6, 2022


When you think of it, you probably imagine absolute nerds hunched over their computers in a pitch-black room.

But it’s no longer like that.

Today, gamers come from all walks of life (serious people in business suits, moms waiting for their kids to end class, maybe even YOU).

This means that if you promote affiliate marketing programs for gamers…

…you have a huge chance of making bucketloads of cash.


In fact, the gaming industry is currently worth $119 billion, and experts predict it to grow by the billions in the coming years.

So, ready to hop on the gaming affiliate marketing horse?


In this blog, I’ll show you 12 of the BEST gaming affiliate programs to join in 2023. (Yup, we’re not doing a list of 100 programs that’ll do nothing but confuse you.) 


Let’s go! 

12 Money-Making Gaming Affiliate Programs for 2023 

1. Razer Affiliate Program 

12 Affiliate Marketing Programs for Gamers RazorSource:

Commissions: 1%-20% (Depending on the products you sell)

Cookie window: 30 days

Here’s something you probably already know (if you’re a gamer, that is).

You can’t have a gaming blog and NOT mention Razer.

That’s because the brand is a beloved favorite in a ton of gaming circles. 

Really, it’s become something of an icon. 

So if you skip mentioning it in your blog, expect your readers to roll their eyes and label you as a NOOB. 

Don’t worry, though.

There are a ton of reasons to promote Razer on your site.

First, it offers premium products that gaming fans find the money to buy (think laptops that start at $1,500).

Then, well, it’s a well-known brand (how much better can it get??).

Also, commissions go all the way to 20%, meaning you can make hundreds of dollars on a single sale.

Trust me.

If you promote just one gaming affiliate program on your site, let it be Razer. 

2. Zygor Guides Affiliate Program


Commissions: 50%

Cookie window: 60 days 

Zygor Guides is a completely unique product.

It’s a set of guides for World of Warcraft, which help you get through the game quickly and surely…

…without missing out on the full experience of it. 

For example, there are arrows that point you in the right direction on the map, so you don’t need to waste time figuring out where to go.

Every step of the way, you’re told what to do.

Perfect, right?

You get to enjoy the full flavor of WOW, but in a quicker, more condensed way.

Think your audience will love that?

Tell them about Zygor Guides.

When you do, you’ll get a whopping 50% commission on any sale you make.

Plus, you get high chances for recurring sales, since Zygor Guides is subscription-based.

According to them, why waste time? 

You can turn your passion into a way to “rake in” cash by joining them. 

3. Final Mouse Affiliate Program 

12 Affiliate Marketing Programs for Gamers FinalmouseSource:

Commissions: 25%

Cookie window: 30 days

Are you a gamer?

If yes, you probably know that the quality of your mouse means the difference between tail-behind-your-legs defeat and victory.

So you can read the minds of all serious gamers out there.

Everyone wants a great mouse.

Good news!

That’s what Final Mouse is all about! 

The company produces specialty mice crafted for gaming purposes alone. 

Plus, to amp things up, each mouse is a special edition.

So once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. 

Feel how much your gaming readers will love this?

You can’t NOT tell them about Final Mouse. 

When you do, you get perks too (think 25% in commissions for each sale you make).

It’s a win-win!  

4. Leprestore Affiliate Program

12 Affiliate Marketing Programs for Gamers Leprestore Affiliate ProgramSource:

Commissions: 10%

Cookie window: 90 days 

The truth is, a ton of gamers can’t spend 24 hours a day leveling up their game characters. 

But yes, they would love to hit that “fast forward” button and get characters with bucketloads of xp.

The solution?

Other people leveling up their characters for them.

This service is called a game boosting service.

If you’re a gamer, you’ve probably already heard of it (or used it yourself, if you’re a busy nut).

Honestly, it’s great.

It gives busy gamers the chance to level up quickly without sacrificing their whole lives hunched over their laptops or mobile phones.

Think your audience needs something like this?


You can tell them about Leprestore.

Leprestore is a game boosting service for popular games like WoW Classic, Destiny 2, and Apex Legend. 

Pricing ranges widely, depending on the game and what kind of boost players need (think $0.99 to $364).

On your part, commissions aren’t that huge at 10%.

But if your readers love the service, they’ll come back to it again and again. 

Great for that recurring income all of us affiliate marketers love! 

5. Into the AM Affiliate Program

Into the AMSource:

Commissions: 10%

Cookie window: 30 days

What’s the next best thing to gaming?

Gaming apparel, of course!

We all know that people love to show off who they are. 

And what can do that better than unique, handcrafted gaming-themed clothes?

Think God of War and Assassin’s creed shirts.

Plus comfy joggers for the best all-night games. 

Sound awesome? 

You’ll love Into the AM.

Even its name is gamer-themed (because only the weak sleep at night).

Check out their site, and you’ll be blown away by their unique, eco-friendly items. 

Definitely something your readers will love.

So why not promote them on your gaming site, and earn a 10% commission when anyone buys?

6. Logitech Affiliate Program


Commissions: 4%

Cookie window: 30 days

Ok, so everyone has heard of the Logitech brand.

But has everyone heard of Logitech G, the premium Logitech line for gamers?

If not, tell them about it!

This line includes everything a gamer needs, from speakers to headsets, gaming mice to steering wheels and joysticks.

It has something for everyone in the world of gaming.

So, why should you promote Logitech G when it only offers a 4% commission rate?

Well, because practically everyone knows and trusts the Logitech brand.

It’s popular for its durability and style, which stands a whole head above other brands.

Plus, 4% accumulates quickly, especially if you’re selling big items like consoles and their famous “heavy equipment bundle.” 

Ok, maybe Logitech shouldn’t be the only affiliate program you promote on your site.

But in addition to other, more high-paying ones, this program is a solid one you shouldn’t miss. 

7. Secretlab Affiliate Program

Secret LabSource:

Commissions: 12%

Cookie window: 7 days 

We all know that gaming can be backbreaking work.

You’re sitting hunched in front of your computer from midnight until late morning…

…meaning when you stand up from your chair, you probably feel like your back is being wrenched apart. 

No more with Secretlab chairs and desks.

These premium items are crafted specifically for gamers who spend hours on their computer. 

They’re made with comfort and ergonomics in mind, so gamers end their long hours feeling fresh and relaxed. 

Obviously, this is something your audience will love.

And there’s good news for you.

Secretlab claims their affiliate program converts five times higher than any other gaming affiliate program.

PLUS, they offer a 12% commission rate on items that reach up to $600.

Not bad at all! 

8. Nerd or Die Affiliate Program

12 Affiliate Marketing Programs for Gamers Nerd or DieSource:

Commissions: 10-30%

Cookie window: Unknown 

Nerd or Die is ancient, having been around since 2014.

Back then, it was a free YouTube and web tutorial series that covered things like OBS.

It offered free resources like overlays, alerts, and Twitch panel makers.

Today, it’s basically the same.

But they’ve improved and monetized their brand, selling premium overlays, graphics, and effects to avid fans.

Think your audience will want to spice up their streaming experience?

Tell them about Nerd or Die!

When you do, you’ll receive up to 30% on commissions.

9. Astro Gaming Affiliate Program


Commissions: 5%

Cookie window: 30 days 

Astro Gaming is owned by Logitech, but aimed towards more hardcore gamers and professionals.

Each item they offer – from headsets to mixamps to controllers – is premium, good enough to have been adopted by some of the biggest gaming leagues in the world. 

And there’s good news for you.

With headsets ranging up to $300, you can make a ton of money with a 5% commission rate.

Plus, your readers will love you when they get their sturdy, gorgeous-looking gear in the mail. 

10. Gamer Dating Affiliate Program


Commissions: 20%

Cookie window: Unknown


You’ve probably experienced begging your other half to understand how important gaming is to you…

…and that it isn’t a total waste of your time.   

In the end, she probably left you for that serious guy from the bank who had a spreadsheet schedule with every hour of his life mapped out.

The point?

Dating a non-gamer can be hard, especially if you live, eat, and breathe gaming.

So…why not date someone who understands you?

A.k.a. another hardcore gamer.

That’s what Gamer Dating is all about.

It’s a dating service with a goal to help gamers find their perfect love match.

Unique, isn’t it?

It’ll be one for the books for your single followers.

They’ll find love, and you’ll get a 20% commission rate for every month they continue their subscription.

Honestly, it’s a win for everyone! 

11. Sennheiser Affiliate Program

12 Affiliate Marketing Programs for Gamers SennheiserSource:

Commissions: 6%

Cookie window: Unknown 

Imagine playing your favorite game with the sound off.

Awful, right?

That’s because in gaming, sound is everything.

It’s part of the whole experience.

So why not make it awesome?

That’s what Sennheiser is all about.

And while it’s not a dedicated gaming brand, it’s loved by serious gamers who know how big a thing high quality sound is.

So if you think your audience will love speakers and headsets that give them an out-of-this-world experience while playing their favorite game…

…don’t miss out on telling them about Sennheiser.

True, their commission rate isn’t breathtaking in itself.

But it’s not so bad, considering items range up to $600.

With prices like that, you could make loads of cash once your audience starts hitting that “buy” button. 

12. Origin PC Affiliate Program


Commissions: Case-by-case basis

Cookie window: 30 days

When it comes to premium PCs and gaming laptops, nothing beats Origin PC.

The brand offers custom-made items all gamers salivate over.

Know the best part?

Custom-made means expensive.

For example, a premium laptop can cost up to $2,000.

And all affiliate marketers know that high pricing means high commissions.

The only downside is that no one knows exactly how much commissions they’ll be earning until they join the platform.

That’s because affiliate partners are paid on a case-by-case basis.

But no worries!

When paired with other affiliate programs, this one works amazingly well. 

Who knows when your audience will decide to swoop in and purchase a thousand-dollar piece of gaming equipment? 

Affiliate Marketing Programs for Gamers (It’s Not that Hard to Find the Best!)

Ah, gaming.

It keeps us up at night.

It makes the busy, chaotic world fade away.

And sure.

Gaming used to be a tiny niche filled with people who were believed to be absolute nerds.

But it’s not like that anymore.

Today, anyone can be a gamer.

You, and me, and mom, and our neighbor banker who wears a suit by day, and a gaming outfit by night. 

So with the ton of gaming enthusiasts out there, you have a huge market for gaming affiliate programs.

The good news is it’s not hard to find awesome gaming affiliate programs that have the potential to earn you bucketloads of cash.

I’ve listed the top 12 right here in this blog.

So go ahead.

Pick the programs you feel your audience will love the most.

For sure, they’ll thank you for it.

And you’ll thank yourself, once you see your bank account flooding with extra money.

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