September 23, 2022

Twitch is quickly becoming the most popular streaming platform in the world — if it isn’t already — especially when it comes to gaming. 

However, its monetizing features are rather limited, prompting the need for other sources of streaming revenue.

If you’re wondering how to make the most out of Twitch, then look no further. 

One of the best ways to earn through your audience is with affiliate programs, and we’ve compiled the best Twitch affiliate programs right here for you!

16 Twitch Affiliate Programs to Get the Money Streaming In

Today we’ll be covering the 16 best twitch affiliate programs to get the money streaming in:

Let’s review each one. 


16 Best Twitch Affiliate Programs Purevpn

Commission Rate: 40% of the annual or biennial plan to 100% for the monthly plan

Cookie Duration: 90 days

PureVPN is a VPN service company that allows its users to explore the web while maintaining their privacy. Practically everyone uses a VPN nowadays, so this will be an easy sell to your audience.

What’s great is that PureVPN offers a free trial, which you can use to convince your viewers to click your affiliate link. If your viewers buy the PureVPN service after the free trial, you will be able to earn a commission. 

However, that’s not the end of the affiliate program perks.

The PureVPN affiliate program has real-time tracking tools and 24/7 live chat support. This can help you make the most of your marketing.

It also has performance-based rewards, as well as dedicated account managers that can provide you with deals and coupons.

Finally, it offers a two-tier program that allows you to earn by referring new affiliates to their affiliate program.

Zygor Guides

16 Best Twitch Affiliate Programs Zygor

Commission Rate: 50% of each sale

Cookie Duration: 60 days

Zygor Guides is a company that provides World of Warcraft players with guides, which come in both web form and in-game form. 

These guides allow World of Warcraft players to have a better gaming experience by helping them get more experience, level up, and earn gold in the most efficient way possible.

And in case your viewers are worried about following the rules, assure them! Zygor Guides are completely allowed under the Terms of Service of World of Warcraft.

As for its affiliate program, Zygor Guides offers both single-purchase products and subscription plans. If you are able to sell a subscription plan, you instantly get a recurring monthly commission!


FinalMouse Lasso

Commission Rate: 25% of each sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

FinalMouse is a company that manufactures high-quality gaming mouses.

This may sound like a bit of a niche market, and it may be. 

However, if your audience is made up of gamers, be they amateur or expert, a good gaming mouse can make all of the difference – especially when they’re playing for hours on end!

Another selling point FinalMouse has is that they only make limited edition mouses. This means that, at any given time, you can market their product with a sense of urgency. 


16 Best Twitch Affiliate Programs Fiverr Affiliates

Commission Rate: $15 to $150 for the CPA Plan, $10 for the CPA Plan, and 10% RevShare for the Hybrid Plan

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Fiverr may not be the first affiliate program you think of when it comes to Twitch, but think again!

When Twitch started to take off, Fiverr opened a Twitch category on its site. 

This Twitch category offers products like stream designs, profile picture commissions, and emotes, all custom-made by artists on the platform.

Fiverr offers various types of affiliate categories that you can sign up for. All of them offer good commission rates and percentages, so you’re sure to find one that works for you.



Commission Rate: 15% of each sale

Cookie Duration: 90 days

Leprestore is a company that provides its customers with game-boosting services. 

A game-boosting service allows gamers to sit back and let Leprestore boost or level up their gaming characters for a fee. 

Leprestore offers game boosting for various games, including Apex Legends, Destiny 2, and World of Warcraft Classic. 

Although this is a niche market, it is still quite popular. So, if your audience has viewers who like to play games that require characters to level up, you can easily market this to them!


Microsoft Affiliates

Commission Rate: 1% to 10% of each sale

Cookie Duration: 14 days

Microsoft is a household name, known as one of the top technology companies.

But what you may not realize is that it’s actually very popular with the streaming community. This is because of its gaming products, which include PCs, Xbox products, and Surface products.

Through its affiliate program, you can earn commissions off of anything in the Windows or Microsoft stores. The percentages do differ depending on the products, so be sure to pick something with a high percentage that you can market to your audience.


16 Best Twitch Affiliate Programs Razer Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: Up to 10% of each sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Razer is known for manufacturing gaming accessories that improve the gaming experience for all types of players.

Its product line includes laptops, consoles, mouses, mouse pads, bags, and apparel. It also comes out with software, mobile applications, and energy drinks.

Through its affiliate program, you can gain access to offers and promotions that will help you market its products to your viewers. Razer’s affiliate program provides promotional resources such as text links and banners. 

Amazon Affiliates

Amazon Associate

Commission Rate: 1% to 10% for all qualified sales

Cookie Duration: 24 hours

Amazon is a household name when it comes to online shopping. Whatever you want, you will definitely be able to find it here.

And the same applies to gaming products. Amazon carries a wide range of technology, including laptops, mouses, computer parts, game consoles, monitors, speakers, headphones, and physical and digital video games.

However, your commission depends on which products you sell. In general, physical video games and consoles offer the lowest percentage when it comes to gaming products.

But, on the flip side, Amazon is such a big name that it won’t be hard to market to your audience. Simply choose the right product to push, and you can earn a fair amount!

Humble Bundle

16 Best Twitch Affiliate Programs Humble Bundle

Commission Rate: 8% of each sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Humble Bundle is a company that sells digital bundles. It is dedicated to paying creators fairly, and it also helps support multiple charities with its profits.

Humble Bundle is most known for selling game bundles, including Steam key bundles for gamers who prefer to use Steam. However, they actually sell all kinds of digital content bundles, including book bundles.

With the variety of content, you’re sure to find at least one bundle that your audience will be interested in – especially since they won’t be getting just one product, but a whole bundle of products!

Green Man Gaming

Green man gaming

Commission Rate: Starting at 5% for each sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Green Man Gaming is a technology company that focuses on software that sells worldwide.

As their name states, they are focused on the gaming industry, and they sell hundreds of different games. However, they also offer other types of software that may be useful to gamers, like video editing software.

And when it comes to their affiliate program, Green Man Gaming provides you with all the resources you could ask for.

They have a selection of ads, including ads that are specific to certain products. They also consider custom requests from affiliates.

Most importantly, they facilitate reviews, giveaways, and competitions, which can help you drive more sales. 


16 Best Twitch Affiliate Programs Fanatical

Commission Rate: Up to 5% of each sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Fanatical is a company that specializes in gaming and digital entertainment. With hundreds of developers and publishers and millions of games, they have customers all over the world.

Their most popular products include video games and gaming bundles, including titles from SEGA, Warner Bros, and Bethesda. They also offer keys for gaming platforms, such as Steam, Epic, Uplay, and Rockstar.

And when it comes to their affiliate program, Fanatical offers great resources you can use to market to your audience. 

Fanatical gives its affiliates tracking tools, promotional banners, and previews of upcoming deals, all of which can help you drive up sales – and, in turn, gain commissions.



Commission Rate: 5% revenue share

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Obviously, we can’t have a list of Twitch affiliate programs without including Twitch itself! Twitch’s affiliate program is significantly different from the other programs on our list.

First off, Twitch has strict requirements that you need to fulfill to even be invited to their affiliate program.

To become a Twitch Affiliate, you need to have:

  • At least 500 broadcasted minutes in the last 30 days
  • At least 7 different broadcast days in the last 30 days
  • An average of at least 3 concurrent viewers in the last 30 days
  • At least 50 followers

However, once these requirements have been met, you can make money off of Bits and Subscriptions. You can also make a percentage off of every game sold through your channel page.



Commission Rate: 5% to 10% of each sale

Cookie Duration: 90 days

ModdedZone specializes in modifying game controllers. 

ModdedZone offers adjustable and modified controllers for consoles like Xbox and PlayStation. Their popular mods include changing motors, enabling adjustable rapid-fire, and allowing for fast reload.

They also offer a line of gaming chairs, so that gamers can have the full experience. 

This is a bit of a niche market, but if your audience loves customization (whether functional or aesthetic), this is a great company to market.

Astro Gaming

16 Best Twitch Affiliate Programs ASTRO Gaming

Commission Rate: 5% of each sale

Cookie Duration: 180 days

Astro Gaming has the longest cookie duration on our list and offers a wide variety of high-quality, pro gaming equipment.

Their product line includes earphones, headphones, MixAmps, controllers, clothing, and bags. 

If your audience consists of hardcore gamers, Astro Gaming will have the quality they’ll be looking for.

Epic Games

Epic Creator

Commission Rate: 5% of each sale, plus bonuses for referred in-game purchases

Cookie Duration: 14 days

Epic Games is one of the biggest names when it comes to game platforms. Known most for creating Fortnite, Epic Games also offers other popular titles, including Gear of War and Unreal.

However, it has one requirement that isn’t typically seen in affiliate programs. To join their affiliate program, you need to have more than a thousand followers on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or VK.

But once you meet this requirement, you can earn through referred sales and in-game purchases. And, for Epic Games Store games, you can earn more than 5%, depending on the game.


16 Best Twitch Affiliate Programs Logitech

Commission Rate: 4% to 10% of each sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Logitech is one of the biggest names in technology, and that applies to gaming equipment as well.

Logitech offers everything a gamer might need, including mouses, keyboards, joysticks, headsets, speakers, mouse pads, and cameras. 

Through their affiliate program, you can market products under Logitech, Logitech G, ASTRO, Blue, and Ultimate Ears. The commission differs depending on the brand, with Logitech offering the lowest percentage and Ultimate Ears offering the highest.

Finally, they also offer tracking tools and reports that can help you maximize your revenue.


And those were the 16 best twitch affiliate programs. 

As you can see, there are a variety of affiliate programs you can use if you’re on Twitch. 

You could push game companies, like Epic Games; gaming equipment, like Razer; services, like Leprestore; or software, like PureVPN. 

The possibilities are endless, especially if you know what your audience will be most responsive to.

Whichever affiliate program you decide to join, we wish you all the best!

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