November 18, 2022

Is your niche focused on investing and investment?

Then you’ll be happy to know that there are a lot of investing affiliate programs you can join. 

The even better news is that we’re going to list the 20 best investing affiliate programs for YOU. We collected the best ones with high commissions and great perks. 

So let’s get to it! 

The 20 Best Investing Affiliate Programs 

Here is a list of the 20 best investing affiliate programs:

Now, let’s review these programs one by one. 

1. Wall Street Journal Affiliate Program

20 Best Investing Affiliate Programs The Wall Street JournalSource: Wall Street Journal

Commission: $30

Cookie Duration: 7 Days

The Wall Street Journal is one of the most well-known business and financial newspapers in the United States. 

Due to the topics they cover, the primary audience of the Wall Street Journal is businessmen, investors, and finance enthusiasts. 

With the Wall Street Journal affiliate program, you get to earn a $30 commission for everyone that buys or subscribes through your link.  

2. The Motley Fool Affiliate Program

AWINSource: The Motley Fool

Commission: $100

Cookie Duration: 30 days

The Motley Fool has been an established brand since 1993. As a private financial and investing advice company, they provide well-researched insights to millions of people around the globe. They also provide analyses, tools, and model portfolios you can follow. 

Their audience ranges from experienced stock investors to those just starting out on their financial journey.

And, as you can see, The Motley Fool offers a BIG commission for those who convince people to use their services. 

3. eToro Affiliate Program

20 Best Investing Affiliate Programs EtoroSource: eToro Affiliate Program

Commission: $160

Cookie Duration: 60 days

eToro is an established social investment company committed to maximizing accessibility for traders and investors. You can invest, trade, and diversify your portfolio easily with the help of their platform. 

Their affiliate program offers excellent commission rates, an above-average cookie window, intuitive promotion tools and tracking systems, and an overall enhanced platform.

4. BitBond Affiliate Program

BitbondSource: Bitbond

Commission: 5% of any investment 

Cookie Duration: N/A

Bitbond’s main highlight is its referral program, which allows you to earn high commissions for every person directed to Bitbond via an affiliate link. 

Once they make an investment through your link, you earn 5% of that investment! You track how many users you’ve directed to Bitbond through your dashboard, as well as how much you’ve earned through every click. 

You’re not restricted on what platforms you can share your link on, but it is best to remember that American and Canadian investors aren’t eligible for Bitbond STO. Make sure to tweak your audience targeting and marketing strategies. 

Aside from that, you can enjoy your commission sales within a month. A wire transfer or manual payment via crypto will be arranged. 

5. Ally Invest Affiliate Program

Best Investing Affiliate Programs AllySource: Ally Invest

Commission: $25-$50

Cookie Duration: 45 days

Ally Invest is a platform that makes investing easier and more accessible. Investors can pick between two ways to grow their money — self-directed trading or a managed portfolio. 

While self-directed trading allows you to build and diversify on your own, a managed portfolio lets Ally itself pick bonds and mutual funds for you. 

With their affiliate program, you can attract an audience with an interest in personal finance. Once you create a successful lead within your blog, you earn $25. If that lead transforms into a direct trading account within Ally Invest, you earn $50. 

Plus, they’ve set their EPC (earnings per click) at nearly $800. 

6. New Frontier Data Affiliate Program

New FrontierSource: New Frontier Data

Commission: 15% 

Cookie Duration: 90 days

Do you produce content for both cannabis and finance? Or maybe you have these two interests — and your audience expressed their own for it.

New Frontier Data’s affiliate program is the one for you. 

The cannabis industry has quickly evolved as a multi-million market in the past couple of years. As the industry continues to expand, New Frontier Data took advantage of the opportunity and established itself as the go-to cannabis business intelligence hub. 

With New Frontier Data, you and your audience can access comprehensive cannabis expertise and industry trends. 

Their affiliate program has a 15% commission rate, giving you around $7 per generic report. 

7. Forex Mentor Affiliate Program 

Best Investing Affiliate Programs ForexmentorSource: Forex Mentor

Commission: 30%

Cookie Duration: 60 days

Lots of people start in the finance industry and do not have any idea what they’re doing. The worst part is that they might be fed the wrong information in the first place. 

Enter Forex Mentor. Trading in the Forex markets can always benefit from a little bit of guidance, and Forex Mentor provides accurate, comprehensive insights for all traders. 

With a refined program from founder Peter Bain, you can join a community of trainers, mentors, and traders that can help you hone your trading skills. 

Get your audience to Forex Mentor’s website through affiliate links, and you’ll get 30% per sale. Plus, you’ll be earning around $10 for every 100 visitors sent to their site!

8. Coinbase Affiliate Program

CoinBaseSource: Coinbase

Commission: 50%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Coinbase is one of the first cryptocurrency exchange platforms.  Buy, trade, and store your cryptocurrencies on their secure platform! 

Aside from storing cryptocurrency, Coinbase has also branched out to include NFT marketplaces, learning platforms, and a debit Visa card. 

You can introduce your audience to the world of cryptocurrency with their affiliate program. Link Coinbase in your articles and place advertisements. With every new customer for the first three months, you get a 50% commission for their trading fees.

9. Personal Capital Affiliate Program

Best Investing Affiliate Programs Personal capitalSource: Personal Capital Affiliate Program 

Commission: $100

Cookie Duration: 60 days 

Personal Capital is a wealth management firm that aims to transform your financial life. First founded in 2009, the company has now grown to provide wealth management products for its users. 

Through these tools, users can analyze and plan their mutual fund investments, retirement plans, and cash flow. 

A free dashboard is available for those who will join their affiliate program. If you have an audience that wants to gain more control and insight over their finances, this is the program for you. 

10. Kraken Affiliate Program

KrakenSource: Kraken

Commission: 20% for each referral

Cookie Duration: 180 days

We’re not out of the world of cryptocurrency just yet. Kraken, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, has a user-friendly app for those interested in buying, selling, and investing in Bitcoin and altcoins. 

People can build their crypto portfolios while learning more about cryptocurrency at the same time. 

As for you, every referral can give you a commission of 20%, but there is a cap of $1000. You do have to keep in mind that they have a minimum requirement of 5,000 followers — but your content as a social media influencer doesn’t even have to be finance or investing-related! 

11. Roofstock Affiliate Program

Best Investing Affiliate Programs Roofstock RoofstockSource: Roofstock Affiliate Program 

Commission: $15 per referral

Cookie Duration: 30 days

This affiliate program is the best bet for real estate investors. As the top marketplace for single-family homes, Roofstock makes real estate investing more accessible for its users. 

Find a single-family rental, sell your listings, and manage your investments – all in one place. Everything you need is remote and at your fingertips. 

Help your audience learn more about real estate investments and single-family rentals through their affiliate program. Each link can earn you $15.

12. Pepperstone Affiliate Program

Pepperstone partnersSource: Pepperstone

Commission: $1300

Cookie Duration: N/A

Whether you’re new to trading and investing or already a seasoned expert, Pepperstone is a great partner. As one of the largest Forex brokers in the world, Pepperstone has expanded for people to invest and trade in cryptocurrencies, commodities, and ETFs. Their three platforms are FREE!

As an affiliate program, they’re definitely one of the higher-paying ones. You can earn up to $1,300 for each sign-up that deposits money into their platform. 

13. Tykr Affiliate Program

Best Investing Affiliate Programs tykrSource: Tykr

Commission: 30%

Cookie Duration: 60 days

Need more education on stock investment? Tykr is a stock screener and educational platform that can help you out. Their platform is easy to use, supporting over 30,000 stocks. Plus, you can learn how to reduce risk and maximize your investments.

Tykr gives you more confidence in your stocks by explaining each stock’s current price. The analysis helps you make better decisions with your investments as well. You reduce risk and gain more experience in analyzing and trading. 

For their free-to-join affiliate program, you can earn up to 30% recurring income. Let your audience learn more (and let you earn more) as they invest with Tykr.

14. Acorns Affiliate Program

acornsSource: Acorns’ Affiliate Program 

Commission: $10 

Cookie Duration: 30 days

If your audience is only starting out in investing, Acorns is the best platform to start. Acorns focuses on the realm of micro-investing. With your spare change, you can become an investor, too!

Save, invest, and earn from as little as $3 to $5 a month. You can also invest in bits of Bitcoin if you’d like. You can bank smarter with their educational programs, too. 

With their affiliate program, you can view their demographics, differentiators, and geo-targets to help you in earning. 

15. Rocket Dollar Affiliate Program

20 Best Investing Affiliate Programs RocketdollarSource: Rocket Dollar Affiliates 

Commission: 15% 

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Invest in whatever you want for your retirement account with Rocket Dollar. The company specializes in alternative investments — meaning anything that doesn’t fit under mutual funds, bonds, or stocks. 

You can choose between funding three different types of accounts — a traditional account, a Roth IRA account, or a Solo 401(k) account. 

If you need something to help diversify your portfolio, Rocket Dollar is a great affiliate program to join. Share Rocket Dollar with your audience and start earning 15% per referral. 

16. PeerStreet Affiliate Program

PeerStreetSource: PeerStreet Affiliate Program 

Commission: $30 for account creation and $100 for funding

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Still curious about alternative investments? PeerStreet focuses on real estate investing – without any of the hassles. PeerStreet stands out as the user invests in the loans made by the borrowers. As each borrower pays back their loan, the investor makes money.

As you invest, you can customize your portfolio to your liking. You earn interest with an improved experience.

Now, you can earn from their affiliate program in two ways — account creation and funding. For each account created from your link, you earn $30. If the account is for funding, you earn $100. 

 17. Libertex Affiliate Program

Best Investing Affiliate Programs LibertexSource: Libertex Affiliates 

Commission: $800 or lifetime commission

Cookie Duration: N/A

Libertex is a trading platform for Forex, cryptocurrency, ETFs, and commodities. With over two decades of experience, they have now accumulated over 250 tradable assets. If you want a platform that offers variety, Libertex is the trading platform to go to. 

You can earn from their affiliate program through a CPA plan or revenue-sharing program. Plus, you can advertise them with lucrative, creative promotional materials by Libertex themselves. 

18. Binance Affiliate Program

BinanceSource: Binance Affiliate Program 

Commission: 50% 

Cookie Duration: 90 days

As one of the top cryptocurrency trading platforms, people get access to cryptocurrency coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, and the Green Metaverse Token. You can build your own portfolio and expand to NFTs, dive into payment technologies, and start earning. 

When you advertise Binance to your audience, you earn crypto commissions of up to 50% through your link. For requirements, bonuses, and a thorough guide, you can easily learn about it through their program page. 

19. Golden Eagle Coins Affiliate Program

20 Best Investing Affiliate Programs GoldenEagleSource: Golden Eagle Coins Affiliate Program

Commission: $15 per referral

Cookie Duration: 15 days

In the face of possible recessions, it’s best to invest in timeless value. 

Golden Eagle Coins understands this. As the largest online coin and bullion trader, they house over 5,000 different products — from copper to gold bars. 

With every link you direct your audience to click, you can get paid $15. For sales over $5,000, you get an additional $50. 

20. Zacks Trade Affiliate Program

ZacksSource: Zacks Trade Affiliate Program 

Commission: $70 per new account

Cookie Duration: 7 days

Zacks Trade has been around since 1978 and has garnered awards for being one of the most robust and valuable trading platforms online. Its best highlight is its international reach, so you can trade with over 90 exchanges in 19 different countries.

It’s accessible to traders of various levels of experience, too. You get versatile trading options and a workstation fit with the necessary features to optimize trading. 

Instead of getting paid per lead, you get paid $70 every time a new account is created through your link. 


And there you have it — the 20 best investing affiliate programs. 

So what are you waiting for?

Now that you know what each program offers, you can select the one that fits YOU. 

Good luck!

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