February 27, 2022

Looking for the best travel affiliate programs to make you a ton of money in 2023? 

You’ve come to the right place. 

Whether you already have a travel blog with a large following, or you’re just getting started with making money on what you love the most (travel)…

…this blog is for you. 

In it, I’ll show you 23 of the best travel affiliate programs that promise great returns. 

Yup, I won’t mention programs that aren’t worth your valuable time. 

Ready to get started?

Let’s dive right in. 

(Note: If you’re just getting started with affiliate marketing, the travel niche is a great place to be. With travel restrictions lifting all over the world, people are just dying to go on adventures once more.) 

23 Travel Affiliate Programs to Monetize Your Blog

My Rent a Car 
World Nomads 
Take Walks 
Safety Wings 
Trusted House Sitters 
Lonely Planet
  1. Booking.com Affiliate Program
23 Best Travel Affiliate Programs

Source: booking.com

Commissions: 4%

Cookie window: Session-based

Looking for airline tickets, car rentals, and hotel rooms for your next trip abroad? 

Wishing to rent a whole home or a treehouse on one of your exotic travels? 

Want to buy train tickets in advance, so you can enjoy a worry-free vacation? 

Booking.com has got you.

The platform is huge, and it contains everything travelers need for their adventures abroad. 

  • It offers 29,475,748 bookable rooms…
  • …in ​​2,563,380 properties.


What’s more, 1,550,000 rooms are booked through the platform on a daily basis, meaning it’s a large, well-known, trusted site. 

When you join Booking.com’s affiliate program, you won’t be entering untested waters, as it already has an extensive network of 12,500 affiliates. 

Of course, not everything is sunshine and rainbows. 

Booking.com’s cookie life is session-based, meaning your leads will have to convert and buy on the spot in order for you to make commissions. 

But with a good content strategy that sends only well-qualified warm leads to the platform…

…you’ll be making a ton of commissions in no time. 

  1. Expedia Affiliate Program 
23 Best Travel Affiliate Programs

Source: expediagroup.com

Commissions: 2-6% (Depending on the product) 

Cookie window: 7 Days

If you’re a traveler who loves getting discounts on tickets, hotel rooms, and car rental services…

…you’ve probably already heard of Expedia. 

Expedia is a huge company with strong partnerships with airlines and hotels, which allows them to give up to $500 in discounts to guests. 

Sound like something your blog audience will love? 

Go ahead and join Expedia’s affiliate program, and you’ll earn up to 6% commissions on all sales made through your links. (Commissions are based on which products you sell.)

Does your audience love to travel far and wide? 

Don’t worry. 

Expedia has a huge offering across one million hotels, 175 car companies, and 500 airlines across 200 countries. 

No matter where they want to go or how particular their tastes are, they’ll surely find something to suit them on the platform. 

  1. TripAdvisor Affiliate Program 

Source: tripadvisor.com

Commissions: 50%

Cookie window: 14 Days 

Want to know what to do in Kochi, India?

Wondering what to eat in Cambodia?

Looking for a hotel room or a whole house rental in Dubai? 

TripAdvisor has got you covered. 

The platform is your dedicated travel buddy, with lists of where to stay, what to do, what to eat, and more, on your travels. 

If this sounds amazing to the traveler’s soul in you, you can bet your audience will love it too. 

Plus, joining its affiliate program is a great way to monetize your blog. 

Yup! You get a 50% commission share on hotels (you get half of what TripAdvisor makes through its partners). 

During incentive campaigns, this rate goes all the way up to 80%.

The downside is that you only get commissions on hotels – not restaurants, flights, and other activities. 

To counter that, your leads don’t have to actually book the hotel for you to earn a commission. 

All they need to do is click through to TripAdvisor’s partner…

…and 50% commission is all yours. 

  1. Agoda Affiliate Program 
23 Best Travel Affiliate Programs

Source: partners.agoda.com 

Commissions: 5%

Cookie window: 30 Days

Agoda is similar to Expedia and TripAdvisor, but with a twist. 

As a special feature for its guests to enjoy, the platform offers customized trips for groups, solo travelers, families, business travelers, luxury seekers, and so on. (It has also recently started offering monthly stays.) 

Its listing varies widely from the largest and most famous resorts to unknown little gems your blog audience will salivate over. 

For each booking made through your links within 30 days, you’ll earn 5% in commissions. 

Now, while that seems small at a glance, the numbers can add up quickly.

For each $200 your audience spends, you’ll earn $10.

If you rack up a large blog following and hundreds of readers book hotel rooms each month, you could be earning thousands in affiliate commissions in no time. 

  1. MyRentACar Affilaite Program

Source: myrentacar.com

Commissions: 50%

Cookie window: Unstated 

There’s no denying it.

Renting a car on your travels is uber convenient. 

Just think of it. 

No frantically searching Google for the nearest subway. No long, exhausting waits for a taxi during rush hour. No standing in line at the bus station. 

With a car of your own to drive, you can explore a new place to your heart’s content, at any time of the day or night. 

That’s why MyRentACar is so great. 

It offers travelers mobility and convenience without the worry of renting from an unreputable source. 

Now, my guess is your blog audience will love it too.

They’ll want to hear about the company that offers affordable vehicle rentals across countries in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. 

And when they rent a car through you, you’ll get up to 50% in commissions. 

Not bad at all! 

  1. Hotels.com Affiliate Program  

Source: hotels.com

Commissions: 4%

Cookie window: 7 days

Hotels.com is an excellent resource for comparing accommodation prices across the globe. 

Whether you’re looking for a top-star hotel or a tiny, cozy room in the middle of paradise, you can find it on Hotels.com. 

Are your followers thrifty, budget-wise travelers? 

They’ll love comparing accommodation prices on the platform. 

What’s great is that if they find cheaper accommodation outside Hotel.com…

…the platform will match it. 

But Hotels.com isn’t only good news for your followers. 

It’s good news for you as an affiliate marketer too. 

That’s because you’ll get 4% commissions for each referral you make (and because the platform is used by 675 million people across 35 languages, your earnings will rapidly add up). 

  1. G Adventures


Source: gadventures.com

Commissions: 6%

Cookie window: 60 days

Tired of doing the usual postcard stuff while on a trip abroad? 

You know, like taking photos in front of the Eiffel Tower when you go to Paris, or eating spaghetti bolognese on your trip to Italy. 

Maybe you want a different experience. 

Maybe you want to find out what the locals’ everyday life is like, or see places that ordinary tourists never dream of. 

If this is you, you’ll love G Adventures. 

The company is all about small group travel to places that are less “touristy” and more deeply authentic. 

Although this type of travel is somewhat niche for now, the industry is growing rapidly, and you can bet some of your followers will be interested in it. 

And when you get someone to sign up, you’ll get 6% in commissions. 

Doesn’t sound too big? 

Listen to this: customers spend an average of $2,600 per person, so your earnings can quickly add up. 

  1. TravelPayouts Affiliate Program 
23 Best Travel Affiliate Programs

Source: travelpayouts.com

Commissions: Depends on the product purchased 

Cookie window: Depends on the product purchased 

TravelPayouts is different from the other affiliate programs we’ve been going through so far. 

That’s because instead of being an individual affiliate program, it’s a network that includes 100+ affiliate programs from other companies. 

These include huge brands like Expedia, TripAdvisor, and Agoda. 

So if you’re the type of person who thinks it’s too much of a hassle to join these programs separately, you’ll love TravelPayouts. 

And there’s better news. 

When you join, you’ll get all the tools you need to promote your links. 

  1. Kayak Affiliate Program

Source: kayak.com

Commissions: 50%

Cookie window: 30 days 

Looking for another all-in-one travel affiliate program? 

You’ll love Kayak. 

That’s because Kayak owns brands like Cheapflights, Momondo, and HotelsCombined. 

Once you’re accepted into their affiliate program, you’ll get to enjoy commissions across all these brands, which include tickets, hotels, travel packages, and even ad revenue. 

Since the network has over two million properties across the world, you can imagine how easy it’ll be to make a sale. 

Plus, their commission rate is pretty attractive: you’ll earn a 50% slice of the pie for every sale you make. 

The only downside? 

You won’t start earning commissions until you reach $500 in revenue made. 

Still, that’s not bad considering how quickly you can ramp up earnings with flights and hotels across the globe. 

  1. World Nomads Affiliate Program 
World Nomads

Source: worldnomads.com 

Commissions: 10%

Cookie window: 60 days 

No matter how much of a free spirit you are, chances are you still hear a tiny voice of worry each time you step on a plane for a different part of the world. 

That’s because anything can go wrong.

You can fall sick, get into an accident, get hurt on one of your adventures (especially if you’re the kind of person who loves to test your limits), and so on. 

Know what can give you peace of mind? 

Travel insurance. 

With the right type of insurance to back you up, you can step on a plane for anywhere in the world, knowing that if something goes wrong…

…you won’t be on your own. 

This is what World Nomads is about. 

It’s travel insurance designed by travelers for travelers, and it protects the wildest at heart by covering over 200 activities. 

The best part is, it’s recommended by big brands like Lonely Planet, boosting its trust factor with your followers. 

Think your audience is the type that loves giving back? 

They’ll like to know that when they sign up for travel insurance by World Nomads, they can make a micro-donation that’ll go into supporting the company’s 100 projects worldwide. 

Commissions aren’t bad either: you’ll get 10% of every sale you make. 

  1. Viator Affiliate Program 

Source: viator.com

Commissions: 8%

Cookie window: 30 days

For many travelers, being in a new place isn’t enough. 

What counts is the experiences they have, whether that’s going on a nighttime helicopter ride above the city or enjoying a Harry Potter tour. 

That’s what Viator is all about. 

Its goal is to give travelers a list of fun activities to do in each place they visit. 

And with 395,000 attractions in 2,500 destinations…

…that list is not small. 

So if you’re a travel influencer with an audience who likes to make the most out of every travel moment, Viator is the program to join. 

When you get accepted, you’ll make an 8% commission out of every sale you make (with a generous 30-day cookie window). 

Not bad at all! 

  1. GetYourGuide Affiliate Program 
23 Best Travel Affiliate Programs

Source: getyourguide.com

Commissions: 8%

Cookie window: 30 days 

GetYourGuide is a Berlin-based travel agency with a catalog of over 34,000 activities across the globe. 

So whether you want to go on a Christmas magic tour, walk through New York’s botanical gardens, or stand in awe at the Sistine Chapel…

…you can do it through GetYourGuide.


Your audience will feel the same.

Plus, the company offers perks like last-minute booking and 24/7 support, making the path towards once-in-a-lifetime experiences smooth and easy. 

Trust me, your audience will love you for telling them about GetYourGuide. 

Plus, you’ll make an 8% commission out of every sale you make. 

That’s a win-win! 

  1. REI Affiliate Program 
REI affiliate program

Source: avantlink.com

Commissions: 5%

Cookie window: 15 days  

Need a new backpack or a pair of hiking boots? 

REI is the place to go shopping. 

With a super long history (the company has been around since 1938), the brand is a master at all things outdoor gear. 

It also boasts in-depth knowledge and information on outdoor recreation. 

So if you think your audience is the type to gear up for adventure, promoting products from REI will give your income a serious boost. 

Although 5% in commissions doesn’t sound like prize money, it helps that the average purchase costs $120. 

Plus, the company offers free shipping for a minimum order of $50, which will whet your audience’s appetite and encourage them to click that buy button. 

  1. Take Walks Affiliate Program 
23 Best Travel Affiliate Programs

Source:  ​​takewalks.com

Commissions: 15%

Cookie window: Not stated  

Travel is all about the experience. 

And for a ton of people, hopping on and off a bus or plane is NOT enough. 

What’s important is touching, tasting, and truly understanding the life beneath a new place. 

That’s what Take Walks stands for. 

The company specializes in beautifully-designed tours that are WAY different from your average “touristy” experience. 

When you book a tour, you’ll be paired up with a small group and a dedicated, energetic guide. 

You’ll do things like walk through a city, enjoy a cooking class, or learn about true crime. 

With special access to tour sites and skip-the-line privileges, you’ll get a world-class experience. 

No, taking part in a tour like this isn’t cheap. 

Which is good news for you, of course. 

When a member of your audience joins, you’ll make a 15% commission on the average $44-252 sale. 

  1. InsureMyTrip Affiliate Program

Source: insuremytrip.com

Commissions: To be determined 

Cookie window: To be determined   

Confused about what type of insurance to get for your trip? 

InsureMyTrip is here to help. 

Instead of merely offering travel insurance, the company specializes in helping you compare between different travel insurance companies. 

Because the truth is, insurance isn’t one-size-fits-all. 

Your audience knows this…and will appreciate you for helping them find a policy that matches their needs to a T. 

Plus, the platform includes hundreds of reviews from previous customers, making it easy for anyone to weigh the pros and cons of each policy. 

Unfortunately, how much you’ll earn in commissions depends on your individual arrangement with the company. 

When you sign up to join their program, you’ll get a customized commissions plan and cookie window. 

  1. Safety Wing Affiliate Program


Source: safetywing.com

Commissions: 10%

Cookie window: 365 days

This is the age of digital nomads and online entrepreneurs. 

These days, it’s not uncommon to find people from across the globe taking their work or business with them to faraway lands. 

Of course, these people need travel insurance so they can sleep soundly at night. 

And while not many insurance companies cater to the needs of digital nomads, Safety Wing does. 

It’s an entirely unique insurance company with plans for the most adventurous online employee or business owner. 

If your audience is composed of these free-spirited people…

…Safety Wing is the program to join. 

As a member, you’ll make 10% on each sale that goes through you (plus enjoy a HUGE 365-day cookie window). 

  1. TrustedHousesitters Affiliate Program

Source: trustedhousesitters.com

Commissions: $100 for property owners, $20 for sitters

Cookie window: 30-90 days

Are you a fur parent? 

If so, traveling can come with a certain level of stress. 

I mean, where do you leave your fur baby? Who can you trust to keep them safe and occupied while you are away? 

Enter, TrustedHousesitters. 

This company is similar to Airbnb, but instead of matching property owners with travelers…

…it matches homeowners with sitters. 

How it works: 

A sitter pays a yearly fee of around $129 to get the chance to bid to stay in someone’s home for free to take care of their pets. 

Just like Airbnb, you can join two separate affiliate programs: one for sitters and one for homeowners. 

You’ll get $20 when you refer a sitter, and $100 when you refer a homeowner. 

Introduce this new idea to your pet-loving audience, and they’ll thank you for it (plus you’ll earn extra cash on the side and make a ton of cute furry friends happy while their parents are away). 

  1. Hostelworld Affiliate Program

Source: partners.hostelworld.com

Commissions: Up to 40% of deposit

Cookie window: 30 days

Hostelworld is a big travel booking platform, but unlike Airbnb and Booking.com, it focuses specifically on hostels. 

With 36,000 properties in 179 countries, it offers a wide store of choices for the budget-conscious traveler. 

So if you think your audience would love to try the hostel experience, Hostelworld is the place where they can compare and find the perfect stay to match their needs. 

Will you benefit from promoting the platform?

Of course. 

You can earn up to 40% of the deposit earned by Hostelworld from each booking. 

  1. Cruise Direct Affiliate Program 
23 Best Travel Affiliate Programs

Source: cruisedirect.com

Commissions: 3%

Cookie window: 45 days

The truth is, nothing is quite as luxurious as going on a cruise. 

Just imagine it: wide-open seas, clear skies, cocktails on a gently swaying deck. 

No one who loves to travel should ever skip the cruise experience.

Unfortunately, they can be expensive. 

That’s why you should tell your audience about Cruise Direct. 

With Cruise Direct, they’ll get to enjoy the whole cruise experience…

…at the cheapest price possible. 

In fact, the company promises that if a guest finds a cheaper price online…they’ll go out to match it. 

As an affiliate, you’ll get a slice of the benefits pie as well. 

Although a 3% commission doesn’t sound like a great deal, cruises cost anywhere from $600 to $1,000, meaning your earnings can add up pretty quickly. 

  1. Lonely Planet Affiliate Program 
Lonely Planet

Source: lonelyplanet.com

Commissions: 12-15%

Cookie window: Unstated 

Lonely Planet’s mission is to inspire the traveler within everyone. 

That’s why it has a huge collection of travel guides (around 825 to date), which you can get either in print or in ebook form. 

For those who dislike skipping around from one website to the next to find exciting travel experiences, Lonely Planet’s all-in-one guides are a convenient choice. 

Think your audience will want to be inspired to dive deep into the beauty and exoticism of unique places and experiences around the world? 

Tell them about Lonely Planet’s guides. 

If they decide to buy, you’ll make a 12-15% commission on each sale. 

  1. Travala Affiliate Program 

Source: travala.com

Commissions: 5%

Cooking window: Unstated  

As a travel influencer, you’ll want to give your followers all the options you can. 

This means not sticking exclusively to well-known sites like Booking.com and Airbnb. 

The more options you give people, the happier they’ll be with your blog. 

So aside from Hotels.com, Agoda, and Expedia…

…tell them about Travala. 

Travala has over 2,000,000 properties across the world. 

It also offers discounts on a ton of flights, tours, and experiences. 

That means that even if they only offer a 5% commission rate, your earnings can add up quicker than you expect. 

  1. Skyscanner Affiliate Program 
23 Best Travel Affiliate Programs

Source: skyscanner.net

Commissions: 20%

Cookie Window: Unstated  

Skyscanner is a company that allows travelers to compare the pricing of flights, hotels, and car hires. 

It’s the perfect choice for adventurers who want to keep their expenses in check. 

And as an affiliate marketer…

…it’s the perfect choice for you as well. 

That’s because when you make a sale, you’ll get a whopping 20% in commissions. 

Really not bad at all! 

  1. Wise Affiliate Program

Source: wise.com

Commissions: £10 for personal accounts and £50 for business accounts 

Cookie window: Unlimited 

When traveling, one problem that people usually face is the currency exchange. 

At times, it can be difficult to convert money into the local currency.

At other times, each transaction is expensive, racking up huge fees for travelers. 

With Wise, you can enjoy both ease and savings. 

That’s because you can convert money into any currency you choose without the excessive fees you hate. 

Tell your audience about this, and you’ll make £10 for each personal referral and £50 for each business referral. 

The best news is Wise doesn’t impose a limited cookie window, which means you can make commissions from referrals no matter when they sign up using your link. 


The Best Travel Affiliate Programs for the Nomad Influencer 

Love to travel? 

Love to share your nomad experiences with followers who share your passion? 

You’ll thrive as an affiliate marketer in the travel niche. 

But here’s the thing. 

Not all travel affiliate programs are good. 

Some are difficult to promote and don’t give you great commissions. 

But the ones I mentioned above are different.

They’re the cream of the crop.

These companies are trusted and stable, plus they offer affiliate programs with generous commissions. 

So go ahead. 

Join one or two of these programs. 

Then, join some more. 

In no time, you’ll find yourself racking up a nice monthly income that allows you to travel and explore even more of the world. 

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