February 18, 2022

When it comes to affiliate marketing, the list of products and services you can partner with is not exactly a bottleneck that will restrict your options. When your list of options tops over a million, it’s safe to say that you can choose just about any topic you can think of as the basis for your affiliate marketing strategy and still find something for sale out there that’s related.

However, the freedom to choose can be oddly paralyzing. When you’re creating something, it helps to start with a seed, a simple idea that gets the creative juices flowing and lets you build outwards, like the way a snowflake builds itself around a stray dust particle.

So if you’re staring down the list of affiliate partners with no idea of where to start, take a look at this list for some affiliate marketing tips on topics and see if you can come up with something interesting.

1. Make A List Of Your Hobbies

How exactly do you pass the time on most days? What do you do with yourself when you aren’t working or hanging out with your friends?

For most people, the answer has to do with entertainment. You watch TV shows and movies, look up videos and read blogs online, listen to music, or, if you’re particularly adventurous, you read books. This in itself can be a great idea for a website: while it’s true there are a million other entertainment reviewers and review sites out there, it’s because there are a million and one different opinions people can hold.

If you can be entertaining enough yourself to keep someone’s attention for a few hundred words, either written out or spoken into a camera, if you can offer enough insights to explain why something was good or bad and why different people will like it, then you too can start building an audience.

However, you can also look beyond your media lifestyle and find something else that interests you. Do you have any creative outlets like painting, writing, or music? Do you like to build models? Do you collect stamps, coins, or memorabilia of one sort or another? Do you play sports or exercise regularly, and how much time do you spend thinking about it? Do you have a special diet, and do you cook your own food regularly? Do you enjoy gardening? All of these interests can lead to website topics and affiliate partnerships.

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2. Remember Your Old Interests

When you were a kid and loved learning much more than you loved school, you probably went through a phase or two where you would ravenously consume all the information you could find about a handful of different topics. Most kids have a dinosaur period, for instance, but you might have also loved dolls, action figures, astronomy, a particular historical period, or sharks.

Even if you’ve moved on since then, you likely have some of the old facts rattling around your skull, along with just enough passion to start writing about your former favorite topic. You may have to stretch to find good affiliate partners, but there’s bound to be plenty of information out there for you to write up on your website if your topic managed to interest an eight-year-old you.

3. Consider Your Job

How do you make a living? Have you had any interesting jobs, anything you enjoyed or were particularly good at? Because if you can answer yes to either part of that question, you may be able to turn it into a website topic.

There are limits to what kinds of jobs you can turn into topics. For all the products and services you can partner with, most affiliate programs target consumers, not businesses. So if your day job takes place in the depths of an accounting department, or if you revise actuarial tables all day, you aren’t likely to turn your job experience into an engaging blog with affiliate ads that are exactly on point.

On the other hand, if you work as a handyman or in a construction-related job, you can create a do-it-yourself blog with tips on how to do things like fix a clogged sink, redecorate the kitchen, or investigate a wiring problem, and all the while your site will offer links to online hardware stores. Or maybe you work as a mechanic at a car dealership, which would give you the experience needed to write about recent trends in car design and technology, not to mention how to change your own oil and check your own fluid levels.

4. Go Local

One way you can make sure your website is distinct from a lot of others is to turn it into a local blog, something that concentrates on highlighting local businesses and individuals instead of appealing to a national or global audience. This approach does come with a built-in audience cap, although that cap can be pretty high if you live in a big city, plus it’s a good hook for getting people to read your blog even if they don’t normally read blogs.

Choosing the right affiliate partners is no real difficulty for a local blog, either, at least for most towns. After all, franchise stores and chain restaurants abound in every corner of the United States, and so even if you can’t find any local businesses to become an affiliate partner, you can always choose companies with a physical presence in your town.

While you may be able to partner up with an effectively limitless number of affiliates, the list of topics which you have the time and expertise to write about is much more limited. So choose wisely when the time comes to choose, and follow the above affiliate marketing tips if you’re having trouble coming up with the best possible option.

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