February 18, 2022

If you own a website or blog, you have probably considered many ways to monetize your site. Websites are 24/7/365 lead generating machines and each visitor to your site is a potential paying customer. Even if you don’t sell any of your own products or services, you can always refer them to other helpful products and services. By doing this, you can accrue commissions or finders fees.

This article will go over the 4 most important affiliate marketing tips for website owners. These aren’t just ordinary affiliate marketing tips, however. This is a process. A simple formula that works every time. I’m talking about the C–>T–>P–>M process.

Step 1: Provide Excellent Content

Important Affiliate Marketing Tips

The goal of any business (online or off) is to keep expenses low and profits high. Finding sales leads is not a cheap or timeless task. It’s either downright expensive, or extremely time consuming. Let’s face it, time is money.

So how can you, as a website owner, attract highly targeted leads for free??

Simple. Develop top notch content. This is the C in the CTPM process. When you write high quality content, you will naturally attract lots of free visitors from search engines. And since you have such great content, people will happily share your content on social media, in blogs, through email, and even word-of-mouth. You can’t expect to gain that type of traffic without first providing excellent content.

Want to build a lead-generating powerhouse? Find a specific niche and become THE go-to place on the web for that niche. For example, I have an affiliate based website all about how to drive safely. I have another one that reviews dog food.

Finding the best topic for your website does take a little bit of work, and I teach you all about how to do that and more in this amazing online business training program.

Remember, if you don’t want to write your own content for your website, this can be easily outsourced. The service I prefer to use is Constant-Content.com.

Step 2: Wait For The Traffic Snowball

Websites, like offline businesses, take some time to grow. This is especially true for brand new websites. You should not expect a significant amount of free search engine traffic until you have about 100 pages of high quality content. It may also take about 6 months before the search engines start ranking you highly in search results.

Here’s the kicker. Once that happens, look… out! You will enter what has been dubbed “the snowball effect.” First, your site will get more popular in the search engines. This will bring in a flood of traffic. If you are providing high quality content, your content will be shared across many different non-search platforms. This only helps you rank even higher in the search engines. Plus, if you have an email marketing strategy (and you should), your email list will grow by leaps and bounds. Business grows and wonderful things happen.

It does take some time and patience, but by writing high quality content, you will begin to attract a ton of highly targeted traffic to your website.

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Step 3: PreSell Your Visitors

Presell Your VisitorsGaining traffic to your website is actually the easy part (simply provide great content about a specific niche). The bigger challenge is turning those visitors into buyers.

For starters, the quality content on your site should not be a bunch of sales pitches for products and services. You should also simply “be yourself.” If you are just one person, write your website as such. Don’t try to act like a big corporation if you’re not. In fact, by simply being yourself, people will begin to trust you. Sure, you could read about driving safety info on your states DMV website. Or, you could get your info from a driving instructor on Drive-Safely.net where it’s written in first person and filled with humor and passion.

And sure, you could research about taking a vacation to the tropical island of Anguilla from TripAdvisor.com, or you could get your info from a long-time resident of Anguilla who’s passion is to share information to the world on her website at Anguilla-Beaches.com.

There are hundreds of examples.

The main thing is to just be yourself and build trust. When people form a trusting relationship with you, selling isn’t even necessary. Simply making suggestions and recommendations is all it takes. So be YOU!


The first 3 steps are what drives this online marketing machine. Content brings you traffic and with that traffic, you can pre-sell your visitors. Again, do not SELL to your visitors, just form a trust with them by offering unmatched content about a particular niche topic. When the time comes, recommend products or services they might find useful. Since they trust your suggestions by now, their “sales guard” will be down. At that point, let your affiliate partner do what they are best at – closing the deal. Once the deal gets closed, you collect a commission!

They key here isn’t to assume that most of your visitors are going to convert into sales. However, by using the CTPM process, you will begin to gain hundreds and then thousands of visitors each day. Even if only 5% of those visitors convert into a sale, you’re talking about 25 sales with only 500 visitors per day (an easily achievable number within 6 months). If you get paid, say, $20 per sale, you’re making $500 every day. See how fast this can add up?

The problem with the CTPM process is the M (monetizing) comes last. Most people getting started with making money on the internet don’t have the patience to wait. That’s why they try to monetize first and almost everyone who does so fails. The CTPM process simply works.

Make today the first day of the rest of your life.

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