December 28, 2016

As someone looking into break into a new industry, your head may be spinning as you learn affiliate marketing. It is quite possible to make money online through affiliate marketing, although it will take hard work and the dedication that comes with starting an online business. As ecommerce grows, so does the potential for affiliate marketing. Spending on affiliate marketing by businesses has increased tremendously in recent years, growing in the United States from $1.6 billion in 2007 to $4.1 billion in 2014. An efficiently run affiliate program can yield significant rewards for a company’s online sales. Knowing the nuances behind this can allow you to better understand your role as you begin to learn affiliate marketing.

Why Companies Use Affiliate Marketing Implementation To Drive Business

Businesses can be enticed to use affiliate marketing implementation strategies in order to outsource some of their marketing costs. They would not pay a salary to an employee, and would instead pay based on results to an affiliate marketer. This is what creates the opportunity for you to become a successful affiliate marketer. Payments are made to affiliates when they refer a visitor who becomes a customer, and thus are not spending money without seeing results. They are simply paying for the cost of the sale, and pay only when the sale is made. Barring a commission system, which you will not likely institute early in your career, the payment process is pretty straightforward. This is a huge benefit to businesses and is an enticing reason behind their desire to outsource their affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers can generate between 10-30% of total sales.

There is also increased brand exposure by outsourcing affiliate marketing. As you, the affiliate marketer, increase your presence across the internet on various websites, you are essentially providing free brand exposure for the business. Remember businesses do not typically pay until there is a sale. In order to achieve a sale, you need to acquire a database of users that follow your material. The continual process of doing so ultimately provides free brand visibility for the business, allowing them to get in front of an audience that they may not have otherwise reached. Expanding off this, the outsourced affiliate marketing may provide a more targeted audience for the business. Because you are only paid when sales are completed, targeting the most appropriate audience possible increases your ability to maximize sales. This provides very specific marketing for the business, again – for free.

As you may have seen by now reading through various other blogs and information, search engine optimization is a component of affiliate marketing. By outsourcing their affiliate marketing, businesses can also cut costs on search engine optimization, because it is often times being completed by the outsourced affiliate marketer. Businesses must assess the internal resources they have and where they can best be allocated. It is quite possible that outsourcing their affiliate marketing allows them to focus their resources in other places, making you a vital part of that company’s success.

Affiliate Marketing Implementation

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Affiliate Marketing Implementation Almost Always Makes Sense For Product & Service Sellers

Businesses could choose to use affiliate marketing implementation strategies or run it themselves. This gives the business more control but could prove time-consuming. It really would only be possible with a small number of affiliates. As the number of affiliates grew, it would become increasingly difficult to manage each affiliate account – this involves executing each individual agreement, updating promotions and advertisements, recruiting new affiliates, and making sure that all information online is accurately representing the business. An in-house affiliate manager is focused entirely on the business’ program. That manager would also be on-site and in-touch with the rest of the marketing team, allowing real-time changes to marketing strategy. An in-house affiliate manager is more in touch with the company’s initiatives and vision.

By outsourcing their affiliate marketing, a business also loses the ability to control the message promoted with their brand exposure. An affiliate marketer not properly trained can actually drive business away, even though they may be dealing with a large platform of potential users. There are many websites available to be sure that you are caught up to speed and fully prepared for opportunities that may come your way, including the team at Wealthy Affiliate and us at Obviously, the experience is something that comes with time, but being prepared and properly trained will put you in the best position to gain clients and succeed as you begin to learn affiliate marketing.

There also may not be a need for a company to engage in affiliate marketing. If they are in a niche market or have a strong hold on market share, an affiliate marketing implementation strategy could be more difficult or too costly. If a business is engaging in affiliate marketing, it is likely due to the fact that they have competitors, and they are looking to maintain or gain their hold of the market share. Competitors are likely running affiliate programs, and not doing so would put a business at a severe disadvantage. This is definitely something to keep in mind when providing an affiliate service for a company.

Your Role as the Affiliate Marketer

Understanding the advantages of affiliate marketing implementation will hopefully grant you insight into the industry. Using an affiliate marketing program promotes a low risk, high reward situation for a business. Knowing where businesses are coming from and the goals they wish to accomplish by using you as an affiliate marketer can allow you to tailor your strategy to their needs.

A successful strategy produces results, thereby granting you the ability for you to make money online!

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