February 27, 2022

Looking for the best affiliate marketing tips that’ll help you skyrocket your business and earn more money?

You’ve come to the right place. 

You see, not all affiliate marketers are created equal. 

True, the basic steps for starting up an affiliate business are more or less the same:

But what comes after is totally different. 

Some affiliate marketers stand out and enjoy breathtaking success…

…some fail completely…

…and others remain in the twilight of the “meh” zone, where they’re earning a little but never enough to call themselves a success. 

Where you end up depends on your strategy. 

It depends on what you do, and how well you do it.

In today’s blog, I’ll share with you six affiliate marketing tips that’ll position you to be in the first group (part of the breathtaking success guys).


Let’s get right into it. 

Affiliate Marketing Tips to Set You Apart and Skyrocket Your Earnings 

Before we begin, let me start with this:

These affiliate marketing tips aren’t only for 6-figure affiliate marketers who’ve been in the business for years. 

They’re for average people like you and me, for beginners who have zero experience, and for everyone else who wants to grow their affiliate business and enjoy more sales. 

So without further ado, here are the six affiliate marketing tips I recommend above all.

Affiliate Marketing Tip #1: Be Biased When Selecting Your Affiliate Program

Are you a person with natural biases?

Then great! 

You can use your innate skills to choose between profitable (and avoid not-so-profitable) affiliate programs. 

Because the truth is, not all affiliate programs are created equal. 

Some of them will be responsible for a great deal of your success, while the others will sit idly by, eating your time and talent without giving you satisfying returns. 

So, how do you use your natural bias and choose affiliate programs that work?

Here are five rules of thumb to keep in mind:

  • Always go for quality. Tempted to promote that scammy product because it offers huge commissions? Don’t do it. The truth is, you might make a few earnings from a low-quality product. But in the long run, doing so will damage your reputation. As a good rule of thumb, keep your audience at the forefront of your mind at all times. Ask yourself, “Will this product benefit them? Will it change their lives for the better?” If you can’t answer “yes,” to these questions, you’ll be better off banishing this product from your memory (forever).
  • Choose vendors who care about their customers. It’s not hard to spot good vendors from bad ones. Trust me, you’ll see the signs in the little things: company ratings and reviews, how well-designed and optimized their landing pages are, replies to complaints. No matter how attractive they may seem, always reject vendors who are out to make money at their customers’ expense. 
  • Zone in on profitable products. Not all affiliate products are created equal. Some have the potential to take you to the next level…and others don’t. It’s that simple. For the best chances of success, consider promoting: digital products, products with recurring payments, and products that encourage lifetime payouts.
  • Check out what’s in it for you. In other words, how much percentage will you earn from the sale of the products you’re promoting? Will you earn a meager 2%, or will you get half the price of a sale? Remember, you’ll have to walk a fine line here. With programs like Amazon Associates, you’ll get tiny commissions in exchange for multiple purchases based on consumer trust. Make sure to weigh the pros and cons of selecting a product before you go all out and promote it. 
  • Don’t forget the cookies. Everyone loves cookies. Imagine: nice, warm, chocolate chip goodies on a sunny picnic. Ok, that’s not what we’re talking about here. But there’s a reason website cookies received their name: they’re super important when it comes to collecting visitor data. In affiliate marketing, cookie life is the thing to look out for. The longer the cookie life, the longer you have to earn from a potential buyer. For example, if an affiliate program’s cookie life is 45 days, you have 45 days to make a sale and earn commissions from a site visitor. 

Of course, the perfect affiliate program will be different for everyone. 

To choose the best one for you, you’ll need to brainstorm your business goals and set a workable long-term strategy.

Also, you’ll have to…

Affiliate Marketing Tip #2: Let Your Audience Lead the Way 

A ton of affiliate marketers make the mistake of thinking their business is all about them.

It’s not. 

It’s all about your audience. 

That’s right! 

Imagine this scenario with me for a moment. 

You’re a dog owner wanting to take better care of your fur baby.

You go online and see a couple of blogs offering you tips and advice on pet care. 

The first one you click looks decent, so you scan its content. 

But then you get confused. 

The site is all over the place. It has affiliate ads and articles on all things under the sun: computers, sunscreen, picnic gear. 

Sure, there are a couple of great articles about pet care. 

But since it’ll likely get confusing down the road, this is not a site you’re going to follow. 

You quickly click the “back” button and keep looking. 

On the other hand, let’s imagine you land on a site like this:

6 Affiliate Marketing Tips to Help You Earn More Money

Source: dogfoodadvisor.com

If you’re a pet parent looking for solid advice on dog food, you’ll feel as though this site was made with you in mind. 

Get where this is going? 

Long story short: you need to let your audience lead.

You need to think of them and their needs, fears, desires, beliefs, and goals. 

Only then will you be able to build a brand that they’ll come back to again and again (thus increasing your earnings steadily throughout time). 

Affiliate Marketing Tip #3: Work Towards Trust 

Ever buy something from a store you disliked and mistrusted?

I didn’t think so.

And the truth is, your audience is the same. 

If you spam them, ram them down your funnel, and scream in their ear that they’ll perish if they don’t buy…

…they’ll run for the hills and never look back.

I mean, sure.

You might trick a few unsuspecting people into buying.

But in the long run, you’ll be left with distrust, flatlining sales, and a brand that’s just a few inches from death.

On the other hand, making your audience love and trust you will lead to a brand that grows stronger over the years. 

And it’s not as hard as it seems. 

Here are two tips to help you build trust. 

  1. Show Your Personality 

Notice something about today’s biggest brands?

They have personality

For instance, check out Nike’s brand personality on Instagram: 

Nike Instagram

Source: instagram.com  

I know what you’re thinking. 

You own an affiliate marketing business, not a huge brand like Nike

But really…so?

Your brand and Nike are the same in that you both market to human beings. 

And human beings want to connect with brands they trust.

They want to sense life, creativity, and personality. 

So do me a favor. 

Stop publishing content that seems like it was written by GPT-3.

Instead, add a dash of yourself into your blogs. Pick a tone and point of view, and stick to them. Voice your opinions fearlessly. 

The more your audience sees you as a real person, the more they’ll trust you. 

  1. Show Your Face

Know what makes the web a scary place?

The anonymity. 

It’s hard to believe something you can’t see with your own eyes. It’s even harder to connect with a faceless entity typing up generic, mediocre blog posts that push you to buy something you’re not sure you need. 

This is exactly what your audience will feel like if you hide behind a faceless profile. 

So don’t do it. 

Go all out and show them what you look like. 

Post photos of your daily life on your blogs (trust me, this will increase conversions).

To be honest, I can’t think of a successful affiliate marketer who’s made it as a faceless entity. 

On the other hand, check out this example of a super successful blogger, and notice how trust-inspiring his website is because of his photo:

6 Affiliate Marketing Tips to Help You Earn More Money Fire Nation

Source: eofire.com 

Affiliate Marketing Tip #4: Create Mouthwatering Content

This ties in with the previous point. 

To earn your audience’s trust, you don’t only need a personality and a face…

…but also content that makes their mouth water. 

Here are three tips to help you get there.

  1. Educate, Entertain, and Amuse Your Audience

If you want your readers to listen to you, don’t make them fall asleep with content like this:

hard to read text

Source: mystrikingly.com

Instead, turn their heads with content like this:

Entertain your audience

Source: copyblogger.com 

Remember: good content doesn’t only mean well-written content.

It also means content with a specific goal behind it. 

This goal can be:

  • To change your audience’s life
  • To make your audience laugh
  • To show your audience how to do something
  • To help your audience make better buying decisions

You won’t go wrong as long as you have an audience-centered goal each time you write a new blog. 

  1. Hurt Your Audience 

People buy things for a reason. 

Often, it’s because they feel a persistent pain in their life, and they want to get rid of it. 

For instance, they’ll buy a new dog collar if their furry friend keeps misbehaving on the leash.

They’ll buy vitamins to get rid of those annoying joint paints. 

They’ll buy a book to banish their ignorance on a top they want to know about.

The list runs on.

But here’s a truth many marketers forget: people have many different pains, and they’re categorized by importance. 

So with lesser pains, there’s a chance they’ll forget these and put them on the backburner to think of later.

Your job is to make them remember. 

Make your audience feel that pain more deeply. Aggravate it with your words. Remind them that they want to get rid of it. 

When you do, your audience will be more open to embracing your solution (the product or service you’re promoting).

Here’s an example of pain-inducing writing: 

6 Affiliate Marketing Tips to Help You Earn More Money Well placed writing

Source: enchantingmarketing.com 

  1. Put Effort into Video

Did you know: the demand for video content is increasing year by year?

In fact, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from brands.

video content

Source: oberlo.com

What this means for you: creating stellar video content will please your audience and keep their attention hooked. 

Affiliate Marketing Tip #5: Give Your Audience a Bonus

Pro tip: never keep your affiliate business a secret. 

Always disclose to your audience that when they buy from you, you’ll make a commission without any added expense to them.

After you’ve said this, give your audience a bonus. 

Make it impossible for them to resist buying from you. 

For instance, you can give them a discount (you can work this out with the owner of the affiliate program).

Here’s a great example:

affiliate link

Source: projectuntethered.com

Affiliate Marketing Tip #6: Create Your Own Unique Ads

Depending on the affiliate program you choose, you’ll receive a variety of ads and banners you can use to promote the company’s products or services. 

But here’s a cool tip: you don’t have to stop there. 


Instead, you can create your own unique ads. 

Figure out a formula that you think your audience will love. Experiment. Rotate your ads, and find out which ones work best. 

With a combination of your own (and the company’s) ads and banners, you’ll find yourself making more money in a shorter amount of time. 

Affiliate Marketing Tips: Take Your Brand to the Next Level by Transcending the Mediocre

Not all affiliate marketers are created equal.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again.

Sure, everyone starts the same.

We all need a website, a niche, and a handful of good affiliate programs. 

But that’s where the similarities end. 

In time, some will slowly hit the dust and fade out, forgotten forever by the people they tried to scam.

Some will remain in the murky middle earth forever, stuck with making a trickle of sales but unable to scale to the next level and truly call themselves “a success.”

And others…

…others will stand out. 

They’ll rise above all the rest. Set the stage for the next generation of affiliate marketers to follow. Earn so much that they can quit their jobs, travel the world, and live life to the fullest. 

Let me tell you something: this can be you.

You can be the next success they write about in Entrepreneur, Forbes, or some other flashy magazine. 

You can be the next rising star in affiliate marketing. 

All you need?

Passion, dedication, empathy…and the affiliate marketing tips I listed above. 

Trust me, it’s 100% possible. 


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