September 5, 2022

Feel that ClickBank isn’t exactly living up to your needs?

I hear you.

There are tons of affiliate marketers out there who complain that ClickBank “isn’t what it used to be.”

So you’re not alone.

But don’t worry.

There are awesome alternatives to ClickBank you can select from…

…some of which totally outrank it when it comes to variety and commission rates. 

In this article, I’ve compiled the top 10 for 2023. 


This won’t be a useless list of 100 low-quality alternatives to ClickBank (95 of which you probably won’t use).

This is only the goodies. 

So, ready?

Let’s dive in. 

ClickBank Alternatives for 2023

Here are the best alternatives to ClickBank:

  1. JVZoo

  2. Rakuten Advertising

  3. CJ (Commision Junction)

  4. Skillshare

  5. Market Health

  6. Avangate Affiliate Network

  7. PeerFly

  8. EBay

  9. ShareASale

  10. Amazon Associates

Let’s take a closer look at each one! 

ClickBank Alternative #1: JVZoo



JVZoo is all about selling digital products. 

In this, it’s quite similar to ClickBank.  

Here’s where the difference shows:

  • It’s more beginner-friendly. At JVZoo, it isn’t as hard to get accepted as with other ClickBank alternatives. Plus, once you’re in, you’ll have a ton of materials you can use to help you to an effortless start. 

  • Instant payouts. The moment you make a sale, you get a payout. Yup! No waiting around for weeks or even months for your commissions to make it to your account. 

  • More focused on making money online and online businesses. If these are your thing, you’ll shine with JVZoo.

Another thing to love about JVZoo is their commission rates. 

Many of their products pay up to 50% in commissions. 

And because these products typically cost $97, you’ll get around $45 per referral.

Not bad, right? 

ClickBank Alternative #2: Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten Advertising


Interested in promoting physical products?

Rakuten Advertising, formerly Linkshare, is here for you.

But physical vs. digital products isn’t the only area where Rakuten differs from ClickBank.

Others include: 

  • Great physical product brands. Interested in promoting famous brands such as Vans, Ray-Ban, and Leggo? (I mean, the more well-known the brand, the more trusted it is, right?) If you’re nodding your head excitedly right now, Rakuten is obviously for you.

  • 1,000+ physical products to promote. Rakuten has a huge store of physical products to promote compared to ClickBank. In fact, you can choose from over 1,000 selections, many of which are well-known brands. 

  • More difficult to get in. While other affiliate platforms focus on the quantity of the affiliate marketers they have, Rakuten is all about quality. Which means, if your website doesn’t have any high-quality traffic numbers worth mentioning, your application will probably get rejected. So before applying, make sure you have an awesome website with some decent traffic flowing in each month. 

  • Longer payouts. If you’re used to ClickBank’s bi-monthly payouts, I’m guessing you won’t absolutely love Rakuten’s once-every-two-months payouts. Or who knows? You might actually like it, if you’re the kind of person who’d rather receive payments in bulk. 

Another thing to note is that Rakuten isn’t as saturated as ClickBank (or Amazon Associates, for that matter).

Maybe that’s because it’s harder to join than other affiliate platforms?

Or maybe it’s just overlooked because too many affiliate marketers are chasing small, easy profits?

We don’t know.

Either way, less saturation is always a good thing. 

Clickbank Alternative #3: CJ (Commission Junction) Affiliate) 



CJ Affiliate has been around for a long time. 

I bet you’ve already heard of it one way or another. 

But should you sign up for it?

How is it different from ClickBank?

Here are three differences that stand out: 

  • It’s a small platform with premium brands. Yup. No more sifting through a long list of brands, some great and some junky. With CJ Affiliate, you’ll have access to special, exclusive offers from brands like Apple and Home Depot. 

  • The application process isn’t as simple. Thought applying for ClickBank was easy? It won’t be the same with CJ Affiliate. That’s because although the platform isn’t strict about how much traffic your site is getting, it’ll still go for affiliates with at least a high-quality, established site. Plus, once you’re inside the platform, you’ll still have to apply to the separate programs (brands) inside. Is it worth it? YES. Because premium brands = a higher conversion rate, right?

  • You’ll earn less commission. Yup, that’s the downside. With CJ Affiliate, you won’t be earning 50% of all sales you make. 5-10% is more like it. However, you can make up for this if your site gets a lot of traffic. Since you’re promoting exclusive offers from beloved premium brands, your high conversion rates will make even a 5% commission rate worthwhile.

 Another thing to note: CJ Affiliate offers both physical and digital products.

Clickbank Alternative #4: Skillshare



Think your audience has a thing for upgrading their skills? 

They’ll love the programs in Skillshare.

Skillshare has over 30,000 products, ranging widely from how to sing to how to start up your own online business.

Plus, it has a warm community feel to it, something that Udemy misses.

So, how are Skillshare and ClickBank different?

Here are two reasons. 

  • Skillshare is all about courses. Which is great, if your audience is the type that loves improvement. 

  • Skillshare is subscription-based instead of product-based. Ok, so this is the downside. When you make a referral, it’s for a $16/month subscription plan, which gives people access to all the courses inside the platform. This means you’ll only get a maximum of $7 per referral. (However, like all affordable programs, this can work the other way around. Because the more value you give your audience, the more of them will want to convert, right?)

OK, so Skillshare is great. 

It’s great for your audience, so it’s great for you.

But here’s some advice: 

Use Skillshare beside other affiliate platforms instead of your be-all, do-all.

You can make a nice side income from it, but I don’t think $7 per referral is enough to replace your main income. 

ClickBank Alternative #5: Market Health

Market Health


If your focus in affiliate marketing is on health and beauty…

…you shouldn’t miss out on Market Health.

Market Health is just like ClickBank, but it’s solely focused on physical health and beauty products. 

So, why should you go to Market Health, especially if you’re already using ClickBank?

Here are two reasons why: 

  • It’s stocked with premium health products and exclusive deals. Sure, ClickBank has a large stock of health products as well. But if you want to go really handpicked and premium, go to Market Health.

  • It has a closely-monitored application process (but also better support). Applying to Market Health can be rigorous, and you’ll probably have to wait 24 hours or more to see if you’ve been approved. However, it’s worth it! Once you're in, you’ll get a support system like no other. For example, if you have a ton of traffic, you can negotiate to get higher commission rates on each referral. Take that for support! 

If your audience is full of health enthusiasts, you shouldn’t even hesitate before making an application to Market Health. 

ClickBank Alternative #6: Avangate Affiliate Network

avangate affiliate network


Ok, so Avangate Affiliate Network is similar to ClickBank in that they focus mostly on software offers. 

But there are a few differences to take note of:

  • Avantage Affiliate Network features niched down offers. This means you’ll be able to tap into everything from payment processing to anti-virus software. Great if you’re looking for diversity in software products to promote to your audience. 

  • Avantage Affiliate Network is somewhat overlooked by affiliate marketers. Yep, almost everyone is on ClickBank. This means there are a ton of untapped offers waiting for you at Avantage. 

  • Avantage Affiliate Network offers (some) products with larger commissions than ClickBank. That’s right! Since they offer really niched down products, you can expect bigger cuts on your part for every referral you make.

So, once again, Avantage is similar to ClickBank…

…but smaller and more niched down. 

If you’re looking for something that’s not overly saturated with other marketers, this is the platform for you. 

Clickbank Alternative #7: PeerFly



Looking to promote CPA (cost-for-action) offers? 

You know, the kind where you’re paid for actions instead of sales.  

Big yes?

You’ll love PeerFly, which focuses mainly on these types of offers.

Sure, they also have a few CPS (cost-per-sale) offers, if you want to mix and match.

But they’re mostly CPA, which makes them entirely different from ClickBank.

Plus, here are other differences that make them stand apart:

  • Physical products. While ClickBank offers mostly digital products, Peerfly has a mixture of both digital and physical offers. You can work with fashion, health, and eCommerce products, as well as some B2B offers. 

  • Less low-quality offers to sift through. PeerFly is a respected platform with sky-high reviews. It’s also smaller, with a focus on high-quality offers. This means you won’t waste time with the low-quality stuff your audience will dislike. 

  • Harder to get in. Ok, so what did you expect from a platform with great reviews and products? It’s harder to get in. Of course. PeerFly is strict with their advertisers and partners. But if you’re an experienced affiliate marketer, you’ll be one of the lucky ones who get to work with them.

My advice: don’t apply for PeerFly if you aren’t confident with your website and traffic. 

But if you are, go ahead and give it a shot! 

ClickBank Alternative #8: EBay

ebay partner network


Ok, so you’ve definitely heard about eBay.

But maybe you’re scratching your head right now.

“Isn’t eBay the place to buy second-hand items?”

The surprising answer: 80% of eBays products are actually brand new!

And they have affiliate offers too, a wide range that spans everything from health supplements to digital courses. (Whaaat!)


Is eBay the best affiliate marketing network?


The truth is, there are a lot of pirated items on the platform, and you’ll have to weed through those to get the best offers.

But it’s not all bad.

For instance, you’ll get tons of choices with eBay (it has over 1.3 billion listings!). 

ClickBank Alternative #9: ShareASale



ShareASale is a huge affiliate platform with tons of different offers to choose from.

In that, they’re similar to ClickBank.

But they’re also different in other ways.

For instance: 

  • They have a lot of physical product offers to choose from. And these vary widely, from fashion to home and garden products. (That doesn’t mean they don’t have a ton of digital product offers, however! Because they do.) 

  • They’re strict on performance. Referrals falling below your normal rate? You can get kicked out of ShareASale. It’s not like ClickBank where you can basically stay forever. Plus, you might not even be warned of your impending banishment from the platform. 

My advice is to use ShareASale hand-in-hand with ClickBank.

That way, you have a nice pool of both digital and physical products to choose from. 

ClickBank Alternative #10: Amazon Associates 



Amazon Associates is one of the largest affiliate marketing platforms out there.

It has millions of products and programs (you literally just have to think of something, and it’s sure to be on Amazon).

So, Amazon vs. ClickBank?

Here are some differences to note:

  • Amazon has a wide range of physical products. Affiliate marketers have built whole sites around these products. Amazon literally has any product you can dream of in its gigantic arsenal. 
  • Amazon’s commission rates aren’t that huge. Unlike ClickBank, you won’t be making 50% of any sale on Amazon Associates. (Think more like 4-5%.) Still, that’s not always a bad thing. Because Amazon is a trusted platform, its high conversion rates mean you can still make a nice income through it.   
  • Amazon is known for its unexplained banning of accounts. One day you’re in Amazon, the next you’re kicked out. And you don’t even know why. Even high-earning affiliates have gone through this. Be warned.

Never been an Amazon Associate before?

If you’re used to ClickBank, get ready for a new experience (and entirely new types of products to promote). 

Ready to Pick Your Alternatives to ClickBank?

So, you’re unhappy with ClickBank for some reason.

That doesn’t mean you need to put your affiliate marketing dreams on hold. 

Because the truth is, there are tons of ClickBank alternatives for you to choose from.

And some of them have better offers, a higher-quality platform, and much more!

So, go ahead.

Go back over the ClickBank alternatives I listed above, and choose the ones that seem interesting to you.

Then, visit their sites and make your final selections. 

You’ll be surprised at how easy it’ll be for you to replace ClickBank. 

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