August 26, 2022

The jewelry affiliate market is FULL of opportunities and a great place to grow your income. 

The global jewelry industry accumulated revenue of over $323 billion in 2020, and is expected to surpass over $480 billion in five years.

There are so many opportunities in the business, including watches, bags, and luggage, aside from jewelries.

That’s why if you’re thinking of starting a jewelry affiliate site, what are you waiting for?

Here are 15 of the best jewelry affiliate programs to get you excited. 

Let’s jump right in!

15 Jewelry Affiliate Programs to Earn Good Payouts

Here are the 15 best jewelry affiliate programs where you can grow your money in a lot of ways!

1. Amazon Associates Affiliate Program


Cookie window: 24 hours

Commissions: 4% on jewelry

We all know what Amazon is. 

And that’s one of the reasons why their affiliate program is so dependable. 

Even though the commissions aren’t great, their turnover rate is VERY high. People trust Amazon, and are very willing to buy from them. 

Nowadays, Amazon sells over 360 million products, with over 70,000 in the jewelry category.

This category includes various products from bracelets, watches, and a lot more.

Amazon is a trusted brand that is a great place for potential affiliates to partner with. Amazon Associates, their affiliate program, offers a 4% commission on jewelry sales.

But a bit of a downside is their cookie window, which only lasts for 24 hours. This cookie window is the shortest period on this list.

Better make sure that you have highly qualified traffic referrals.

2. Blue Nile Affiliate Program


Cookie window: 30 days

Commissions: 5%

The Blue Nile was one of the first jewelry companies to venture into online selling in 1999.

They are a reputable brand known for selling the finest cut diamonds.

Furthermore, they have sold more than 150,000 loose high-quality diamonds, engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, to name a few.

To make up for the high price point of their products, Blue Nile offers free shipping and a 30-day return policy. 

Affiliates can earn a 5% commission on jewelry orders. However, this is calculated on the first $7,500 of any individual order. 

You may earn $375 on a single sale.

On the other hand, when customers call to place an order, Blue Nile’s cookie tracking system also rewards you phone sales, which is a great bonus.

3. Etsy Affiliate Program


Cookie window: 30 days

Commissions:  4%

If you’re into handmade jewelry, Etsy is the go-to global marketplace.

This platform is perfect for independent creatives and small businesses. They have sold millions of products such as low-cost fashion jewelry and even high-end jewelry.

On the other hand, handcrafted products are increasingly popular nowadays. Product designs lean more towards the artist’s creativity. So there are hundreds of products that cater to everyone.

Over 4 million active sellers are on the Etsy platform, which gives you a variety of products to recommend.

Users are free to pick and choose which products they like, as Etsy is more of an online marketplace than a retailer.

Etsy’s affiliate program offers a 4% commission on all sales. 

The commission rate isn’t that stellar, but they do provide a reasonable 30-day cookie window.

4. Zales Affiliate Program


Cookie window: 7 days

Commissions: 6%

Zales is the perfect business if you’re looking for a jewelry business with a niche in weddings.

Founded in 1924, Zales is a long-time jewelry and diamond store that offers high-quality jewelry at lower prices.

They started their first shop in Wichita Falls and sold appliances, cookware, and cameras.

Over 100 years in business and more than 1,7000 stores, they are the go-to company that comes to mind when it comes to wedding jewelry.

They have built a reputation for providing excellent customer service, as well as high-quality guarantees and fair prices on their jewelry.

Becoming an affiliate can earn you a 6% commission on all sales with a 7-day cookie window.

5. Rockford Collection Affiliate Program


Cookie window: 30 days

Commissions: 10%

Heading over to another retailer specializing in wedding jewelry, particularly for men, Rockford Collection might be up your alley.

As the jewelry industry usually caters to women, Rockford Collection is perfect for the target male audience.

This men’s jewelry company is based in New York. But they ship to the US, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Australia.

Perfectly crafted and 100% natural diamonds, gold, and platinum are available in Rockford’s extravagant 80-piece ring collection.

Purchases come with free shipping in the US, a lifetime warranty, complimentary gift packaging, and a 14-day money-back guarantee policy.

Affiliates can earn a reasonable 10% commission per sale and a 30-day cookie window.

6. Stella & Dot Affiliate Program


Cookie window: 30 days

Commissions: 12% (new customers), 5% (returning customers); $100 for referring new Independent Ambassadors

Stella & Dot prides itself on promoting women empowerment as they are a company built by women for women. 

They focus on recruiting independent ambassadors for them to sell their variety of products.

Stella & Dot are featured in renowned publications such as Marie Claire, the New York Times, and Teen Vogue, to name a few. 

As a fashion jewelry and apparel retailer, they make sure their products are crafted with care and excellence. 

Aside from selling boutique-style jewelry and accessories, Stella & Dot also offers skincare and beauty products from Ever Skincare. These products are exclusively available on their website.

They have various opportunities for affiliates to earn.

Affiliates can generate a 12% commission for new customers and 5% for returning customers.

They also pay $100 for referring new independent ambassadors. 

7. Kobelli Affiliate Program


Cookie window: 7 days

Commissions: 8% to 10%

Kobelli is a family-owned business that imports diamonds and manufactures fine jewelry.

Starting out making products for brick-and-mortar retailers, they were founded in 1980 and are based in downtown Los Angeles, California.

Since then, they have entered the direct-to-consumer business industry and have sold various jewelry products.

On all of their products, they offer free shipping and a hassle-free 30-day return policy to their customers.

You can earn a hefty 8% to 10% commission on every sale made through the Impact Radius affiliate platform.

Kobelli has an average $1000+ order value, providing a very good turnout for affiliates.

8. LilyFair Affiliate Program


Cookie window: 30 days

Commissions: 15%

For the past 20 years, LilyFair has worked with the finest designers from China to craft high-quality luxury jewelry.

They have served over 5,000 customers and won 146 industry awards throughout the years.

Aside from selling directly to customers, LilyFair also buys for several clients such as renowned fashion brands, celebrities, and boutiques.

With new product launches every day, there are a lot of opportunities to reach more audiences with their products.

When you become an affiliate for LilyFair, you can earn a 15% commission on all sales.

This company is actually one of the highest paying rates among other jewelry affiliate programs.

9. Angara Affiliate Program


Cookie window: 30 days

Commissions: 5% to 10%

A leader in the gemstone industry, Angara started only as suppliers. But they decided to take a step further and ventured into retail in 2005. 

Branding themselves as “the gemstone destination,” Angara has over 7,000 jewelry products ranging from earrings, necklaces, and engagement rings.

They specialize in crafting fine gemstones such as emeralds, rubies, sapphires, tanzanites, and diamonds.

Their primary target market is customers from the US, but as they continued with their success, they opened branches worldwide. 

Customers are also able to design their jewelry through Angara’s website.

Angara has been featured in major news outlets such as CNN, Fox, and Newsweek.

Angara’s affiliates can earn 5% to 10% commission per sale, on top of the brand’s average $1,100 order value.

To provide more flexibility with their affiliate program, they also offer incentives and bonuses.

10. Yadav Jewelry Affiliate Program


Cookie window: 45 days

Commissions: 5%

For your diamond needs, another jeweler and wholesaler of diamonds is Yadav.

They are a family-run business that started in 1983 and has become trusted worldwide in crafting fine quality natural and lab-grown diamonds.

Yadav sells GIA and IGI-certified diamonds and tailor-fit engagement rings of different shapes, styles, carats, and origins.

Even with a small 5% commission, affiliates can still earn more as Yadav Jewelry is very reputable in the industry.

Making huge sales won’t be that hard.

The cookie window lasts for 45 days, so you have enough time for your visitors to check the website, make a purchase, and come back.

11. Brian Gavin Affiliate Program


Cookie window: 30 days

Commissions: up to 7%

Brain Gavin comes from a long line of diamond cutters.

Working for his family’s business at their diamond factory eventually made him get into the business of diamond selling.

Since then, he started his online retailer website that sells high-quality diamond jewelry.

The products includes bracelets, earrings, pendants, as well as diamond engagement and wedding rings.

Powered by Post Affiliate Pro, Brian Gavin’s jewelry affiliate program offers a 7% commission and a cookie window of 30 days.

12. Whiteflash Affiliate Program


Cookie window: 30 days

Commissions: up to 5%

WhiteFlash sells high-quality diamonds and designer jewelry from luxurious brands such as Verragio, Tacori, and Vatche.

They are one of the biggest in-stock inventories of certified ideal cut, round hearts and arrows, and AGS ideal princess diamonds globally. 

Their in-house team comprises diamond experts, graduate gemologists, AGS gemologists, and GIA trained diamond experts.

Also powered by Post Affiliate Pro, WhiteFlash affiliates can earn up to a 5% commission on all sales within the cookie window of 30 days.

13. Clean Origin Affiliate Program


Cookie window: 90 days

Commissions: 5%

Lab-created diamonds are Clean Origin’s specialty.

With their cutting-edge technology, the diamonds are created and grown in laboratories. Having a diamond lab allows them to easily and quickly manufacture products.

Lab-created diamonds are quite similar to the natural ones, chemically and physically speaking.

But this doesn’t compromise the diamond’s quality. 

Aside from lab-grown diamonds, Clean Origin also offers fine jewelry and engagement and wedding rings. You can also get a 100-day money-back guarantee for every purchase.

Pretty good deal!

Affiliates for Clean Origin’s jewelry program can earn a 5% commission on top of the 90-day cookie window.

This window, is by far, one of the longest on our list, which gives you a lot of time.

14. Leibish Affiliate Program


Cookie window: N/A

Commission: 1% to 7%

Another family-run business on our list is Leibish, which specializes in high-quality and natural fancy-colored diamonds and gemstones.

Leibish’s bestsellers on their website are the color diamond engagement rings. 

But they do offer more than just engagement rings. They also have various jewelry pieces such as earrings, necklaces, and pendants.

What’s interesting about Leibish is that their stones are mined in Russia, India, Australia, and Africa. But they are legal and come from conflict-free sources approved by the United Nation's resolutions.

For every purchase, they offer free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee for their customers.

Leibish provides a wide range of commission offers for their affiliates. 

It’s worth noting that the higher the orders are, the lower the commission.

  • $0-$15,000: 7% 

  • $15,001-$25,000: 5%

  • $25,001-$50,000: 3%

  • $50,001-$100,000: 2% 

  • $100,000+: 1%

But you can still expect an average of $735 on commissions, as the average order from Leibish is at $10,500.

15. Monica Vinader Affiliate Program


Cookie window: 30 days

Commission: 10% per sale

The last jewelry affiliate program on our list is Monica Vinader, a fashion and fine jewelry brand based in the UK.

Monica Vinader is a renowned brand with many celebrities and royals seen wearing their pieces.

Their friendship bracelets have become a fashion icon and have remained a popular product in the industry. But they also offer a variety of carefully curated jewelry collections such as gemstones.

Monica Vinder ensures every piece is unique with their hand-cut stones.

Affiliates can earn 10% per sale with a 30-day cookie window. Monica Vinader also provides newsletters, web content, voucher codes, promotions, and discount offers.


The jewelry industry is a wonderful place to earn money fast and easily.

This global market is packed with opportunities, creativity, and of course一the passion for jewelry-making.

We hope we’ve given you some insight into the 15 best jewelry affiliate programs to help you get started.

Choosing which affiliate program to go for depends on you preferences and needs. So choose what YOU think is the best program to be a partner and affiliate with.

Good luck!

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