May 19, 2015

So, what is the best way to learn how to sell affiliate products? This advice is centered towards those of you who are feeling completely overwhelmed about how to even get started. When you start affiliate marketing, there are so many things you need to learn such as:

  • Niche selection
  • How to create a website
  • How to select the best web host for your site (assuming you know what a web host is)
  • How to get traffic to your site
  • How to secure your site from hackers
  • Choosing the best affiliate program, product, or service to promote
  • How to advertise your website without a budget
  • Performing industry research such as supply and demand

….And on and on and on.

It’s as if, the more you research, the more you realize you have to learn, and the more unobtainable this all seems. It can be really demoralizing to feel lost in a sea of unknowns when all you wan to do is work from home SOMEHOW! Rest assured, there is a solution.

How I Personally Learned How To Sell Affiliate Products Online

Believe me, I know all too well what it feels like to try to start affiliate marketing without any clue as to how to start affiliate marketing.

Back in 2008, I was laid off from my corporate sales job where I got to make 80+ cold calls every single day. What a joy that was! When I was laid off, I was in bad shape financially. I was virtually homeless and became a truck driver. My truck became my home. My only home. I was at rock bottom and something had to give!

That’s when I discovered affiliate marketing. I knew someone personally who was pulling in a 6 figure income with an affiliate site in the truck driving industry. He teamed up with the Career Builder affiliate program, put up some Adsense ads, and BAM – he had a 6 figure business where he could set his own schedule and work from where and when he wanted.

I thought – well if HE could do it, so could I!!

I Discovered The “Guru’s” And Their Empty Promises

By now, you’ve probably seen the “affiliate marketing guru’s” and “experts” out there. Why do I put “guru’s” and “experts” in quotes? Because they aren’t affiliate marketing experts.

Here’s what happens in this industry… Groups of marketers get together and form these closed circles where they promote each others “training courses” and “services.” Only, none of these programs or services will truly help you learn how to sell affiliate products. All they really do is get you sucked into their email marketing lists where you’re bombarded with the “next great thing.”

  • “Learn step-by-step how I made $50,000 in one month!”
  • “Make a full time living with affiliate marketing without a website!”
  • “Find out how to make $1,000,000 per year with the Amazon Associates affiliate program!”
  • “How I went from $0 to $20,000 in revenue in one month with this SIMPLE strategy!”
  • Watch how I went from no visitors to over 100,000 website visitors in one month!”
  • Check out these totally legit screen shots where I made $5,000,000 last year with simple Adsense ads!”

After a while, you just start to get insulted. At least I did. It’s all the same rehashed bullshit and they always give you just enough information to keep you sucked in and motivated, without ever showing you how to truly succeed. They make a killing off of these “affiliate marketer training programs” without ever really helping anyone except those in their closed off circle of “guru’s” promoting their own overpriced crap.

If you want to see examples of this crap, head on over to the Warrior Forum and check out their WSO’s (Warrior Special Offers). There is absolutely no shortage of guru’s out there.

So, what is the answer?!? How do you know who to trust? Is there ANY reasonable place to truly learn how to sell affiliate products and services online?

YES!!! You just have to look in the right place.

Here’s The Service I Used To Learn How To Sell Affiliate Marketing Products Online – AND IT WORKED!!!

One day, after going through dozens of e-books and “training courses” on becoming an affiliate marketer, I discovered a service that quite literally changed my life. The service is called Site Build It, and they were different.

So, what makes Site Build It different? Quite a lot.

For starters, Site Build It (also called SBI) is not just a training program. Yes, they do offer a full and amazingly detailed 10 day training course which they call the Action Guide. But, here’s where SBI is different.

Not only do they teach you how to grow a real, legitimate business online, but they supply you with everything you will ever need in order to sell whatever you want online. This includes affiliate products or even your own products and services if you so choose.

Instead of telling you to set up a WordPress site over here, get hosting over there, get a keyword research tool over in this other place, get site security set up over at another place, create an email marketing account over at another service, etc., they have all of the tools INCLUDED with your membership and they have detailed instructions on how to do everything, in the order you need to learn it.

So, when you go through their training program, you know you’re not going to be up-sold on anything and you actually build your business as you learn. PLUS, everything they teach you through video and written instructions is already included in your account. There’s nothing more to buy and no new accounts to set up with any other service. 100% of everything you need is “in-house” and that’s one of the biggest differences. The money they’ve poured into their services is unmatched by any “guru” out there.

From niche research and competition analysis to registering a domain, having your site hosted, backups and site security, a drag and drop site builder, 24/7 customer support, and everything else is all in one place and they have detailed instructions on how to use everything.

What Were My Results? How Long Until I Succeeded?

Keep in mind, I was an over-the-road truck driver and had zero experience building websites when I first started with SBI. I was quite literally starting from scratch.

Now, this is where most people tell you about how they became a millionaire in 2 weeks. Of course, most of us know that a legitimate business does take some time and effort. An online business is no exception, despite what the “guru’s” will promise you.

SBI never promises you will get rich quick. In fact, their mascot is a turtle and they let people know up front that this is a business building program, not some get-rich-quick pipe dream. Legit business doesn’t happen overnight.

So, while going through their training and simultaneously growing my business at the same time, it took a solid 6 months before I ever saw any income at all. That’s the hard truth and that’s a long time to be putting in time and effort with no financial return.

With that said, after 11 months of being with SBI, I quit my job as a truck driver because my online income exceeded by truck driving income. This year (2015), my income is projected to exceed $200k, which is a little better than last year. Every year my income rises, it’s just incredible.

As someone who grew up with learning disabilities and did very poorly in school my entire life (I was actually held back in the first grade and barely graduated high school), I never imagined I would be among the top 5% of income earners in the United States. I don’t take a single day for granted.

Oh, and since I can earn my living from anywhere and work my own schedule, I now cruise around North America in a kick butt RV while I work from the road and travel at will. As I write this, I’m sitting in beautiful Alpine, California. It took some time and effort, but this really is the dream life and I’ve never been more free or happier in my life.

Check out what SBI is all about here. If it resonates with you, great! Get started! If not, no big deal. There are multiple ways to achieves success and learn to to sell affiliate products online. Site Build It is simply the option that worked for me and I wanted to share my story.

The main thing is to just start. In 1 year, you will be one year older. That’s guaranteed. But will you be a successful affiliate marketer? The only chance of that is if you actually START.

Whatever path you decide to take, best of luck and NEVER give up! You CAN do this!!

As you ponder this, I’ll leave you with my favorite quote…

“Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right.’ Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.”

– George Herbert

The Best Way To Learn How To Sell Affiliate Products
Article Name
The Best Way To Learn How To Sell Affiliate Products
So, what is the best way to learn how to sell affiliate products online? There is no shortage of scammy "guru's" & "experts" out there, so who do you trust?

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