February 20, 2022

Everyone is going to have a different approach to running their online business, so there isn’t exactly one WordPress host that is the best for everyone. After all, the needs of a blogging or YouTube video celebrity are very different from someone that is working as a freelance graphic designer or affiliate marketer.

So, the first thing you need to do is determine how the Internet is going to play a role in your business. For some people, the most important thing will be attracting visitors and engaging them with self-created content. In this regard, the Internet is primarily a marketing tool for you, and the goal is to get a large audience to pay attention to you. It’s the number of visitors you have and your conversion rates that will determine your level of success. For people with these needs, the best WordPress hosting company will provide all the tools they need to keep their website running fast and secure.

Since this site mostly focuses on affiliate marketing, this is the type of business I will be focusing on when determining the best WordPress hosting company.

The WordPress Hosting Company I Personally Use

what-is-the-best-wordpress-hosting-companyYou’ll need to start compiling a list of possible candidates for the service that will be the best WordPress hosting company for you. I always recommend people put WPengine on that list while also considering all the alternatives. It’s a good baseline with which to compare what you want versus what is being offered, and what other companies are offering.

I like this company and have used it as my best WordPress hosting company because it meets so many of my needs. I’ve been able to scale my business with them and now have over 20 websites hosted with WPengine. I’ve recommended it to people I know, as well as others who’ve asked, especially if they’re thinking of branching into other business types such as e-commerce or selling your own product or service. Here are the reasons why I think for many different online business, WPengine is a good point of reference when looking for the best WordPress hosting company.

The Best Technology

WPengine remains on the cutting edge of online advances, as well as keeping up with the changes on WordPress itself. While they aren’t the cheapest WordPress host around, you also get the best in return for the price. I think that’s important for any service that wants to hold the title of best WordPress hosting company. WordPress itself, like so many other platforms, such as the operating system on your computing device, isn’t static. There are always new changes, new evolutions, new features added, or even redundant features being taken away.

WPengine keeps up with all of this, and, more importantly, they can automatically apply those changes painlessly to their clients. It means that you don’t have to worry about making sure that you’re using the latest version of WordPress, you’ll get it automatically updated to any website you have with WPengine.

Responsive Connections

We now live in a world where many things—especially data—are on demand, and we expect responsiveness when we make a demand. That means that the best WordPress hosting company should be able to meet this expectation for both clients and the customers or visitors that clients are trying to engage with. The last thing you or anyone tolerates in the modern, online age is a web page that takes too long to load. That can mean the difference between making a sale, and losing a customer to an irritated visitor with plenty of options, who only needs the tiniest excuse to look elsewhere.

WPengine makes sure that when people visit your website, they get what they want fast. A responsive connection means people will stay on your page longer, and they’re more likely to check out more content, since they know they can get it fast. You can even get complete information on just how responsive your web pages are, and the amount of time visitors are spending there, which are great metrics that you can use when planning your marketing and web strategy.

Great Security

The other thing that WPengine does exceptionally well is security. In my opinion, this is a major factor for any company that wants to call itself the best WordPress hosting company. You don’t want your website hacked. You don’t want to lose control of your data. On the other hand, you also don’t want your website to have valuable client information stolen and sold on the black market. You really don’t want your website to be tagged as forcing illegal downloads of viruses and other malware to visitors.

This is one area where I feel WPengine really is a contender for best WordPress hosting company. They have what they refer to as Enterprise Grade security. That means their defense against hacking and intrusion is robust enough that high powered companies can trust it. However, their Enterprise Grade security extends to every client, not just the companies with all the money. So even if you’re an affiliate marketer that’s just starting out, you get the same level of security and peace of mind as the business man handling a lot of transactions.

There are a lot of reasons why I think WPengine might be the best WordPress hosting company for what you need. But you can see for yourself!

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