February 20, 2022

Those of you who check this blog frequently may have noticed I haven’t posted anything in about a week. I just had one of the best vacations of my life and guess what? My business didn’t skip a beat while I was gone. I’m not saying this to brag, rather, I’m saying this to re-assert how phenomenal the affiliate marketing lifestyle is. This is what so many of you are working towards, and I want you to know, the lifestyle you want DOES exist.

A friend of mine from San Francisco called me and said, “hey, the wife is going out of town. Let’s have a guys weekend!” There were going to be 3 of us total. Both of the guys I was meeting with are old high school buddies.

As many of you know, I currently travel the country in my 31ft travel trailer, but I just so happen to be in San Diego at the moment. So, I decided to take a week off. I’d rent a nice convertible, swing my Yosemite National Park, meet with the guys for the weekend, then drive down scenic Route 1 all the way from San Francisco back down to San Diego. The picture above is the rental car I got as I was driving through Yosemite.

What a freaking amazing trip it was. And better yet? I made money every single day even though I didn’t touch my laptop one time.

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Taking A Vacation Is Not Easy

Here’s the thing about my job… I love it. I actually can’t stand being away from the computer for more than a few hours at a time. This is why I always tell people to only get involved with affiliate marketing if it is truly a passion for them. If you’re passionate about your business, you actually need to force yourself to take a vacation. Working on your business is like being paid to do the thing you love most when you AREN’T working. Sure, maybe I’m a workaholic and maybe it’s not healthy to never want to leave your job, but I’m happy so I don’t really worry about it.

The point is, even though I travel constantly with my truck and trailer, I hardly ever take a single day off. I’m just obsessed with my business and being away from my obsession stresses me out. On this occasion, however, I felt ready. I was excited for my trip.

Preparing The Business For My Week Long Vacation

This is what it’s all about, right? Being able to work whenever I want? Allowing myself to take time off while my business runs itself? Isn’t this the freedom I was after when I first started affiliate marketing? Absolutely. But in order to enjoy my vacation fully, I had to be certain I could just relax and not worry about my business.

While I didn’t keep this blog updated, I have many other sites and blogs that I need to have fresh content on daily, or at a bare minimum, every other day. Fortunately, most of the content on those sites are written by freelance writers that I’ve hired on Constant-Content.com. I simply had them write the necessary articles and scheduled the posts which you can do with any WordPress site.

Essentially, the sites would just update themselves daily as if I was physically on my computer doing it. I did the same thing with social media posts and emails to my email subscribers. It was all scheduled ahead of time. Fresh content, fresh social media posts, and fresh emails would go out every day while I was on vacation, without me doing a thing. How’s THAT for peace of mind!

What Happened While I Was Gone?

So, with everything being scheduled to run all on its own, that was it. I closed my laptop vowing not to open it unless there was a legit emergency. That emergency never came.

Just like they say, my sites continued to update, get traffic, make me money, and spread knowledge to thousands of people every day, just like normal. Even sites I didn’t have scheduled posts for, like this one, saw an increase in traffic and earnings while I was on vacation.

I’m not real big into disclosing my exact income, but let me tell you this. I was cruising around in a rented Chevy Camaro convertible (and paying for the gas), stayed in a couple nice hotels, ate at amazing restaurants that were more than $100 / plate, went to wine tastings and tours of wineries, and I still MADE MONEY every day while I was on vacation.

The only thing I got behind on were a few emails and responding to some comments on various sites. I’m all caught up on that now and it’s as if I never left.

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The Affiliate Marketer Lifestyle Is Real

A lot of people tell me I should sell my own products and services because I can make much more money. But you know what? My service is advertising. I build amazing websites that people love. This makes them valuable to advertisers who pay me very well to sell their products or services for a percentage commission. That’s my “product”.

Sure, I could probably make much more if I sold my own affiliate marketer training courses instead of passing them off to my affiliate partners like Affilorama.com. But people are missing the point…

The reason affiliate marketing is so great is because I don’t have to be there for the day to day operations. I don’t have to worry about customer service, payment processors, managing employees, shipping products, responding to customer inquiries, or anything like that.

As an affiliate marketer, I could leave right now after writing this sentence and you would never know. Heck, maybe I just did leave. Point is, you don’t know, and that’s what’s so magical about affiliate marketing. You aren’t attached to it. Not only can you work from anywhere with an internet connection, but even without an internet connection, your business is still going to run all by itself.

So, maybe selling your own products and services is the ultimate goal, but I have to be honest with you… I have no desire to do that. I really enjoy the freedom that comes along with an affiliate marketing lifestyle. If push comes to shove I can always create my own products or services in the future. I’ve already created fantastic platforms to promote them on. But for now, I’m going to enjoy my freedom.

I really hope this post isn’t coming off the wrong way. My intent is to help inspire those of you who are working towards this type of lifestyle. I want you to see that it really is possible for regular people. I was a terrible student and didn’t know a thing about affiliate marketing or building websites when I first started, but here I am. It sounds so cliche, but if I can do it, there’s no reason you can’t (if you want it badly enough).

Never give up on your dream to earn a full time income online. It is possible and it’s just as good as you’re imagining it will be.

My Business Runs Even While I'm On Vacation
Article Name
My Business Runs Even While I'm On Vacation
As an affiliate marketer, my business continues to operate even when I'm on vacation. Here's just one example of how it works when I leave for a while.

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