February 20, 2022

You’re a good writer. You have a list of topics you love to write about. You’ve set up your very own website, and you’re close to starting your online business. How exactly is the money going to start coming in?

Before you make any profits, you’ll have to pick your affiliate partners—the people or company whose products you’re going to promote on your website. These are the people who’ll pay you a commission when your recommendation leads to a sale.

This is a decision you’ll want to think about and research thoroughly. Your affiliate company will play a big role in helping get your online business off the ground. From paying your commissions to determining what products you recommend, you want to partner with a company you’re comfortable with.

Keep in mind that your name and reputation will be associated with this company and their products. Taking the time to get to know who you’re doing business with will make your job much easier in the long run. You’ll have more confidence in how your commissions are paid, and have a better feel for the products you’ll be promoting on your website.

1. Look for a healthy market

A thriving market will bring the great affiliate partners into view. Your job is to find affiliate partners who are in your niche. If you find a search term and see there are several partners associated with that term, you’re in good shape. That means there’s a good market for your niche, and affiliate partners will be looking for more affiliate marketers to work with.

2. See who else is working with them

Making sure your affiliate partners are a good fit for you starts with seeing who else is working with them. You’ll want to see if they’re working with website owners in the same niche as you, and see how successful those sites are.

This will help you see what kind of competition you’re up against. If you were thinking of diving into the world of affiliate marketing with only one fad topic to keep you afloat, you may want to think again. Seeing who else your affiliate partners are working with can help you determine if a niche is thriving, or if it can barely support the website owners already involved.

3. Find out the commission rates

It’s safe to assume you’re starting an online business because you’d like to make a profit. Finding out the commission rates lets you know what sort of profit you’re looking at. If you’re recommending products, you should get a percentage of any sales you help make. 4 to 10 percent is usually a fair range.

If you’re compensated based on completed actions, you should aim for $1 per transaction. This is called a cost-per-action program, or CPA. In CPAs, your affiliate partner pays you every time someone clicks one of your affiliated links and then completes an action. Actions can be form submissions, signing up for a newsletter, getting a free quote, or completing a registration. If a reader of your website clicks your affiliated link and completes an action, you get your commission.

4. Would you use this product?

It’s easier to promote affiliate companies you’re familiar with, as you’ll be more familiar with products you really use. You don’t need to limit yourself to only products you’re familiar with in the long run, but it’ll certainly help when you’re just starting out. You’ll also be able to build up your reputation as an honest blogger.

Along with honesty, you can work on your gentle sales skills. Because affiliate marketing relies on honest promotion rather than straight selling, you don’t want forcefully try to sell an item. Starting with products you know lets you ease into the market and develop an authentic way to mention your affiliate partners and their products, without sounding like you’re just trying to make a quick sale.

5. There may be more than one affiliate partner who fits your needs…

You may find that there are a few different affiliates who are a good fit for you. Feel free to work with them! You aren’t limited to just one affiliate partner, especially if you find a range of products that fit within your niche. Working with multiple affiliate partners helps diversify your content, so you always have something fresh to talk about.

6. …But don’t take on too many

Just be sure you don’t take on too much too soon. Dealing with too many affiliate partners can quickly become unmanageable, especially if you’re just starting an online business. You also want to steer clear of seeming inauthentic or squeezing too many product promotions into one article. As we mentioned earlier, having a reputation as a reputable and authentic affiliate marketer is key to your success, so don’t do anything to jeopardize your good name.

Do you have your affiliate partners picked out?

Staring an online business takes time, dedication, and research. You know you need to build up your reputation and find your niche, but it’s just as important to work with the right affiliate partner. This partner determines how much commission you’ll make and what products you’ll be promoting—two vital parts of your business. It’s important to do your research and pick partners who will help you thrive in your chosen niche.

So, are you ready to get started? Start looking for your future affiliate partners today!

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