February 20, 2022

You know that great feeling when you start something new? You’re motivated, you feel awesome, and you know your future is bright. “This is going to WORK!” you say. “I just have to give it everything I’ve got and KNOW I’ll succeed!”

Well, too frequently, that feeling is neutralized by an emotion that can only be described as “deflating”. All that positive energy, all that motivation, all that bright outlook for the future gets ruined.

The reason? Well, there’s no shortage of those. For some it’s finances, for others it’s time constraints… whatever. There’s always something.

Well, recently I had this deflating feeling and turned it into a positive. I hope this will provide at least a sliver of hope and motivation to just one person who is feeling down right now.

That Deflating Feeling When You
That Deflating Feeling When You

Every entrepreneur has had that deflating feeling. At one time, you thought you found a new path to success. This is about the moment you have to give up.

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