February 20, 2022

We’ve all been on that blog site where the writer has put ads all over the page. It is so annoying that you don’t even want to stick around and see what they have to say. They might be the best writer in the world, but the fact that there are so many of these ads all over the page drives the reader nuts and sends them running the other direction. Advertising for bloggers is not the way to bring traffic to your site. And those ads only pay tiny amounts of money.

It really isn’t worth having them clog up your site for the small amount of money that you MIGHT earn from accidental clicks. Instead, create a solid program that will make you money for sure.

Have To Have Tons Of Traffic

In order to make money with ads, you have to have a TON of traffic coming into your site. Each click on one of those ads earns you a tiny amount of money. When it all adds up you might be lucky enough to pay your Netflix bill for the month. But that is only if you have a ton of people coming to your site every single day and clicking on the ads. You can never ensure that thousands of people are going to click on your ads each and every day. It just isn’t practical. While we all want the goal to be getting tons of traffic to our site all the time, you still can’t guarantee that everyone who lands on your site will click on the ads in order to generate income for you. It is better to have another plan in place that will generate more revenue.

Can’t Pick Your Ads

If you are trying to interest readers in a particular topic and the first thing that they see on your page is an advertisement for something that is completely unrelated or that contradicts the thing you are trying to write about, chances are that they are going to be completely turned off by what you have to offer. The first view of a blog is very important and will continue to draw your readers into what you have to offer. If your page is flooded by irrelevant ads, they are going to think twice about the message that you are trying to send out. And the fact that you usually just sign up with a company and they don’t allow you to pick which ads you put on your site makes it even worse. If you are going to advertise, pick one that offers ads that are related to what you are talking about in your blog posts. Keep it relevant if you can and keep your readers interested.

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People Associate Too Many Ads With Sleaze

People sometimes associate too many ads with a sleazy website. You want to be conveying the opposite to your readers. You want to be giving them a reason to trust you and a reason to come back to your site in the future. A good relationship with readers is hard to accomplish and needs to be handled with care. If you have an onslaught of ads when they first open up the page, they will be less likely to dig through to find the good content that you have buried on your page. People like easy, and they will keep coming back to easy. Also, a whole bunch of ads on your site just scream that you are trying t push them into buying things. The whole point of affiliate marketing is to be subtle with your sales technique and not push it in their faces. The links included in your content give people a place to click if they are interested in a product, not have it thrown in their faces every step of the way. Too many ads is just a big turn off and there is no way to get around it, even if your intentions are good.

Get A New Strategy

If you’ve been trying to use ads as your main source for monetizing your blog, it might be time to try something new. If you are seeing minimal gains, pick a different strategy. Think about how people feel when they first get on your webpage. Is it too crazy? Is there too much stuff to dig through? Try to work on making changes that will make your ad content less blatant and help it blend into the whole framework of your site.

  • Only promote quality products. This will help your reader to trust what you are telling them and will make them want to come back again and again.
  • Look for high value products. Don’t just push the cheap garbage on your readers. Give them quality products in all different price points. It’s best if you can offer comparisons of at least 3 different products. This gives you a chance to use three different affiliate links and offer people products in three different price ranges. This makes for more people who will be willing to purchase.
  • Make sure you are advertising to the right audience. Be sure that the people you are sending out blog links to are actually interested in what you have to say and offer. Don’t waste your time on dead ends.
  • Always tell them that you are an affiliate marketer. Don’t try to cover it up. They won’t appreciate your sneaky tendencies. On the flip side, people may be more likely to come back and click through your site just to make sure that you get a piece of the sale if they enjoy your content.
  • Give some background. Review the product. Let them know why you think it is a really good purchase to make. Your readers will be more likely to want to purchase something from you if they trust your opinion and you rate the product as worth purchasing.

If you’ve been trying ads with your blog and not seeing a lot of revenue, you might want to try something new. Change up your plan and try a different way of monetizing your blog. Your readers will be happier and you will be making more money, so you will be happier too. Take your brand name seriously and don’t’ be afraid to stick with your gut feeling about how something looks. If you are looking for help with your blog, check out advice from real affiliate marketers through Affiliate Marketer Training. We’ve got tips and tricks to get you going in the business and never look back.

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