February 20, 2022

For people like me that earn an income through websites and blogs, this is a brave new world of opportunity. It makes working from home, and calling your own hours much more feasible. For people with disabilities, or even lack of access to public transport or their own automobile, it even offers a second chance to a dynamic, active part of the global economy by eliminating physical limitations and giving people a chance to shine online.

But even if you’re like me, and want to take part of this wave of modern, 21st-century global business that makes money on the Internet, that means certain compromises are necessary. I’m not a luddite, I’m a big believer in technology, and I love using my phone to stay in touch with friends and family through social media, and other digital means. But that doesn’t necessarily mean I know everything about how the Internet works, and how to establish a fast, stable connection. However, if I want to make sure that my website reaches out to customers, I need that website to always be available and always be responsive. That means I’ll be looking for the fastest WordPress Hosting, but why? I’ll explain here.



Want The Fast Answer? THIS Is The Fastest Web Hosting Service For WordPress


Why Having The Fastest WordPress Hosting Is So Importaint

When you create a website for business purposes, this is basically a combination of your business card, your business brochure, your storefront, and even your cash register all rolled into one. Moreover, it’s accessible by anyone in the world at any time. This means that how much business you do is going to be determined in large part by the ability of people to connect to your website when they go looking for you, and getting the information they want. You’ll want the fastest WordPress hosting available for this if your website—like many on the Internet—uses WordPress as the platform for website creation.

You might be able to get the fastest WordPress hosting for yourself with a bit of time and effort if you’re already technically inclined. Anybody with a lot of knowledge on both website creation and online maintenance can tweak and micro-manage the technical aspects of a website to their heart’s content. With a sufficient amount of time and expertise, a person can get themselves the fastest WordPress hosting through sheer hard work.

Of course, in the same way that not everyone is a great plumber, guitarist, or certified professional accountant, not everyone has the interest or expertise to manually get themselves the fastest WordPress hosting. However, this doesn’t mean it’s not achievable, it just means you go about it another way; by finding the experts that are already creating the fastest WordPress hosting and signing on to their service.

WPengine WordPress Hosting

Your Host Matters

what-is-the-fastest-wordpress-hostingA server host is the digital equivalent of “renting an office or retail building” on the Internet in order to run your business there. In the same way that you pay a monthly fee of rent to that business space so you can set up shop and start your work, the server is the same for your website, whether that website is there for promotional/marketing purposes, or actually conducts business transactions.

One big way that your website differs from a physical store or office, however, is in speed. When people visit an office, shop, or restaurant, they are always there, interacting with employees, checking products, and making payments in the same, physical space. With a website however, you’ll have different pages covering different areas of your business, and these pages need to replace one another as a visitor clicks through your website. The fastest WordPress hosting becomes critical at this juncture, because a slow response to a web page leaves a visitor or potential customer waiting. It’s like the restaurant equivalent of ordering your food and watching the clock count down with no service in sight.

Unfortunately, on the Internet, ALL competition is metaphorically “right next door,” which means that if a visitor is experiencing slow responsiveness on your website, waiting for pages to load, and getting impatient, you’re in trouble. There’s no absolutely no good reason for a visitor who is not getting results fast enough on your website to simply leave for a competitor that might have the fastest WordPress hosting for themselves compared to you.

Make The Right Choice

A speedy, responsive website has always been a priority for me, so I did my research. When I was looking for the fastest WordPress hosting service, WPengine was one that came up on top. I now recommend it to anyone that asks me, though of course, I encourage you to look at other alternatives, make the comparison yourself and ultimately judge what works for your needs. For me, however, WPengine is a great combination of stability and being the fastest WordPress hosting service.

That stability is important, because “uptime” is also an essential part of the web experience. If someone hears about your business and is interested, and either finds your website on a search engine, or clicks on a link referral from someone else’s website, you want to make sure they actually arrive at your website. That means your website needs to be online, available and ready to do business at any time, and uptime is a part of that. WPengine has great uptime.

Why They Are Fast

However the fastest WordPress hosting is all about the kind of technology available, and it’s here that WPengine excels. On the “back end” WPengine uses the latest in networking technology to ensure that once your website is hosted, it enjoys the fastest WordPress hosting in the industry. A complete, always updated system monitors your website and tech support ensures that if anything goes wrong, someone is there to help.

More crucially, WPengine can also help you tweak your website to enjoy the fastest WordPress hosting. Features like “Page Performance” actually analyze your individual web pages, measuring how fast or slow they load, helping to see which pages are less responsive, whether it’s a question of plug-ins you’re using impacting performance, and how to resolve the issues to get your speed back up. It’s a great way to make sure that only is the technology keeping your website fast, you are too!

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