February 20, 2022

If it is your dream to become a professional writer, you can get started on that dream today. You can even get your first job in less than 24 hours if you know where to go and what to do. In just hours from now, you could literally get paid for your writing. Here are some ways to find your first or next freelance writing job TODAY.

Check Out Bidding Sites

For people just starting out and for those who need a paycheck TODAY, you can check out the writing site iWriter.com. When you first start out, you will not earn very much money. However, you can literally get started today and have your first writing assignment in minutes after signing up (for free!). Over time, you can earn more money once you’ve built yourself a reputation.

Another way to get started in freelance writing is to start out on a bidding site like Upwork or Guru.com. When I say easiest, I mean it is the quickest way to get set up for the potential to earn money right away. It doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to land work on your first day, but you have the possibility.

You begin by setting up a profile with your information and a sample of your writing. Once you have this task completed, you can start looking at jobs posted by clients. To win these jobs, you submit a proposal that shows why you are the person for the job. You must also provide a cost for the project, which is the amount you will get paid. It can be determined by project or by hourly rates.

Some people struggle with these sites and never see any results. However, other people earn thousands of dollars each year and even six figures. Here are a few keys to help you make the most of these sites and to give you the best chance of success.

  • Make sure your profile is complete and focuses on what makes you a good writer
  • Include samples of your writing even if you have to create something brand new – select a topic and write a 400-word article on it
  • Mention areas where you have previous experience in your profile and look for jobs in those topics – the “real-world” experience can help overcome the lack of writing experience
  • Be willing to start out with low-paying jobs to get feedback from clients – seeing a number of completed jobs makes clients less hesitant about hiring you

There is no guarantee that you will land a job in the first day, but there is a possibility that you will.

Spend Time on Craigslist

Craigslist has numerous jobs for freelance writers from clients all over the country. It can take you hours to search through various cities looking under freelance writing jobs. However, you can enter a general search term on a search engine like Google or Bing to bring up a list of job openings.

A more efficient way to find the best jobs for writers is to sign up at one of the many online job finding sites. These websites not only include relevant jobs from Craigslist but from other online sites as well. Freelancewritinggigs.com is a site that updates its list on a daily basis, Monday thru Friday. Freelancewriting.com is another site.

Many of these sites include the same listings, so you should check them out and select only one or two sites to follow. Otherwise, you will be reviewing the same jobs over and over and may even apply to a job more than once.

The competition is stiff with these jobs, and it’s not uncommon for clients to get hundreds of proposals. To have a chance at landing one of these jobs, you have to stand out. Choose job postings that feature a topic or industry where you have experience. For instance, if you worked as a paralegal, you will have an advantage with attorneys who are looking for articles or blog posts.

Temp Agencies

One option that many people are not aware of is the temp or placement agency. Not all agencies take on jobs for freelance writers, but it is becoming more common. Certain agencies specialize in this area, and have numerous clients who are looking for writers. Insource is one site that finds writers for clients. The Creative Group is a company that focuses on advertising and marketing clients. This company also provides benefits even if you don’t write full-time.

Some of these agencies only place local writers with local clients while others work with people around the country or internationally. Find out the details before you submit an application. Treat it as a traditional job application and include a resume with three or four samples of your best writing.

Get On Social Media

If you don’t have a writer’s profile on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, take the time to set one up. Use keywords that describe what you do to help clients find you. Some examples include freelance writer, technical writer, blog writer or real estate writer.

Join groups on LinkedIn to help learn where the jobs are. Writers are willing to help out newbies and give them tips and secrets they can’t get on their own. Sometimes writers even end up with more work than they can handle and will hire it out to another writer.

You can also find jobs on these sites by doing a search for freelance writing. Set up alerts so that you know when new postings appear. You can even narrow it down by including only healthcare writing jobs or real estate writing jobs.

The important thing to remember is that while it is okay to search for jobs on social media, it isn’t okay to harass other members and ask for work. These sites are built to allow you to develop relationships. In time, they may lead to regular work, but not if you appear as if you are only interested in what they can do for you.

It is possible to find a job for freelance writing in just one day, but you have to be assertive and determined. Be willing to put out a lot of applications and proposals. Finding a writing job is often a game of numbers. The more you apply for, the better your chances of getting accepted.

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