February 20, 2022

Although I created this site to provide plenty of free affiliate marketing training for those interested, I’m big enough to admit that I’m not a one-stop shop that can teach you everything you’ll ever need to know about affiliate marketing.

For one thing, I have to stick with fairly generic advice when it comes to individual website topics, and while that helps let it apply in many different situations, it also means you aren’t getting any personalized information that can apply to your choices but to very few others.

So if you’re looking for a website or other source of information that can offer free affiliate marketing training, try exploring some of the following locations:

Your Local Library

Hard to imagine though it may be, not every scrap of information is on the internet yet. Or if it is, it still might not be freely available. Wikipedia certainly does what it can, but there’s a reason why you can’t cite it as a source directly, and the most thoroughly researched and citation-heavy articles on the site often make use of books and videos whose contents aren’t directly linked. In other words, to learn more, you’ll have to crack open a book.

Fortunately, that’s what libraries are for. It’s incredible if you stop to think about it, but every city and town of even moderate size has a vast trove of information just sitting in a building, waiting for people to stop by and borrow some of that knowledge for free. Your library might not have the exact book or the information you need to expand your understanding of your chosen topic, but even if that’s the case, they often have relationships with nearby libraries that help them fill those gaps.

While affiliate marketing is an online based business, it is also a marketing business. That’s why your library can be such a great source of information. There are literally rows and rows of books that can teach you how to become a great marketer. No reason to purchase a $10 e-book just because it’s online. Free affiliate marketing training is as close as your nearest library, assuming your library contains tutorials and guides on how to be a great marketer, which I’m willing to bet they do!

Affiliate Marketing Training Through Wealthy Affiliate

I do need to give full disclosure here. I’m a member at Wealthy Affiliate and I am also an affiliate marketer for them, so I am admittedly biased with this recommendation. However, Wealthy Affiliate is the service I first used way back in 2011 to learn how to make money online. You’ll see me all the time talking to people over at Wealthy Affiliate. Even if you have zero interest in paying for the premium membership, checking out the free material that is available is a great idea.

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Much like how Wikipedia is “a free encyclopedia anyone can edit,” wikiHow is a site that offers step-by-step instructions for just about any situation you can conceive of: writing poetry, learning to rock climb, controlling your emotions, baking brownies, and more. If your website is instructional to any sort of degree, there’s probably a wikiHow article about the very same thing.

However, it’s worth mentioning that wikiHow has the same main problem as Wikipedia: quality control. Everyone can write an article, but not everyone who does so completely understands his or her chosen topic. Of course, wikiHow does have a number of editors and experts looking through the articles to make sure that the information isn’t too far from being factual, especially when it comes to important topics like how to take certain medications or apply first aid techniques, but you still need to apply some critical thinking as you follow the outlined steps.

As such, there’s still plenty of room for your instructional website to coexist with wikiHow. After all, the site’s very nature tends to make it very scattered in its coverage, and the instructions it publishes often don’t bother explaining themselves, preferring to stay short and sweet instead. So if your site can explain why the instructions are what they are, and if you can keep focused on one topic, you can offer something wikiHow can’t. Yet at the same time, visiting wikiHow can let you know what sort of things people want to know how to do.

Google Fu

Terms like “Google Fu” and “Just Google it” all refer to the same thing: typing a question or set of search terms into Google (or any of its competing search engines) and taking a good look at the links that pop out. Very often what you’ll find are a set of articles and posts which explain what your chosen topic is, how you can make it work for you, and what options are available to you.

Of course, if you thought Wikipedia and wikiHow articles could vary in quality, they’ve got nothing on the internet at large. For a given article to show up on the first or second page of results, it doesn’t necessarily have to be popular, it just has to sit on a site with good search engine optimization (SEO). That, or it paid for the privilege, which again has more to do with resources than with quality.

As such, there is some skill involved in being able to find a site or an article that can explain what you need to know without either going over information you already know or bothering you to the point of distraction with intrusive ads and popups. You need to be able to think up the best combination of search terms to zero in on what you want to know, and you need to be able to judge whether a given link is worth your time based on its title and the site address.

Still, if you can wade through all the unhelpful links and find the good stuff, Google Fu can get you a lot of information for little to no cost.

Whether you look online or in the library, there’s plenty of free affiliate marketing training at your fingertips just waiting for you to for you to take a look at it. So if you’ve hunted through our articles and you’re still in need of some free affiliate marketing training, the number of resources you can check out next is truly limitless.

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