August 26, 2022

If you’re into sports, chances are you’re familiar with the overwhelming boom of the golf industry amid the pandemic. In 2020,  the golf industry achieved its biggest net increase in 23 years.

The average golf enthusiast in the US will spend an average of $3,500 to $5,500 a year. Meanwhile, hardcore golfers can spend $13,500 on golf apparel, equipment, fees, and games.

With thousands more golfers stepping into the green, large businesses like Lamborghini, SoftBank, and PGA Tour have started investing in the golf industry. More companies pay huge commissions to marketing agencies that convert site traffic into sales.

Affiliate marketers who want to earn big should go with the times and look for golf affiliates that pay high commissions.

This article will give you a list of the best golf affiliate programs for 2023. 

Let’s get started!

Golf Affiliate Programs


Cookie Window

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

3% (for all sporting goods)

24 hours

Nike Golf Affiliate Program


7 days

Global Golf Affiliate Program


30 days

GForce Golf Affiliate Program


30 days

MyScoreCard Affiliate Program


30 days

TrendyGolf Affiliate Program


30 days

Golf Shoes Plus Affiliate Program


30 days

Golf Shoes Plus Affiliate Program


30 days

The Golf Warehouse Affiliate Program



Swing Man Affiliate Program


30 days

Golf Outlets Affiliate Program


45 days

Putterball Affiliate Program


10 days

Austad’s Golf Affiliate Program


60 days

Golf18Network Affiliate Program


30 days

TaylorMade Affiliate Program


30 days

Callaway Golf Affiliate Program


30 days

16 Golf Affiliate Marketing Programs That’ll Get You Sales

It’s not just the golf equipment industry that’s expected to grow in the next 5 years. The reason why the industry is growing at such an alarming rate is that the market offers a wide range of products and services for amateur and professional golfers alike:

  • Golf equipment and supplies
  • Golf apparel, footwear, accessories
  • Golf carts
  • Country clubs and golf courses memberships
  • Golf tourism and vacations
  • Golf training lessons and books
  • Golf simulators and games

Like other industries, commissions for golf affiliate marketing will depend on the product or service offered. Online courses and lessons tend to have higher commission rates. Meanwhile, physical products like equipment, apparel, and footwear will have lower commissions.

In this section, check out the best golf affiliate programs to sign up for. 

1. Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

Commissions: 3% (All Sporting Goods)

Cookie window: 24 hours 

While not an exclusive golf store, it’s important that we include the Amazon affiliate program because the company has a VERY high conversion rate. This means that customers who visit the site looking for a specific product will actually end up paying for what’s in their cart.

While the commission rate is low and the cookie window is short, people who click your affiliate link don’t necessarily have to buy the product you recommended. 

Anything they buy in Amazon 24 hours after clicking your link will be counted as your affiliate sale. 

So your Amazon affiliate program sales might include other product categories, including electronics, sporting goods, books, and anything else that people wanna buy. 

2. Nike Golf Affiliate Program

Commissions: 11%

Cookie window: 7 days

Not many people think about “golf” when they hear about Nike sportswear, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that the brand offers a pretty big commission.  

When you insert Nike Golf banners and affiliate links on your site, you’ll get an 11% commission rate for successful conversions. Affiliates can also access exclusive Nike by You promotional material.

The Nike affiliate program also offers exclusive promotional materials, discounts, and benefits to their affiliate partner’s customers, including free delivery, exclusive sales, and promotions.

If you’re interested in becoming a Nike affiliate, sign up via the Rakuten Advertising Publisher Registration page. 

3. Global Golf Affiliate Program

Commissions: 8%

Cookie window: 30 days 

Global Golf caters to hardcore and professional golfers. By that information alone, you’d know that they carry premium products for wealthy customers.

The brand carries golf apparel, equipment, and accessories. Global Golf also has a popular trade-in program that all old equipment for a 30% discount on new gear.

Get a generous commission of up to 8% with a cookie duration of 30 days when you sign up for the Global Golf affiliate program.

4. GForce Golf Affiliate Program

Commissions: 20%

Cookie window: 30 days 

Golfers looking for some swing training flock to Stuart Small’s GForce products and training clubs.

GForce Golf raining clubs are known to help beginners improve their swing timing, release, rhythm, sequence, and tempo. The GForce training programs offer an in-depth analysis of the golfer’s current swing. From there, the golfer will receive a specialized training program with specific exercises and practices.

To become an affiliate partner, you need to buy an affiliate pack. You’ll get your own affiliate link for your website, blog, and social media pages.

To sign up for the GForce affiliate program, get in touch with the GForce customer support team.

5. MyScoreCard Affiliate Program

Commissions: 16%

Cookie window: 30 days 

Beginner golf players are often at a loss about their skills and golf scores. MyScoreCard makes it easy for amateur golfers to evaluate their scores given in the USGA handicap index.

MyScoreCard gives out comprehensive performance reports and statistics to users to evaluate their performance and shot accuracy. The brand also sells golf equipment and accessories.

Affiliates get co-branding and white labeling under the MyScoreCard program.

6. TrendyGolf Affiliate Program

Commissions: 6%

Cookie window: 30 days 

Fashion probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about golf. That’s where TrendyGolf comes in –– the brand brings designers from around the world to bring the latest fashion trends in golf.

TrendyGolf offers Polo shirts, jackets, pants, shorts, golf shoes, and accessories from brands with a cult following, such as Ralph Lauren, Nike, Adidas, lululemon, G/FORE, and J.LINDEBERG.

When you sign up for the TrendyGolf affiliate program, you get a 6% commission for every successful referral. 

7.  Golf Shoes Plus Affiliate Program

Commissions: 5%

Cookie window: 30 days 

As the name suggests, Golf Shoes Plus is the first-stop shop for many golfers looking for a wide variety of golf shoes. The brand carries more than 12,000 types of gold shoes to cater to all types of players.

They also have gloves, spikes, pull carts, and accessories.

Affiliates that sign up with the Golf Shoes Plus program get a 5% commission and access to exclusive discounts.

8. Fairway Golf USA Affiliate Program

Commissions: 4%-10%

Cookie window: 7 days 

Fairway Golf USA is one of the most prominent golf sites. The brand offers custom-made clubs and sets adored by many golf enthusiasts.

The Fairway affiliate program is reasonably generous. 

Commissions range from 4% to 10%. If you make a referral in the first six days of your cookie window, you get a 10$ commission. An additional 5% commission is given for orders above $200.

9. Swing Man Affiliate Program

Commissions: 10-50%

Cookie window: 30 days 

Golfers who’ve had their fair share of duff shots should take a look at Swing Man Golf. The site offers intensive training from PGA professional Jaacob Bowden, a golf legend that achieved a competitive best of 421 yards.

Swing Man offers subscription programs for swing training and speed programs. 

As mentioned, online golf training programs usually have the highest commissions. 

The Swing Man affiliate program offers a whopping 50% recurring commission on all subscription training packages. Affiliates will also get a 10% commission for every sale on the swing certification program.

10. The Golf Warehouse Affiliate Program

Commissions: 1%

Cookie window: Session-based

The Golf Warehouse (TGW) is recognized as one of the first online golf retailers. The site launched in April 1998, almost half a year before Google.

From its humble roots in a small warehouse, the retailer ow carries over 40,000 golf items, including swing trainers, golf nets, clubs, golf mats, and more. If customers are looking for hard-to-find golf merchandise, chances are Golf Warehouse has the items in stock.

While the Golf Warehouse affiliate program has a small commission, we included it on our list, considering its wide range of products and a large following of customers.

11. Golf Outlets Affiliate Program

Commissions: 5%

Cookie window: 45 days 

Golfers looking for low-budget deals are drawn to Golf Outlets deals and promotions. This ‘golf superstore’ sells everything from junior and adult sets to apparel, accessories, and equipment.

The store also carries popular golf brands like Palm Springs, Confidence, and Woodworm. 

Golf Outlets has a loyal following of customers because of its budget deals, a wide range of products, and great customer service.

Affiliates of Golf Outlets get a 5% commission from referrals made within a 45-day window. Sales over $100 will earn affiliates an additional $5.

12. Putterball Affiliate Program

Commissions: 6.4%

Cookie window: 10 days. 

Golfers who want to take home the game can finally do so with Putterball backyard golf games. Putterball is a popular choice for golf enthusiasts’ parties and get-togethers.

The mini-golf game includes a portable turf with 12 turf hole covers, mini golf putters,  and performance golf balls.

The Putterball affiliate program offers a 6.4% commission within a 10-day cookie window.

13. Austad’s Golf Affiliate Program

Commissions: 7-9%

Cookie window: 60 days 

Austad’s Golf started as a family-owned business back in 1963. Austad’s Golf has since become a pillar in the golf industry. 

After 60 years in the industry, Austad’s has built a loyal following of customers. The business has an average order value of $145 on its website. 

Apart from the website, Austad’s has several brick-and-mortar stores across the Midwest.

The baseline commission for the Austad’s Golf affiliate program is at 7%. If the affiliate refers more than $5,000 monthly sales, commission rates will increase to 9%.

14. Golf18Network Affiliate Program

Commissions: 6%

Cookie window: 21 days 

Golf18Network finds a solution to the hassles of having to book a golf course. 

You don’t have to make calls or send an email to record history. The platform offers golf enthusiasts an easy way to book their favorite golf courses.

It also provides users with a comprehensive list of available golf courses in the area. Users simply need to enter the city anime and the postal code.

Golf18Network also offers exclusive booking discounts.

Because of these useful services, affiliates can expect to get a lot of traffic for Golf18Network.

The Golf18Network affiliate program is available through their in-house affiliate program. The program offers a 6% commission within a 21-day cookie period for every successful booking.

15. TaylorMade Affiliate Program

Commissions: 5%

Cookie window: 30 days 

TaylorMade is the most popular golf brand in the world, with brand sponsors including Tiger Woods and Rory Mcllroy. The brand made record history as the second golf manufacturer to get a billion dollars in sales in a single year.

The TaylorMade affiliate program offers a reasonable 5% commission for every sale within a 30-day cookie window.

The brand also caters to a global audience which will successfully multiply your chances of raking in the big bucks. 

16. Callaway Golf Affiliate Program

Commissions: 6-9%

Cookie window: 45 days 

Callaway is a top-tier golf company that’s preferred by professionals and golf superstars, such as John Ram, Henrik Stenson, Phil Mickelson, and Francesco Molinari. Customers can find a whole range of popular golf brands under Callaway, including OGIO, Odyssey, Jack Wolfskin, and TravisMatthew.

Golfers can find golf equipment, activewear, shoes, bags, and accessories at Callaway. 

The Callaway Golf affiliate program is one of the most attractive marketing programs you’ll find. Affiliates get a baseline commission of 6%, and that will increase the more customers you refer. The cookie window is lengthier than most at 45 days.

Considering its popularity, loyal following of customers, and generous commission structure, affiliates should seriously consider Callaway.


Considering the popularity of golf and the long list of products to promote, affiliate marketers should seriously look into entering the golf industry.

If you decide to take the leap with affiliate marketing in the golf industry, make sure to carefully consider which brands to work with. It’s important that you take a look at the product/service they sell, the commission structure, and the cookie window.

From our research, GForce, Austad’s Golf, Swing Man, TaylorMade, and Callaway Golf offer the best commission rates and cookie windows. 

But if you go with any of the brands listed above, you can be sure you’re getting a good deal!

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