February 20, 2022

When you are just starting out in your freelance writing career, you may not know where to turn. Numerous websites exist for writers, but it can be difficult to know which ones are the best. Here is a look at some of the top freelance writing websites to help writers advance their careers.

Advice and Guidance For New Freelance Writers

Having too much information and too many choices can be overwhelming for new freelance writers. It is important to find somewhere to go for solid advice as you begin this exciting new career. Follow writers who have “been there, done that” so that you can avoid many of the mistakes they made. Here are a few good sites to review on a regular basis.

  • Make a Living Writing – this site tells you what not to do as well as what you should do to make more money in your freelance writing career.
  • Be a Freelance Blogger – website by a British blogger who has built a successful career and now provides tips and advice to other bloggers
  • Copyblogger.com – this site teaches you how to write or improve your copywriting ability and make big money
  • Inkwelleditorial.com – another site written by a successful freelance writer that provides a lot of information for those just starting out
  • Freelance Writing Riches – A writer who offers help to new writers with practical tips and advice

Some of these people offer ebooks or other tools for a price, or might offer other peoples products and earn revenue through an affiliate marketing business model. Others have groups that you can join for a price, but all of them offer free information as well. Begin with reading their blog posts, and decide if you want to take it a step further and invest money into their advice. I have found that they are very helpful for anyone just starting out and will help you start making money sooner in your freelance career.

Job Boards For Freelance Writers

Finding writing jobs is essential for a freelance writer, and some of the best freelance writing websites will do just that. You can literally spend hours hunting for jobs on your own or you can take a few minutes every day to browse the listings from these sites. Choose the jobs that interest you and apply and spend the rest of your day writing.

  • ProBlogger – this site provides a lot of useful information, but the job board is the place to go for clients needing bloggers
  • Freelancewritinggigs.com – posts new ads daily from Craigslist, Indeed.com and other places for writers in all genres
  • Journalism Jobs – this site focuses on jobs for reporters and journalists
  • Indeed – Includes jobs for all industries, including freelance writing
  • Freelancewriting.com – also has a Facebook page, Facebook4Freelancers.com that provides daily list of jobs and reviews of popular content providers’ sites
  • Media Bistro – lists writing jobs that are available
  • FlexJobs – includes all kinds of jobs that offer the option to work from home, including freelance writing; has a cost for membership

You can spend too much time even browsing all of these job sites, and many of them list the same jobs. Look them all over and pick one or two to check daily. This should give you plenty of options for jobs. Take the time to learn how to create an effective message to help you win more of these jobs, so you only have to seek out new work during slow times.

Bidding Sites For Freelance Writers

Every serious freelance writer should include at least one or two bidding sites in their list of most helpful freelance writing sites. Elance and oDesk were the two most popular, and they have recently merged to become Upworthy. In addition, you can try out Guru.com and Freelancer.com to hunt for jobs.

To use these sites, you must have a profile. You can begin searching for jobs for free and apply to any that sound like a good fit. There are also paid sites such as Outsource.com, but I haven’t tried them since the free sites offer me as much work as I need.

While you will find low-paying jobs on these sites, you can also find clients who will pay $30 or more for short blog posts and articles. These sites include helpful forums to answer questions and provide support as well.

Some people criticize the sites because they have never found work through them, but if you follow their guidelines and are persistent, you can find steady work. In fact, I have used them as my main source of income for several years. A few freelance writers even make six figures with them. You can also search for information about these sites and find many people who will give you tips on how to succeed.

Writing Groups For Freelance Writers

It is important to interact with others in your field no matter what career you are pursuing. Freelance writers can connect with others who write similar types of material. Writers’ associations often have a fee to join, but they provide valuable resources to help writers succeed.

  • Critique Circle – a free group where you can post your work and receive critiques from other writers
  • The National Association of Women Writers – includes a free weekly e-magazine and many other resources
  • Writing.com – includes contests, information and a place to display your writing, interact with others and take a break from your writing for some fun

These sites are a great way to take a break from working to interact with others or learn the latest news in the world of writing. Get answers to questions or ask for feedback on your latest project.

When you are just starting out, it is easy to spend all of your time reading about writing and not doing a lot of writing. Instead, select one or two sites from each category that fits your overall purpose and bookmark them for daily or weekly viewing. Use them to help you advance your career, but don’t get too stuck with them that you are spending a lot of your time being unproductive. You will find many more resources than you need to help you in your freelance writing career. Find those that are most beneficial to you, and they will prove to be valuable resources that you can rely on.

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