February 20, 2022

If you’re new to affiliate marketing and still researching whether this is an industry you want to get into, you have probably wondered how many hours per week full-time affiliate marketers work. Of course, the answer is “it depends” but since that answer isn’t helpful at all, I will attempt to give you a glimpse into the working hours for full-time affiliate marketers.

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My Own Experience

Affiliate Marketers

When I first started affiliate marketing, I was a long haul truck driver working 70 to 80hrs per week on an irregular schedule. Due to this, I was only able to work on my business about 10 to 15hrs per week. That truly is all it takes to get started. After about 6 months of this, I started to see some decent revenue coming in. In just under 1 year, I quit my trucking job to focus full-time on my growing affiliate marketing company and Rogers Concepts, LLC. was born. In under 18 months, I was earning 6 figures.

You can read my full story here.

Since then, I do spend a LOT of time on my business. Some weeks, I might only work 20 or 30hrs but most weeks, I work at least 40hrs and usually more than that.

Do I work this much because I feel required to? Definitely not! In fact, since my income is residual, I get paid whether I’m working or not. This is why affiliate marketers love their businesses so much. I can go on vacation for 2 months and when I got home, there would be checks sitting in my mailbox waiting for me to cash them.

The reason I work so much is because I love what I do, just like most other affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketing and helping others by supplying helpful information (such as this website) is my passion in life, so “working” 7 days per week on my company is the equivalent of play. In fact, even when I am on vacation, I almost always find time to get work done. I hate being away from it!

Besides, I’ve never made this much money before. I know that the more work I put in now, the more I will exponentially increase my salary later. It’s like a drug and I’m hooked. I’m basically earning a 6-figure income with my favorite hobby.

Additional Reading

There Is No Hourly Requirement For Affiliate Marketers

The wonderful thing about affiliate marketers is that the end result seems to be different for any given individual. Some affiliate marketers, for example, find success very quickly. They might create a great 5 page website, purchase a few radio or TV commercials, and make a killing selling either their own products or someone else’s products. It only takes a single day to create a 5 page website and commercials can be outsourced. That means, if you do things right, you can literally put in a single days worth of effort and cash in on that over and over again, possibly making you 10’s of thousands of dollars per month or more.

Realistically, however, this probably won’t happen for you. A lot of “get rich quick guru’s” will teach methods like this, but I have never found success this way (try as I might) and truth be told, the vast majority of us don’t have funding for radio and TV ads as they are SUPER expensive.

Instead, most successful affiliate marketers become experts in a narrow niche topic and become a trusted source of information. For example, this site is specifically designed to teach people (you!) how to become successful affiliate marketers. I’ve spent a lot of time and effort building this site and in return for attracting so many visitors to this site, I can monetize in a number of ways while still offering free information to the vast majority of my sites visitors.

That is why I both practice and preach this strategy. A quick 5 page website MIGHT work for now (if you’re lucky), but if you want to build a real business that has a diversity of traffic and income sources, nothing beats a high quality website that that you really care about and that truly helps people for free. That free traffic will bring advertisers that want to pay you to advertise their products and services. Everyone wins.

Get Rich Quick Is A SCAM!

It certainly isn’t impossible to get rich quick. It happens all the time for some lucky affiliate marketers. If that is your aim, you’re on the wrong website (I teach business, not get rich quick “secrets”).

But before you run off in search of that quick jackpot…

Want to know the biggest secret none of those get rich quick “guru’s” will tell you? The vast majority of them did not get rich quick using the methods they are teaching. If they got rich at all (many aren’t, even though they say they are), it is from selling products telling other people that they can get rich quick.

And if they REALLY did get rich quick, do you think they would expose their “secrets” to you in a $29 online video course or e-book? Of course not! Would YOU give away your million dollar secrets if you found one? My guess is, you’d just replicate the “secret” as many times as you could until you became a billionaire so you could retire on an island somewhere. And I wouldn’t blame you.

What’s more? Let’s assume these “guru’s” really did figure out a way to get rich quick online using affiliate marketing (or any other tactic) and they want to teach you how to do it, too. Do you really think you’re getting ALL their secrets? Or do you think they only give away enough to make the course seem valuable, while keeping the really good stuff for themselves?

I don’t really need to answer that question, do I?

Don’t buy into the “I’ve already become rich doing this so now I want to teach you, too” sales pitch. Affiliate marketers who really do find get rich quick tactics that work don’t give that stuff away.

The Get Rich Quick Alternative

Affilaite Marketer Workweek

Yes, it really IS possible to grow a sustainable business using the internet so you can set your own hours and work wherever you feel like at any given time. AND you can make a killing doing it! The only way I personally know how to do that is to provide value to others and to act like legitimate business, with a solid PLAN that has proven to work.

That’s what I teach in my free 7 day affiliate marketing e-course.

So why would I be willing to help you develop a legitimate affiliate marketing business plan, create a website, and show you how to make money from it? Because while this business plan works, most are not willing to put in the time or effort it takes to become successful. If you are, the chances of seeing success is quite high.

Unlike the get rich quick “guru’s” out there, I don’t even charge anything. Sign up for my free 7 day affiliate marketing e-course, follow my step-by-step written and video instructions, and by next week you will have your own affiliate marketing business plan, a website blueprint, and even your very own WordPress website for the world to see.

I might not be able to show you how to get rich quick, but if you’re ready for an alternative, I CAN show you how to grow a legitimate affiliate marketing business online using only the limited time and knowledge you have right now. Once the foundation has been laid, the rest is up to you. Use what is already working right now for a majority of affiliate marketers – grow a full-blown business.

So, if you’re ready to grow your own legitimate affiliate marketing company, signup for my e-course right now and let’s get started right away!

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