February 20, 2022

So, you want to build a website and make your website SELL for you? Or, maybe you already have a website, but it’s just sitting there without earning you a single dime? This is a very common scenario that plays out for the majority of people who build a website, including affiliate marketers trying to market other peoples products.

The solution? Learn the CTPM Process.

Make Your Website Sell By Using The CTPM Process

CTPM stands for…

  • (C)ontent
  • (T)raffic
  • (P)re-sell
  • (M)onetize

This is something I first learned when I took the https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=8cee2070phenomenal training course over at SBI. The basic premise is this… In order to monetize your website, you must provide value to others first. You also need to figure out how to attract people to your website. If you’re a single individual or a start-up small business, you ideally want to do that for free. That’s exactly what the CTPM process does. Let’s get into a little more depth.

C = Content

Make Your Website SellIn order for people to find your website, you need to provide excellent content about a topic that is in demand, but with a low amount of competition. You’ll learn exactly how to do this in this training course. But in short, there are two ways to gain traffic to a website.

First, you can set up a nice looking “brochure” type of website and send traffic to it via paid advertising. This isn’t the way I like to do things, because I prefer to get my website traffic for free. To do this, I provide content rich websites. When you create a content rich website about a low competition yet in-demand topic, you can’t help but to eventually attract hundreds or even thousands of visitors to your site.

“But Mike, my business is in a very competitive niche!”

No worries! There is always a way to fine-tune your website in order to beat the competition. Again, they go into more detail in this course.

“But Mike, how do I write content that will help me SELL stuff and make money?”

Once again, no worries! I highly recommend you download this free ebook written by online multi-millionaire Ken Evoy: Make Your Words Sell (PDF)

T = Traffic

Once you have written high quality information on your site (and if you’re really serious, created some videos on your site as well), the traffic will come naturally. First, the search engines will start to notice you. Search engines such as Google will figure out what your website is about and send people to your site for various search queries related to your niche. That means, you’re not just receiving FREE traffic, but that traffic is super targeted! Many of them will be ready to buy already, you just need to close the deal.

Once you start getting that free search engine traffic, things will begin to snowball. This is where it gets really fun. People will share your site through emails, social media, and other “word-of-mouth” sources. Search engines start to see your traffic diversifying and can see that your site is being linked to in forums and blogs, which in turn, only makes your site even more popular in the search engines and the cycle keeps going. Once you start earning some profits this way, you can diversify even more through paid advertising by simply re-investing your profits. Or, you can continue building up your free traffic sources. It’s up to you!

The point is, in order to get that traffic, you need to develop content first.

P = Pre-Sell

Pre-selling is an art form. Instead of your website being a big sales brochure where you try to get everyone to buy something with hard sales pitches, take a different approach. Just offer up information. Genuinely good information that truly helps people in your industry. When you do that, you form trust with your visitors. Once you’ve formed trust, selling becomes easy. All you have to do is make recommendations and boom – you’re selling!

Whenever someone knows they are being sold to, their guard is up. Way up. So the trick is, don’t sell anything to anyone. Instead, just give them free information that truly assists them in deciding whether they need whatever product or service you are pitching. From there, you can help them decide on the best product by giving various recommendations. By the time they make a purchase, you will not have really sold anything at all. You will have simply consulted. Everybody wins.

Speaking of free, here’s another fantastic e-book you can download for free: Make Your Content Pre-Sell!

M = Monetize

Monetize!Notice how monetizing is LAST during this process? The biggest mistake most people make when trying to earn a living online is they want to monetize first. That’s impossible, unless you are outright ripping people off or scamming them. You simply can’t expect people to pull out their credit cards to give you money if you haven’t provided any value to them first.

In this online business training course, you’ll form a legitimate business plan, a website blueprint, and even walk you through the proper steps to starting a professional customized WordPress website with step-by-step video instructions.

Whether you sign up for that course or not, the most important thing is to understand that when using the CTPM process, you have to wait to monetize. Trying to monetize first is the reason most people fail online. Just remember to provide value FIRST.

Here is some more information about how the CTPM process works.

And, to put everything together, you can check out one more free ebook: Make Your Site Sell!

I know this is probably “information overload” for many of you, but I didn’t want to hold back. I wanted to provide as many resources as possible for you because the CTPM is almost fool proof. Just about anyone who properly implements this process will make money online and when you make money online, it becomes residual. Residual income is how truly wealthy people earn their millions and you can do the same thing. I should know… I went from being a homeless truck driver to earning 6 figures with my online affiliate business in 18 months. Check out my story here.

Need more inspiration? Read more success stories here and get inspired.

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