February 20, 2022

Warrior Forum WSO’s seem to be all the rage these days. From learning how to use social media properly to little tips and tricks that can help grow your business and even promises of striking it rich, there are new Warrior Forum WSO’s added daily. Some of them are fantastic and some leave a bit to be desired.

In this article, I will focus on how to properly use Warrior Forum WSO’s in a way that will truly grow your business. This is something I’m pretty experienced at as I’ve easily purchased more than 100 Warrior Forum WSO’s over the years and continue to purchase new WSO’s monthly. But, along the way, I’ve learned a few things about how to use Warrior Forum WSO’s properly.

Forget The Hype

Warrior Special Offer
Most WSO ads in the Warrior Forum are about the same… They state a problem many internet marketers face (low traffic, low revenue, etc.), then state how THEY found a solution to the problem, and then tell you that if you pay them a certain price, they will reveal the juicy secrets to you. Most WSO’s will state insane monetary figures with phrases such as, “I’ve earned $10,000 in 2 months using this super simple technique!”

This is all hype. Are they outright lying to you? Maybe. People selling WSO’s are just regular people, not huge corporations. If they make a false claim, it’s probably not going to cause the Federal Trade Commission to open an investigation and shut them down. WSO’s are largely unregulated and because of that, it opens the door to a lot of dishonesty and less-than-ethical sales tactics.

Don’t Trust Any Of The “Testimonials” In Warrior Forum WSO’s

Testimonials sell. This is a proven fact. Because of that, many individuals selling WSO’s do everything they can to supply amazing WSO’s. While some WSO’s probably do use real testimonials, there is a staggering number of fake testimonials as well. Here’s how it works…

People selling WSO’s will often partner up with other people selling WSO’s. They promise to supply great comments and testimonials for each others products. In addition, there are Warrior Forum WSO services available that will work with forum members to post positive things about a certain person or specific WSO package. These are PAID testimonials and are, in my opinion, quite unethical.

Unfortunately, testimonials have been abused so badly, there really isn’t any way to know 100% if any testimonial is actually real or not. This is one of the major cons of Warrior Forum WSO’s.

Know What You Want To Learn

Instead of going into the Warrior Forum and browsing through WSO’s, then selecting the ones with the best promises, go into the Warrior Forum already knowing what you want to learn. For example, let’s say you just started a Facebook page for your business but you don’t know how to grow a following. There are probably dozens of Warrior Forum WSO’s teaching you how to grow a following specifically on Facebook. Find the one that looks the most legit and give it a try.

What you want to avoid here is using Warrior Forum WSO’s as a “get rich quick” strategy. Forget the hype and forget the inflated revenue numbers. Don’t pay one bit of attention to that. Never purchase a course because of monetary promises. You should always choose a WSO based on the specific topic with the intent to learn more, not strike it rich fast.

Not Satisfied? Get A Refund!!

Almost all WSO’s in the Warrior Forum come with full money-back guarantees, but for some reason, very few purchasers of WSO’s will actually request one. Since WSO’s are created by regular people just like you and me, you are bound to find some extremely high quality Warrior Forum WSO’s as well as some extremely low quality WSO’s. In almost every WSO ad, the seller will say something like, “this is a ZERO RISK purchase with my money-back guaranteed!”

Honestly, this works on me. I love guarantees because it allows me to try out a course and if I’m not satisfied, I can get my money back. I’ve requested my money back on a whole bunch of WSO’s and every single time I’ve been given my refund (although a couple times it took some effort).

Here’s how I look at it…

When I choose a WSO to purchase, I forget the monetary promises. I simply purchase a WSO hoping I can get some valuable information from it and learn something. So let’s say I pay $10 for a WSO about learning how to grow a Facebook following. If I actually learn some good info about how to do that, I’m happy to pay the $10 and will probably seek out more WSO’s to purchase from that person. On the other hand, if all I got was some low quality PDF file and a subscription to a spammy email list, I have absolutely no reservations whatsoever to request a refund and an un-subscription from their email list. None at all.

Sure, it’s only $10, but it’s principle. If I didn’t receive what I was promised there is no reason they should be rewarded by keeping my $10. Requesting refunds on low quality WSO’s isn’t just acceptable for you to do, but it helps to improve all WSO’s on the Warrior Forum. If people can’t get away with low quality Warrior Forum WSO’s, they will be forced to produce better material, and that benefits everyone. I’ve found that close to 20% of all WSO’s will warrant a refund.

Make A List!

Did you find a WSO that you really like? Write down that name and forum screen name of the person who sold you the WSO. I have personally found that if someone creates one high quality WSO, they generally will create more (and vise-versa). So make a list and keep it safe. It’s a great way to build a list of people you want to follow and learn from.

In Conclusion

So remember, Warrior Forum WSO’s are generally over-hyped and you can’t really trust the testimonials or promises being given. But with that said, some WSO’s are truly gems and since WSO’s are generally so cheap, it can be an amazing way to learn a lot of new techniques and methods to making money online. Just go into each WSO with a bit of cautious optimism and be prepared to ask for a refund if necessary. And of course, when you find a WSO of high quality, keep track of the person who sold you that WSO. Chances are, they have much more they can offer.

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