July 20, 2019

So here you are, surfing the web about how to make money online fast. You want more money and you want it now. You also want it to come easily. Maybe this is the very first website you landed on in your search to learn how to make money online fast, but more than likely, you’ve been to several other places before you finally ended up here. Maybe you’ve even signed up for some courses, training programs, or “systems”, that show you a “fool proof” way to make money online fast, and now your discouraged because you realized that all of those courses and “systems” were total scams. This is going to be a no B.S. article about making money online fast. This is going to give you the hard, honest truth about the realities of making money online fast and how to increase your chances of ACTUALLY succeeding with making money online.

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Yes, You Really CAN Make Money Online Fast!

It’s true, you can absolutely make money online fast. Many others have done it. Take, for example, the guy who started the website ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com. He started that site in January of 2014 and the site went viral on social media shortly after launch. He made 10’s of thousands of dollars, then sold the site for $700,000 just a few short months later.

Want a more reasonable example? How about ME! I began my very first affiliate marketing website, Drive-Safely.net, in January of 2011. By November of 2011, I quit my full time job as an OTR truck driver to focus on my online business full-time. Here we are in 2022 and I’m having my best year ever. Not only was I able to make money online fast, but it has been sustainable.

Or, how about the many people who provide services on Fiverr.com? Some of them began offering services which quickly became popular and replaced their full-time income.

So, is it really possible to make money online fast? Yeah, it sure is! Those are just a few examples of thousands of people who have made money online fast.

Unfortunately, now that I’ve gotten your hopes up, I need to bring things into perspective for you.

The Truth About What It Takes To Make Money Online Fast

Most of the “guru’s” and “experts” out there would build up the possibility that you, too, can make money online fast, but their reasoning for doing so is cynical. As soon as you believe it’s possible, they hit you with their sales pitch. They promise that they will give you their super secret formula to fast money online by doing no work following their super secret and proven formula. Heck, they’ll even show you pictures of their big house, checks they’ve received, and testimonials from all sorts of people who claim they became rich by purchasing whatever course or program you’re being pitched.

…It’s all lies.

You see, while it’s possible to become an overnight success, that type of success is a bit like winning the lottery. Sure, you could win the lottery. Hundreds or even thousands of people win lottery jackpots and leave casino’s 10’s of thousands of dollar richer, but is that the type of plan you can rely on? Absolutely not.

The real truth about “overnight success” is it usually takes years. Before an individual is an “overnight success” they have usually put in years of hard work and experienced many, many, many failures before they do find success, and then everyone screams, “wow! What an overnight success story!”

Instead of trying to find the next “super secret method” or fad to make a quick buck, why not build a real, legitimate, long-term online business? If you get lucky and it becomes an overnight success, great! If not, at least you’re building a real asset.

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What Is “Fast” To You?

How fast is fast? If you need money by next week, I can’t help you and you’re on the wrong website. Anyone who promises to make you money online by next week is probably lying to you, and probably because they want to sell you something. I’m not that guy.

But think about this… Where do you see yourself in ONE YEAR from now? Would you be willing to work really hard for one full year and then be able to quit your day job after that? Think about it… one year is NOT that far away. To me, making money online after one year of effort is “fast.” In one year from now, you will be one year older. That’s guaranteed. But will you be in the same place you are now, or will you have your own sustainable business? If you want a sustainable business, you have to start now.

How To Grow A REAL Sustainable Money-Making Business Online

Trying to make money online fast usually leads to the wrong mentality. If you truly want to make a good amount of money, you can’t just “wing it” and try some new system that some dude is telling you about. You have to grow a real business that will grow and prosper over a period of time. There are many ways to do this online.

The way that I personally make money online is through my affiliate marketing business. I own websites like this one, DogFoodInsider.com, , SharkSider.com, and several others that earn me a passive income every day. If you take a look at those websites, you’ll see that they weren’t something I simply set up over a weekend. These have taken time and effort to grow, just like any legitimate business.

It’s funny – most businesses take 3 to 5 years to even see the first penny in profit, but when people want to make money online, they want it to come immediately. As I mentioned before, maybe you’ll be one of the lucky few who are able to make money online fast, but for most people, you’ll need to try things out and fail a bunch of times before you find success. When it comes to affiliate marketing specifically, I usually tell people it will take 6 to 12 months of solid work before they can expect to see much of anything in return.

Ask yourself this… Are you truly providing a quality product or service that a reasonable individual would pay for? If not, you will not make money online fast. You must build a real business that provides value to others before you can ever expect to see a paycheck.

Instead of asking “how can I make money online fast?” You should be asking “how can I provide a valuable product or service that people will pay me for?

If you’re interested in learning how a legitimate affiliate marketing business works, check out the free training videos here.

Maybe Making Money Online Isn’t The Best Way To Go?

If you want to make money fast, there are plenty of ways to do so without ever using a computer. Advertise in your neighborhood that you’re a dog walker or will clean up dog poop on someones lawn for a set price. Rent a booth at a flea market and sell your old crap. Go get a part-time job somewhere and honestly make money by next week.

The fact is, there seems to be some weird expectation that making money online is faster than other, more traditional ways to make money. If anything, it’s actually MORE DIFFICULT to make money online fast than it is to make money in your own community quickly.

I can tell you from a personal standpoint that making money online is the absolute best way I have ever made money before in my life. I make money 24/7/365, even while I sleep, and I make more and more for each year I do this. With that said, it has taken me a lot of time and effort to get here. Fortunately I do what I love to do. It’s not “work” for me, it’s just living.

So, don’t follow whatever way you think you can make money fast, just so you can make money fast. Do what you love in life. When you do what you love, it’s hard to not succeed at it. Maybe it will take a little while, but at least you’re having fun along the way.

If you are in a bind and truly need to make money fast, go sell some stuff at a pawn shop or take up a second job. If, however, you are willing to work hard and build a real business online, maybe learning how to make money online really is for you. Only you can decide.

How To Make Money Online FAST!
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How To Make Money Online FAST!
Want to make money online fast? Sure, it's possible, but this no B.S. article is going to put things into perspective. There may be a better way to go.

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