June 25, 2022

Earning a fortune in the real estate industry isn’t limited to brokers and real estate agents. Affiliates can also benefit from the US real estate industry which is estimated at $268 trillion.

If you’re an affiliate marketer, it’s important that you understand the potential of the real estate industry. According to research, 92% of property buyers use the internet to look for real estate listings and housing market analytics.

This information alone is a huge indicator of how much you can earn in real estate affiliate marketing.

Keep reading to learn about the best real estate affiliate marketing programs to sign up for in 2023.

Real Estate Affiliate Programs Commission Cookie Window
Buildium Real Estate Affiliate Program 25% 60 days
All Things Real Estate Affiliate Program 10% 15 days
Dealcheck.io Real Estate Affiliate Program 30% 90 days
Corporate Housing by Owner (CHBO) Affiliate Program 25% 90 days
Foreclosure.com Affiliate Program 25% 6 months
Architectural Designs Affiliate Program 25% 60 days
Leads Bridge Affiliate Program 25% 60 days
Avail.co Affiliate Program $20 per subscription referral 60 days
Lex Levinrad Affiliate Program 50% 180
BoldLeads Affiliate Program $20 baseline commission N/A
Real Estate Express Affiliate Program 20% 99 days
Nolo Affiliate Program 25% to 35% 120 days
Property M.O.B Affiliate Program 50% 30 days


13 Real Affiliate Marketing Programs With the Highest Commissions

Real estate is one of the top marketing affiliate niches because of the huge service and product transactions. 

One reason why the real estate marketing industry is so big is because it caters to a wide variety of audiences. This includes real estate agents, realtors, contractors, property managers, real estate investors, and home buyers.

Affiliates can promote a variety of products and services with a real estate affiliate program:

  • Property listings
  • Short-term rentals and accommodations
  • Property search engine subscriptions
  • Realtor, real estate, and builder management tools
  • Real estate licensing, training courses, and coaching programs

In this section, learn about some of the best real estate affiliate programs offering various real estate products and services:

1. Buildium Real Estate Affiliate Program

Commissions: 25%

Cookie window: 60 days

As more people enter the real estate industry, more landlords will look into streamlining their rental properties and businesses. Buildium is a property management software that helps landlords manage their finances, accounting, and rental properties all on one platform. 

Interested affiliates will be happy to hear that Buildium offers some of the best commission rates for property management services. Buildium pays its affiliates for leads and sales.

Affiliates will get 25% for all new monthly subscriptions. Subscription plans start at $150 per month and reach up to $5,000 for yearly subscriptions.

The 60-day cookie window is relatively lengthy as well.

If you want to sign up for the Buildium affiliate program, you may apply through Impact. Take note that Buildium prioritizes affiliates with real estate websites and blogs.

2. All Things Real Estate Affiliate Program

Commissions: 10%

Cookie window: 15 days

As its name suggests, All Things Real Estate is a real estate professional’s one-stop-shop for real estate supplies and products.

If you have a blog or website that caters to real estate agents, we recommend that you sign up for this affiliate program. This is because All Things Real Estate will have everything your readers and site visitor are looking for.

All Things Real Estate customers can everything from real estate stationery to prop decorations, signage, and advertising materials. The online store also sells real estate merch such as apparel and accessories, decals, license plates, and office supplies.

Affiliates get a 10% commission for every sale when site visitors make a purchase after clicking All Things Real Estate post banners and links. Considering that the brand’s customers usually buy in bulk, it’s not unlikely for affiliates to get thousands of dollars worth in commissions.

3. Dealcheck.io Real Estate Affiliate Program

Commissions: 30%

Cookie window: 90 days

Dealcheck.io is a real estate investment property software that helps users to analyze rental properties. A single search on the website will give users the property description, list price, value estimates, property tax information, photos, and more. 

Users can also use Dealcheck.io to search for the best real estate deals. Using the platform’s comprehensive search engine where users fill out their financing, purchase price, closing costs, rehab budget, estimated expenses, and rent roll. The site also has an offer calculator for real estate professionals.

Dealcheck.io offers a 30% recurring program commission for $10-$20 subscriptions. Affiliates can earn even more by increasing the number of referrals made. Every 10 new referrals will earn affiliates an additional $100.

4. Corporate Housing by Owner (CHBO) Affiliate Program

Commissions: 25%

Cookie window: 60 days

Corporate property owners and managers can rent out their fully-furnished homes or rooms to travelers and vacationers with Corporate Housing by Owner (CHBO). The site offers marketing and management tools for owners who make a property listing.

Affiliates use unique banners and links to encourage corporate housing owners and managers to make a listing. Each listing will earn affiliates 15% per listing made within a 60-day window.

The Corporate Housing by Owner affiliate program is available via the ShareASale website.

5. Foreclosure.com Affiliate Program

Commissions: 25%

Cookie window: 6 months

The real estate industry has a significant market for foreclosed properties because of their low price tag. However,  the foreclosure home buying process is known to be extremely lengthy and complicated. 

With the help of Foreclosure.com, interested home buyers and investors can easily find foreclosed properties at a discounted price.

Foreclosure.com affiliate program offers a 25% commission for every successful referral of subscription memberships. It’s also great to know that Foreclosure.com offers an enhanced affiliate program for high-traffic affiliates.

We also like that Foreclosure.com has a long cookie duration of 6 months.

6. Architectural Designs Affiliate Program

Commissions: 25%

Cookie window: 60 days

Architectural Designs is a masterfully curated portfolio of home plans from architects and designers from around the world. Builders and homeowners can find hundreds of the latest home styles that fit within their budget.

The site has a QuikQuote platform that allows users to customize plans, get construction estimates, and build house designs in specific zip codes.

The Architectural Designs Affiliate Program has a lower commission compared to other real estate affiliate programs. However, affiliates can still earn big with this program since many of the home plans sell for more than $1,000. 

7. Leads Bridge Affiliate Program

Commissions: 25%

Cookie window: 60 days

Many real estate investors rely on lead generation to attract potential home buyers. Leads Bridge makes lead management easy by allowing program subscribers to target prospective audiences, track existing leads, and analyze market data.

The Leads Bridge affiliate program provides promotional materials including pre-built links, banners, booked demos, newsletters, videos, and social media tools.

Leads Bridge offers subscription plans ranging from $20+ to $999+, so a 20% commission per sale will give you a hefty sum.

8. Avail.co Affiliate Program

Commissions: $20 per subscription referral

Cookie window: 60 days

Landlords can rely on the Avail.co platform to manage their rental properties. This landlord management software allows landlords to find new tenants, sign leases, view credit histories, and collect tenant payments in real-time on a laptop, mobile, or tablet.

One of the reasons why affiliates should consider this program is because it’s very popular among landlords.

The Avail.co affiliate program offers a $20 subscription for every new commission. You can avail of the affiliate marketing program via ShareASale.

9. Lex Levinrad Affiliate Program

Commissions: 50%

Cookie window: 180 days

Lex Levinrad is a popular real estate author, speaker, and podcaster. People who want to make it big in the real estate world can find valuable real estate educational courses, a real estate boot camp, and professional coaching.

While the real estate coaching services aren’t included in the affiliate package, affiliates can promote real estate courses, boot camps, and partnership programs.

The Lex Levinrad affiliate program offers one of the highest commissions among real estate affiliate programs. Each sale will give affiliates a 50% commission. You’ll be happy to hear that Lex Levinrad programs can cost hundreds of dollars which means you’ll get big commissions per sale.

10. BoldLeads Affiliate Program

Commissions: $20

Cookie window: N/A

The BoldLeads platform allows real estate professionals, including independent agents and brokerages across the US and Canada to grow their business with lead management.

With BoldLeads, affiliates can earn every time a real estate agent gets a lead. The BoldLeads commission structure has a baseline pay of $20 for the first referral. Succeeding referrals get increasingly higher commissions:

  • 10 referrals: $200
  • 50 referrals: $1000
  • 100 referrals: $2000
  • 250 referrals: $5,000
  • 500 referrals: $10,000
  • 1000 referrals: $20,000

On top of this generous commission structure, BoldLeads gives affiliates recurring commissions every month for your referrals.

11. Real Estate Express Affiliate Program

Commissions: 20%

Cookie window: 99 days

Real Estate Express is arguably the best online real estate education program. The site offers comprehensive training courses where students can develop their real estate knowledge and skills.

If online real estate courses are approved in your state, real estate agents can get licensed after passing the Real Estate Express course.

With the increasing popularity of online real estate licensing courses after the COVID-19 pandemic, affiliates should seriously consider Real Estate Express. You should also know that Real Estate Express is one of the most popular and respected real estate online courses.

The Real Estate Express affiliate program offers a 20% commission for every successful referral within a 99-day cookie window.

12. Nolo Affiliate Program

Commissions: 25-35%

Cookie window: 120 days

Homebuyers, sellers, and property investors are usually stumped by the mountains of legal documents and paperwork involved in real estate transactions. Nolo is a legal service platform that allows consumers and small businesses to find a lawyer or get legal advice.

Nolo is a great affiliate program because it’s a relevant service for many consumers, foreclosure and short sale sellers in particular. You can also expect high conversion rates since Nolo is a recognized and respected legal advisory firm.

You’ll be happy to hear that the Nolo affiliate program offers a generous baseline commission rate of 25%. When affiliates make more than $2,000 in sales every month, commission rates will increase to 35%.

 Nolo also offers one of the longest cookie durations per affiliate material at 120 days.

13. Property M.O.B Affiliate Program

Commissions: 50%

Cookie window: 30 days

Every year, we see more people interested in entering the lucrative real estate industry. However, the competition is tough and it can be a slow journey to the top.

Property M.O.B. offers wholesale real estate training to aspiring real estate professionals. Consumers will find 30+ training courses and programs that cover everything a budding real estate agent should know.

Real estate agents can also hire Property M.O.B.’s pre-trained virtual assistants to help grow your business.

Consumers have a choice to enroll in individual courses or they can get a Total Access Pass to all 30+ training courses. The Total Access Pass is one of the best-selling products for real estate investors.

With the Property M.O.B. affiliate program, you can earn as much as a 50% commission on successful referrals of real estate wholesaling courses.


The real estate industry is currently worth $268+ trillion dollars and it’s expected to grow even more in the coming years. Affiliate marketers should take advantage of the real estate boom if they want to earn big in the marketing industry.

When comparing real estate affiliate marketing programs, make sure to consider the commission rate and the cookie window.

From our research, Lex Levinrad and Property M.O.B offer the highest commission rates at 50% per successful referral. However, the Lex Levinrad affiliate marketing program is more attractive since it offers a 180-day cookie window.

Real Estate Express is one that we know personally, since this is one of our partners in our real estate website

We also highly recommend that you check out the good deals offered by the affiliate programs from Dealcheck.io, Foreclosure.com, and Nolo.

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