February 20, 2022

Hi everyone, and welcome to this review of Dragon Dictate. this is actually my first time using Dragon Dictate, and it’s a bit strange to be speaking this article, instead of writing it.

Therefore, this review of Dragon Dictate, is sort of being made up on the fly. As I continue to speak this article, I will decide if this is a worthy program or not.

My First Impressions Of Dragon Dictate

Review Of Dragon Dictate

So far, my first impressions of Dragon Dictate is very positive. I find the features included with the software, to be very helpful, and I think that this program will end up saving me a lot of time when I write future articles.

Not only am I able to dictate what I say, but I can use this program within just about any other program on my computer. For example, as I am speaking right now, all of the words are being written directly into my WordPress dashboard. And that, is pretty freaking cool.

I think this tool could be the end of spun content. A lot of Internet marketers who use private blog networks and other link building tactics tend to use a low quality or spun content. But now, if you need to create content quickly, you can just start talking!

While I do think there will be a bit of a learning curve, the more I’m using this thing, the more I’m liking it.

Training Dragon Dictate To Recognize My Voice

When I first installed this program, I had to go through a quick training session so that Dragon Dictate could recognize what I’m saying. I found that this training session was very quick (as in, maybe five minutes) and it was very accurate right from the start. I actually wonder how necessary the training session is.

Once the program was able to accurately recognize my voice, I then went through some training to learn about a few of the features that this program uses. Not only is the voice recognition software getting to be very accurate, but you can control almost anything on your computer using Dragon Dictate. From browsing files to giving basic computer commands, it can all be done through my voice.

The Accuracy Of Dragon Dictate

I was initially apprehensive to purchase Dragon Dictate because I further through other forms and through word-of-mouth that the accuracy rate isn’t good enough to actually write full-blown articles with. Perhaps that was the case for older versions of the software, but I don’t seem to be experiencing many problems at all.

While writing this article, for example, I have only had to make one or two corrections so far. Add to that, and Dragon Dictate makes it very easy to correct any mistakes you’ve made or make any edits you need without ever touching the keyboard.

Now, I should probably state that I do not have much of an accent so those of you with an accent may have more problems. But I’m really happy with however, is that I’m not even using a headset. All I’m doing is talking into my MacBook Pro internal microphone. So fix this good just by using the internal microphone, imagine how good this must be if I was using a quality headset.

Admittedly, this is the first full-blown article I’ve written using Dragon Dictate, but I must say, this speech to text technology is really starting to get impressive.

How Long Does It Take To Learn How To Use Dragon Dictate

In short, not long at all, I just installed the software about 15 or 20 minutes ago. This is basically just a plug and play software program. Now, there are a lot of more advanced features, which I will probably want to learn as I become more proficient with this software. But if all you really want to do is write articles without using your keyboard, I think Dragon Dictate is a fantastic program to do this.

How Much Does Dragon Dictate Cost?

I purchased Dragon Dictate directly from the Dragon Dictate website. Unfortunately, I paid about $200 for this software. It looks like it may have overpaid. While browsing on Amazon.com, I noticed that it was much cheaper. So, if you do decide to purchase Dragon Dictate, you might want to go through Amazon.com instead of the main Dragon Dictate website. Here is a link or you can pick it up for $99 on Amazon.

My Overall Conclusion (And Errors During This Dictation)

My initial conclusion is that this software program is great. I have only had a few issues during the creation of this article. Of course, I’ve had a few words that have not translated properly, but this has only happened once or twice throughout this entire article, and I’m already at about 800 words.

I do seem to be having one other issue as well. Sometimes after each sentence, the letter T will appear. It seems to be completely random, and I can’t find out why that would be appearing. Overall, it really doesn’t matter, because the tea stays at the end of the sentence and I can just keep going and pretend it’s not there. However, it is a little annoying.

I think this is an amazing program, especially for those of you who find it uncomfortable to type, or for those of you who are unable to type due to a medical condition. Technology like this is really leveling the playing field for everyone. You no longer need to be able to type at 100 words per minute, and even if you can, this might be a faster and simpler way to do it.

I do think that there is a bit of a learning curve, but with a little bit of practice, I think this program just might replace my keyboard for good.

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