February 20, 2022

When an affiliate marketer has a website (which I recommend for ALL affiliate marketers), they often wonder, what is the most effective SEO technique? Fortunately, this is a rather easy question to answer.

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The Single Most Effective SEO Technique

Most Effective SEO Technique

Well, that wraps up this article on the most effective SEO technique. I hope you enjoyed it!

…Oh, you want a further explanation? Well ok, fine. 🙂

There is a well-known term amongst successful affiliate marketers and that term is “content is King.” You’ll also hear a lot of affiliate marketers say “content, content, content” when asked about their #1 most effective SEO technique.

Search engines have one primary concern – helping people find content on the internet. The more content you have, the more search engines have to work with. Not only can regular, fresh, and high quality content quickly help your site rank highly in the search engines, but it can even help established websites that are struggling. Content is KEY to any website success and is why it is widely know to be the most effective SEO technique.

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How To Write The Best Content For SEO

The best way to write content for SEO is to not really worry about SEO at all. What search engines really care about is making sure searchers find high quality websites that provide a great user experience. So the lesson here is, write content for your sites visitors, not for search engines.

Of course, there are a few little things you can do. Firstly, you should perform some keyword research to find out exactly what people are searching for related to your websites topic. You can then use those search terms in the “meta tags” for your web page, the title, and a few times in your article.

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Matt Cutts From Google Discussing Website Content & The #1 Most Effective SEO Technique

How To Write The Best Content For Your Website Visitors

Keep in mind that people do not read web pages like they do a book. They treat websites more like magazines. People tend to skim around and only read small sections at a time. When something catches their eye, they will start reading. After that, they skim until something else interesting presents itself. That’s why you’ll notice I try to keep paragraphs short and I also break my articles up by using lots of headers, videos, images, bullet lists, and other things that can catch a readers attention. The more you help people “skim” your content, the better.

You should also be uniquely YOU. Allow your personality to come through. Crack jokes, speak in the first person, and simply have a conversation. Anyone can go to Wikipedia or some government website if they want boring and dry content. Stand out by just being you. It’s fun and most people love the personal approach.

Have Confidence In Your Writing Abilities

Confidence In Writing

The benefit of being an affiliate marketer is you don’t have to have perfect writing skills. Don’t develop your website to make it appear as if you’re some large company. Just be personal! Be YOU! As I stated above, people will love your site if you just be yourself, rather than try to act like someone you’re not. Truth be told, most of us trust single down-to-earth individuals more than corporations that spend tons of money trying to figure out how to seduce us and profit.

If you don’t have great writing skills, let your visitors know! Your honesty will be a breath of fresh air and your writing skills, as poor as they might be, will help make the site even more personal.

I’m not saying you should purposely use poor grammar or writing skills, but if you don’t have the confidence to write content yourself, you are probably being too hard on yourself. Just be you and be proud of your uniqueness. Your visitors will love you for it.

Does Spelling And Grammar Effect SEO?

Develop A Content Strategy

Anytime I create a new website, I set up what is called a “website blueprint”. I literally plan out every page of my site before I start. This not only eliminates the possibility of writers block, but also helps you keep your site organized and easy to navigate (another positive SEO technique).

Not sure how to create your own website blueprint or even what topic to start a website about? Let me help you! I’ve worked hard creating video tutorials and written guidance in this affiliate marketing e-course. I made signing up as simple as possible, so just click here and lets get started building your affiliate marketing business today!

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