June 24, 2022

Music has always been a huge part of people’s lives whether or not they play instruments. With the presence of Spotify and Apple Music, music is now easily streamed by a lot of people and on any occasion. 

So if you’re an affiliate marketer whose content focuses on music, then signing up in the best affiliate programs is a good opportunity to earn a few bucks while you talk about your love for music. 

But what affiliate marketing program should you join? Well, you can join many programs as long as they offer high commission rates. 

We’ve come up with a list so you don’t have to. Here are the best music affiliate programs in 2022. 

10 Music Affiliate Programs that Give You Those Extra Bucks

There are a lot of music affiliate programs available, but not every program will give you a high commission rate. 

The thing with affiliate marketing is that even if the commission rate is 3%, but the average order value (AOV) is a few thousand, then you can still get a good fee for driving your audience to music sites. 

So the average order value and the actual prices of the products affect how much you earn from these affiliate programs. 


Commission rate: 40% – 70% 

Cookie window: 60 days

We all have that one friend that needs singing lessons. Or if they didn’t, they might be interested in learning how to improve their vocal cords. 

Enter Singorama! Singorama is a site that has online classes that will help strengthen your vocal cords while teaching you how to properly reach the high notes. 

There are several courses available and there are also courses for songwriting. So if you’re also talking about songwriting on your website, then this is a course you can talk about too. 

Singorama has a unique offering, but what we love most about it is its high commission rates – you get 40% on any shipped media course and 70% on any downloadable products.

You don’t get these high commission rates every day, you know. And so we recommend giving this a try. 

To make things a lot better, you also get other commission fees for any other product sold on their site. Singorama is even generous with its cookie window at 60 days. 

2. MasterClass

Commission rate: 25%

Cookie window: 30 days

MasterClass is a platform that has several online courses for cooking, singing, playing basketball, and many more. 

With courses by Steph Curry and Gordon Ramsey, this platform has gotten a lot of attention from people who want to learn a new skill in just a few hours (who wouldn’t want to learn from Gordon Ramsey himself?).

In the music industry, you can learn songwriting from Alicia Keys and musical instruments from Carlo Santana. 

Apart from the interesting lessons from the masters themselves, MasterClass gives a very high commission rate of 25%. You also get incentives when you reach a certain sales target as an affiliate marketer. 

All in all, joining MasterClass’ affiliate program is a good option if your blog talks about learning musical skills such as songwriting, guitar, piano, etc. 

You can register through ShareASale, and your website will be reviewed by both ShareASale and MasterClass. 


Commission rate: 60%

Cookie window: 90 days

By now you’re probably seeing a pattern in which music brands offer high commission rates. Music courses tend to have a higher commission rate than those that sell musical instruments. 

Another example is Piano for all. Piano for all has a 60% commission rate on all of its courses. 

Sure, their courses are priced below $100 but sell more than 10 courses a month and you can get up to $600 in commission! 

One more thing that we love about Piano for all is the 90-day cookie window. Even if your visitor doesn’t purchase during their first session on the site, there’s still a 3-month period where they can go back and purchase, attributing the sale to your website. 

As for refunds, Piano for all enjoys a below 4% refund rate. So you don’t have to worry about your commission being reduced from time to time. 

To get started, you have to create an account through Clickbank. Here you’ll receive a link that has your ID and Piano for all’s ID. 

4.Singing Machine

Commission rate: 5%

Cookie window: 30 days

Here’s something different – a site that sells karaoke products that you can use at home. 

Yup, Singing Machine is one of the pioneering brands that offered at-home karaoke equipment as well as music libraries. 

Their karaoke equipment ranges from $70 – $299. Professional equipment costs even more. 

The 5% is such a huge difference compared to the first few affiliate programs we mentioned. And since these are one-time purchases, you don’t expect to have a lot of repeat buyers. 

However, the good thing about this is that Singing Machine has a lot of products that you can choose to market on your site. 

And as an affiliate marketer, you can always upsell their products so that every purchase reaches a few hundred bucks. You could also just focus on the higher-priced karaoke items like microphones. 


Commission rate: 8% – 10%

Cookie window: 30 days

Orangewood is an e-commerce brand that sells affordable and high-quality guitars. Based in Los Angeles, this company has opted to sell 100% online instead of selling through retailers. 

This comes as a good thing because you have fewer competitors trying to sell these guitars. Plus, the company can afford to give a higher commission rate in the absence of retailers. 

The average order value is currently at $250 so the 10% commission is pretty good assuming that you can make several sales in a week.  

There are also several competitions given to affiliate marketers, so it’s best to read their newsletters for areas where you can earn a few bucks on top of your commission fees. 

If you want to register for Orangewood’s affiliate program, you can do so through ShareASale. Registration is free so why not give it a try? 


Commission rate: 5%

Cookie window: 60 days

Ever wondered how you can soundproof your room so that nobody can hear you practicing? AudiMute is the company for you! 

AudiMute is not just any other soundproofing company, it also sells products made out of 100% recyclable materials. 

So if you’re ever looking for a more sustainable option to soundproof your room, music hall, classroom, or worship auditorium, then this is a good way to go. 

You get a 5% commission on every sale. This isn’t so bad considering that the average order value is $200. 

AudiMute also gives incentives and other opportunities for affiliate marketers to earn more through their stores. 

The cookie window is even longer than most of the music affiliate programs. 60 days is quite a long time, isn’t it?


Commission rate: 2% – 4.5%

Cookie window: 14 days

Thomann is Europe’s leading music store with over 80,000 products sold on its website. They sell all kinds of musical instruments, music equipment, and software. 

They also carry brands like Yamaha, Gibson, Fender, and Sennheiser. 

The commission rate varies depending on the medium of affiliate marketing you do. For example, the 2% commission rate is for use in forums while the rate for influencers who post on social media is 4.5%. 

Depending on where you use their links or what type of affiliate marketer you sign up as you could receive a relatively high commission rate. 

On average, Thomann receives up to 1,000 visitors daily and they have a relatively high conversion rate of 5%. 

Bring in people who are already interested to buy and you might get a large enough commission fee. It’s even more rewarding if they end up buying an expensive guitar or a piano!

8.Prime Loops

Commission rate: 20%

Cookie window: Not mentioned

Established in 2007 as a small music studio in London, Prime Loops has developed into one of the chosen online stores for audio presets and music samples. 

You can purchase digital music in any genre – Hip Hop, Lofi, and even Classical. In total, it has around 10,000+ audio samples produced by several studios. 

Although the market for audio samples is not as big when compared to music courses or musical instruments, affiliate marketers whose audiences are into creating music can find Prime Loops as a good addition to their website. 

Their commission rate is high at 20% of each sale which is a good rate for music affiliate programs. 

The downside is that you are only given your payment every quarter so there’s a long wait. Moreover, withdrawals are only possible for affiliate marketers who has at least $110. 

Nonetheless, Prime Loops is a good option if your market is those who create music or are musicians themselves. 

9.Musician’s Friend

Commission rate: 4%

Cookie window: 14 days

Musician’s Friend is one of those sites that help you find affordable and pre-loved musical instruments. With around 80,000 units on sale, it’s hard to not find an instrument that fits your budget. 

Of course, the site also sells new instruments which is where a lot of affiliate marketers find opportunities to maximize their commission. 

Speaking of commission, Musician’s Friend only gives a 4% commission rate on every sale. It also has a relatively short cookie window of 14 days. 

The commission in itself is quite low compared to others we listed here. However, what’s great about Musician’s Friend is that they have lots of listings. In turn, you can bring in a wide range of visitors to their site. 

As an affiliate marketer, you can play around with talking about new and pre-loved violins, pianos, guitars, etc. You can also market the higher-priced instruments like Gibson and Marshall. 

10.Amazon Associates

Commission rate: 3%

Cookie window: 24 hours

Lest we forget, Amazon has everything. And by everything, even hard-to-get musical instruments and piano sheets can be found on Amazon. 

It’s not surprising that it has a large listing for music products comparable to some of the sites we mentioned here. 

While all this is good, let’s talk about that 3% commission rate. To put frankly, this is one of the lowest commission rates we found in the music industry. 

But why did we include it here? That’s because Amazon gets a lot of traffic every single day and inserting Amazon into your blogs is quite easy. It’s as if Amazon is deeply ingrained in American culture. 

So while the 3% commission rate is low (and there’s also a very short 24-hour window), it’s worth joining the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program. 

To make this worth your time, best to mention Amazon in many different blogs so that you can tap a wide range of people that are most likely to end up buying something on Amazon. 

Not sure if Amazon is the way to go? Read our full Amazon Associates review here! 

Music Affiliate Programs as a Big Earning Opportunity

As you’ve seen, the commission rate in the music affiliate industry varies from low to high. You can get rates at 2% while some even go up to 70%. 

While it’s always a great idea to pick the highest commissions, some of the sites we mentioned that have a high commission rate often have lower average order values. 

So when picking the right programs to join, always take into account the average order value so that you can get a sense of how much you could earn. 

Hopefully, this list has shown you that there are a lot of programs to choose from and not just from brands that sell musical instruments.

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