February 20, 2022

It is a pretty widely accepted fact among successful affiliate marketers that the most effective affiliate marketing technique is creating a website that provides high quality information about a niche topic that people, and search engines, love.

For many years, I have personally been using the CTPM process which I learned through MySiteSell.com. Here’s a pretty good video explanation of how the CTPM process works.

There is a well-known saying in the affiliate marketing circle that says, “content is king!” If you have a website with a ton of great content that visitors are searching for, you will not only rank highly in search engines, but people will naturally recommend your site in forums, link to you in blogs, share on social media, post comments on your site and interact, etc. Due to a positive user experience, your site will grow naturally just like most other new businesses.

Choosing Topics To Write About

Affiliate Marketing Technique Ideas

First of all, your website or blog should be about one topic. Don’t write a blog post about car insurance one day and how to lose weight the next. Find a niche. One that doesn’t have much competition but has many people searching for information about that topic.

Take for example one of my websites, SharkSider.com. That site attracts around 3,000 visitors each day from search engines alone. I don’t pay a single dime for traffic. It just comes naturally. Why? Because it provides awesome information about a topic that people are searching for. People love it for the great information I provide and because of that, so do search engines. Plus, there isn’t a whole lot of competition for that topic. I might also add that it has been a really fun site to build. Sharks are awesome!

Learn how you can also turn your passion or hobby into a money making career.

How To Find In Demand And Low Competition Topics To Maximize Your Affiliate Marketing Technique

There are several tricks that can be used to find an in demand and low competition topic for a website, but this isn’t something I will go into fully here. There is some information I reserve only for those who have signed up for this affiliate marketing e-course and this is one of those. I have some awesome tricks to show you, but I really don’t want this information out there and public for everyone. So sign up right now and I’ll share that with you.

If you do sign up for this affiliate marketing e-course, you’ll not only learn how to find niche topics that are in demand with low competition, but you’ll know with near 100% certainty that you can make some good money from that topic. I highly recommend you sign up.

Diversify Your Traffic Sources

Affiliate Marketing Technique

Several years ago, it was common for affiliate marketers to rely almost 100% on search engine traffic. I’ve been guilty of that myself. But the affiliate marketers who survive long-term have mastered the art of diversifying traffic sources.

The reason you don’t want to rely on any one traffic source, like search engine traffic, is because rankings change with time. Sometimes the changes benefit you, other times it won’t. If you have a truly high quality site, you should always, in general, be heading in the upward direction.

However, it’s still not a good idea to “put all your eggs in one basket” and thankfully, these days you don’t have to. With social media, YouTube (the #2 most popular search engine in the world), email marketing, guest blogging, forums, Yahoo! Answers, and a slew of paid advertising options, there is no need to rely on search engines for affiliate marketing anymore. Free traffic can be found in many places.

Do Social Media Accounts Help Your Website Rank In Google?

Creating Successful Paid Advertising Campaigns

Paid advertising such as through Google Adwords can get expensive in a big hurry. Before you can find a successful campaign, you need to develop an ad that actually generates a return on your investment. The only way to do this is to experiment. That can cost you thousands of dollars before you find an ad that works. Once you do find an ad that works, you can “scale it up” and reap the rewards. For new affiliate marketers, this is not recommended. It’s a bit like gambling, only the odds are stacked way more against you.

However, once you start seeing some success, this is not a terrible avenue to explore as a way to reinvest your profits. Take, for example, YouTube ads. You can run your own 30 second YouTube ad for less than 25 cents each time they play it. Think about that! A YouTuber that is video surfing will see advertisements from Ford, Coca-Cola, and Apple, but then at some point, they will see YOUR ad in the middle of all that. When on Earth have everyday people like you and me been able to afford advertising side-by-side with multi-billion dollar corporations? It’s just incredible!

So, once you have seen quite a bit of success through free traffic sources, exploring paid advertising platforms could give you an amazing return on investment.

These are just a few effective affiliate marketing techniques. To get even more techniques, sign up for this affiliate marketing e-course. I promise you’ll absolutely love it.

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