August 26, 2022

Heard the buzz about cryptocurrency but feel intimidated to take the leap? 

Don’t worry. The cryptocurrency industry is here to stay and the stats back it up.

But if you aren’t confident in becoming a trader just yet, another way to earn income from crypto is through affiliate marketing. 

The main gist of an affiliate program is simple: You spread the word. You get compensated for your efforts. 

Overall, you not only grow your prospects but the entirety of the industry too. 

Well then, what’s the next step? Find which affiliate program is the perfect fit for you. 

Before that, let’s go into further detail about how cryptocurrency affiliate programs work. 

How do Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs work?

While the crypto market has proven that it’s a lucrative industry, it’s still a budding industry that needs that extra push to make it to the mainstream. 

This is why there are a lot of cryptocurrency affiliate programs offered by major players in the crypto industry. 

You can find affiliate programs among crypto exchanges, trading solutions, and even hardware wallets. 

And with each blog, article, YouTube video, or social media post that you put out online with their affiliate links, you direct more potential customers to their platforms and products.

Once a prospect signs up through your link, you’ll start receiving commissions on their referrals. 

Sounds exciting? Well, before you start getting giddy about your potential earnings it’s important to remember that not all affiliate programs are created equal.

Each program offers different commission rates and has different payout schemes. Some offer according to the transactions of a referral, others by sale. 

Luckily, after much research, we’ve finally narrowed down the best of the best affiliate programs. 

Those that made it on our list are those guaranteed to have profitable commissions to help you get started. 

Want to become an affiliate marketer? Read on to find out which cryptocurrency affiliate programs made the cut!

But First! Is Crypto Really a Good Niche to go After?

If you’re skeptical, I get you. 

What if crypto is just another fad that’ll fade away? 

What if it’s not a good niche?

Well… here a few facts to get you excited about this niche. 

The cryptocurrency market was worth $1.49 billion in 2020. By 2030, its value is expected to reach $4.49 billion

And even during a global pandemic, the international crypto market boomed by 900% in the span of one year, from March 2020 to February 2021. 

Picking up speed over the past ten years, the crypto market shows no signs of stopping. So, would you rather fall behind or would you rather lead the race?

If you chose the latter, this article is definitely for you.

There are a couple of ways to get in on the crypto market. 

And helping people learn more about it is certainly one of the best ones! 

Because trust me, MOST people don’t fully understand crypto yet. So if you can teach them and recommend programs, you’re putting yourself in position to earn a LOT of commissions! 

But okay, now let’s get to the programs! 

Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs with good commission rates

1. Binance Affiliate Program


Join the Binance Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 20%-50%

You can’t really talk about the cryptocurrency market without talking about Binance.  

But what else can you expect from one of the largest crypto exchange platforms out there? 

With over 1,400,000+ transactions in a day, Binance has an extensive ecosystem - one that they aim to expand with their affiliate program.   

Affiliate marketers can collect up to 50% commissions when users sign up for Binance through their affiliate links. 

The commission rate starts at 20% but you can double this if you have 500 BNB in your Binance Wallet. And, if you’re up to the challenge, you can apply for their 50% commission tier.

Under this tier, you’ll have stricter requirements and will have to go through a manual approval process.  

Binance isn’t that hard to promote either. This juggernaut is a reputable crypto exchange with over 600 cryptocurrencies. 

It won’t take much for beginner traders to buy into an established name.

A couple of other perks? Unlike other affiliate schemes, Binance pays commissions in real-time and offers cool rewards for its affiliate marketers.

2. Paxful Affiliate Program

Join the Paxful Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 50%

Paxful is also one of the most trusted platforms out there too, one that is 6 million users strong. 

On this exchange, you can trade with up to 350 types of cryptocurrencies. And a wide range of digital currencies is always a good selling point to crypto buyers and sellers. 

And among all these affiliate programs, Paxful is probably the platform that prioritizes its affiliate marketers the most.

Why? Well, it’s because of its unique program scheme. On Paxful, you receive commission rates from both Tier 1 and Tier 2 referrals.

Let me break it down for you.

Let’s say that an individual starts buying bitcoins from Paxful through one of your affiliate links. They become your direct affiliates and from that transaction, you already gain 50% of Escrow fees.

But it doesn’t stop there. 

When one of your direct affiliates also starts gaining referrals and these referrals purchase bitcoins as well, you can get an additional 10% of Escrow fees. 

With this setup, it’s easier to recruit your Tier 1 referrals to join the affiliate program as well, extending the network even further. 

3. Coinbase Affiliate Program

Join the Coinbase Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 50% for initial three months

Looking for steady results when it comes to trading or promoting? Coinbase may be the affiliate program for you.

As another big name in the industry, it’s a trustworthy and reliable choice, making it a safe sell to those just starting to dip their toes in the crypto market. 

But hold up. They take things a step further to prove just how reliable they can be with their insurance coverage. 

Coinbase offers insurance coverage for up to $250,000 and protects the data of its users. 

Marketers may find it difficult to convert leads into sales, especially in industries that aren’t as established. 

But assurances like this can make a big difference. 

If that’s not proof enough to convert hesitant crypto investors, I don’t know what is. 

As an affiliate marketer, you can expect 50% commission fees for your first three months. 

You also get a competitive edge with Coinbase's campaign tracking and reporting capabilities that will give you insights on how to better promote the platform. 

4. Coinmama Affiliate Program

Join the Coinmama Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 30%

If we’re talking about an affiliate program that thinks about the long-haul growth for its affiliate marketers, Coinmama takes the cake.

How you may ask? 

Well, with Coinmama, you not only gain a 30% commission for a few transactions of your referral but receive the same amount for all transactions throughout the lifetime of your referral’s account. 

This means that however far down the line, you’ll still be earning from all your referrals so long as they’re still active. 

Coinmama is also active in 188 countries, meaning that you can cast a wider net when targeting audiences for your blogs or social media posts. 

And, similar to Coinbase, Coinmama also offers tracking tools to help you stay on top of your marketing efforts.  

5. Changelly Affiliate Program

Join the Changelly Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 50%

While Changelly may be one of the newer cryptocurrency exchanges, it’s already compared to the likes of established names like Binance or Coinbase.

What sets it apart from its predecessors is its modern take on affiliate marketing and even its fresh branding.

Already with two million users in, Changelly wants to continue its success with extra innovations other crypto exchanges have yet to try out.

Aside from affiliate links, they also offer other promotion tools like widgets, banners, and buttons for marketers with their websites. 

Those who understand how much UX (user experience) factors into conversion will know just how helpful these tools can be. 

Oftentimes, users want to be engaged, and seeing plain text hyperlinks may not excite them as much.

Once referrals start coming through via these tools, Changelly can also help you monitor the referrals through their cookie-based tracking software. 

The best part? Changelly doesn’t skimp on commission rates either, offering up 50% on all referrals. 

6. Local Bitcoins Affiliate Program

Join the LocalBitcoins Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 20% for users trades, up to 40% for new users

Unlike the cryptocurrency exchanges on this list, LocalBitcoins is more of an online marketplace for peer-to-peer trading. 

It’s a decentralized exchange market where users trade directly among themselves, with no middleman in charge of the platform’s assets. 

But because these are peer-to-peer exchanges, it does bring minor risks. 

To protect their customers from these risks, LocalBitcoins uses the Escrow wallet.

What is an Escrow wallet? It’s a service that holds the money on behalf of two parties before a transaction is completed and the Bitcoins are officially handed over.  

That said, affiliates can easily bank on this security feature. 

Also, because it is a buy and sells platform, you can earn 40% when you recruit a buyer and a seller to sign up to LocalBitcoins.  

Meanwhile, for every successful trade that a referral makes, you can collect up to 20% commission.

7. Trezor Wallet Affiliate Program

Join the Trezor Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 12-15% per sale

Who said cryptocurrencies are limited to digital wallets? 

Move over because Trezor is here to prove otherwise.

Trezor is one of the very few hardware wallets in the industry today. 

A hardware wallet stores the important information you use to authorize your crypto transactions in a device.

With a Trezor wallet, you also protect access to your accounts via multi-factor authentication on your hardware device. Not to mention, hardware wallets are also safe from software viruses.

These are just some of the benefits that affiliates can share when marketing Trezor.

And if your marketing efforts pay off, you can earn up to 12% to 15% on commissions on each sale. 

You also get 24/7 access to your campaign data and analytics and you can reach out to account managers anytime for materials you may need to promote the brand.

8. Ledger Wallet Affiliate Program

Join the Ledger Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 10% per sale

Another name that dominates the hardware wallet market? Ledger. 

Alongside Trevor, Ledger is a trusted brand that offers a secure way for you to manage your cryptocurrency. 

Users can reduce the risk of viruses and hacking and add an extra layer of protection when they use a hardware wallet.

Now, isn’t that a great product to market? 

Signing up for its affiliate program is simple and quickly approved. In this program, you earn 10% per sale. 

As your sales grow and you become a long-term Ledger affiliate, you’ll also begin to receive rewards and access to different Ledger sponsorships, events, prizes, and more. 

9. Coinrule Affiliate Program

Join the Coinrule Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 30%

More and more people are joining the cryptocurrency market.

However, not all traders have the time or the experience of professional algorithmic traders. 

Cue Coinrule - an automated trading solution that allows you to compete with the knowledge of seasoned traders without the coding.  

Affiliates can market Coinrule to audiences who are looking for ways to reduce the time and effort they need to spend on trading.  

With over 150 rules that you can set up on your account, users can let Coinrule do the hard work.

Once you’ve caught this target market, you’ll start earning a recurring 20% commission for each of your referral’s transactions.

10. EToro Affiliate Program

Join the eToro Affiliate Program

Commission rate: $200 to $600 per active trader

I’m sure at one point you’ve come across the iconic eToro ads.

But this buzzy brand doesn’t just talk. With over 20 million users, eToro has become one of the world’s leading social investment networks. 

At the moment, eToro also has over 90 cryptocurrencies for traders to choose from. But with the brand’s drive, the platform is only expected to grow. 

EToro also has over 50 million “eToro Partners”, making it one of the biggest affiliate networks in the world. Their extensive network also makes it easier to recruit new traders. 

And it may even be one of the most profitable ones, considering that you can earn $200 to $600 per active trader. 


So, there you have it! Ten cryptocurrency affiliate programs that can help you earn a steady stream of income. 

Whether you’re a trader or an affiliate marketer, there’s no denying that there’s money to be made in the crypto market.

And because the cryptocurrency market is on a major rise, there are new exchanges, online marketplaces, and lenders that pop up every day.

That being said, not all of these start-ups last. One minute they’re there, the next they’re gone. 

This is why it’s important to stay critical of the brands you choose to work with. 

Our list includes some of the most established names in the market to make sure that you’re working with only the best of the best. 

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the affiliate program for you, sign up, and get started!

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