February 20, 2022

Top 10 lists are popular on almost any type of website or blog. If you’re looking for hits on a particular post, this tactic is a surefire way to get them. In order to understand the importance of top 10 list articles, you need to be aware of why people are so drawn to them. Here are 10 reasons why “listicles” work:

1. They grab attention.

Top 10 list articles are often accompanied by an intriguing headline. Words like “secrets” or “tips” can help the reader feel like he or she will be in the know after reading the list. Likewise, no one will want to miss out on the valuable information contained in the article. Make sure to go with a title that will immediately grab the attention of the reader and you can be assured of many clicks.

2. They stand out.

Pairing a number with words is slightly jarring to the brain. As a reader’s mind processes the search results in front of him or her, there’s a good chance that a top 10 list will stand out from the crowd. A person’s eye will naturally be drawn to an article with a number in the title. Use top 10 lists frequently and you can consistently drive traffic to your site.

3. They answer important questions.

A good top 10 list will answer questions that many individuals are curious about. When the majority of people are interested in the topic of your post, you can count on a high number of hits. Choose a subject that relates to your website or blog as well as one that will appeal to a wide variety of readers. Make every point count and everyone will want to read the list from start to finish.

4. They promise plenty of information.

A list of 10 facts, tips or secrets will promise a lot of information to your reader. If given the choice between an article with three points and one with 10, an individual will almost always choose the latter. When it comes to posts in list form, more info is definitely the way to go. If someone has a limited amount of time, he or she will likely visit your site in hopes of gaining as much knowledge as possible from one page. Providing 10 terrific points will give anyone 10 great reasons to click.

5. They’re easy to read.

An article with numbered points will help the reader scan the article with ease. Placing a subheading with each number will also aid in reading comprehension for most individuals. Unlike an article that consists entirely of text, the addition of numbers can help keep the reader engaged and will improve the flow of your message. When you create posts that are easy to read, you’ll be much more likely to get repeat visitors.

6. They have hype.

Top 10 lists and other numbered articles are all the rage right now. In fact, many websites and blogs rely entirely on this popular format. People like to read the latest “listicles” and share them with their friends and coworkers. Posting creative top 10 lists can create buzz for your site and encourage more individuals to visit it regularly. After all, everyone likes to stay in the know about the trendy topics of the day.

7. They’re visually appealing.

The uniform look of top 10 list articles is visually appealing to most readers. Strive to include about the same amount of text per paragraph and use consistent spacing between each section. The list format prevents the content from appearing too cluttered or busy. The result will be a calming, informative article that nearly anyone would be happy to read.

8. They can simplify a complicated subject.

No one likes to feel like content is going over his or her head. That’s why it’s important to break down your post into sections. If you’ve ever tried to put together a bicycle or a large piece of furniture, you probably know that taking things step by step is essential. Similarly, articles that present information in a list format can make things easier for the reader. By breaking down a complex topic into simpler points, you can help people absorb concepts that would otherwise be difficult to grasp. The average individual should be able to understand the thoughts you’re presenting.

9. They’re great for skimming.

If someone only has time to give your article a brief glance, a top 10 list will provide a fantastic way to gather some information. While the reader may not get the full benefits of the content that way, he or she will still be able to gain valuable knowledge from a quick scan. You’d be surprised by how much info can be retained in just a minute or two. Whether the reader has a limited amount of time to browse or just has a short attention span, a list article will allow him or her to skim though easily and discover the main points. It’s all about getting your information out there and letting people consume it however they choose.

10. They’re fun.

When it comes down to it, top 10 lists are just plain fun. Even late-night talk shows use them to entertain their viewing audiences. If your subject matter is a bit on the dry side, the list format provides a great way to shake things up and make a tedious topic more amusing. Consider making it the norm when it comes to most of your posts. When you make learning fun, you’re sure to gain a big following online.

Many readers have come to expect “listicles” on almost any type of site. It’s a good idea to recognize the importance of top 10 list articles and start giving your visitors what they want. By providing interesting, straightforward posts in list form, you’ll be on your way to attracting more people to your website or blog. Keep those top 10 articles coming and you’re sure to keep visitors coming back day after day!

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