February 20, 2022

When looking for WordPress hosting services, you’ll want to invest in the best. This is one are of your business you do not want to skimp out on. Cheap hosting services are cheap for a reason – they’re terrible.

There are several ways to find the best WordPress hosting service, the most common of which being seeking out and reading customer testimonials or reviews, but are those reviews accurate or are they fake? When looking through reviews, the job can become daunting, as every hosting service seems to have positive reviews with widly varying prices for the services.

Because of this, I wanted to make the job a little easier for you, and list the top 3 WordPress hosting services, as well as a comparison that outlines what each offer respectively from the others.

First, let’s list the top 3 WordPress hosting services, and a few features each offers to their subscribers and customers:


WP Engine WordPress Hosting

WPengine is the best of the best when it comes to WordPress hosting services. The WordPress hosting services offered by the provider feature unparalleled user-friendliness, 24/7 customer support, innovative technologies, enterprise-level security, real-time threat protection, website performance support, content management support, and so much more. WPengine makes migrating your website to the hosted server easy, and a plethora of customer testimonials show vast satisfaction with their WordPress hosting services. This is the only hosting service I use for all of my WordPress sites and the same service I recommend to my closest friends and family. While this is not the cheapest web host around, I believe WPengine is worth the price.


Fat Cow WordPress Hosting

FatCow has great WordPress hosting services for beginners looking to put their blog or website on the web for real. Bonus features like Bing, Google, and Yahoo! ad assistance allows your WordPress website or blog to be searchable by the audiences you’re looking to reach, and a free web builder tool makes creating your first website or blog very simple. For e-commerce brands, a shopping cart is simple to add to your website and keeps your sales and conversions running smoothly. This is not the service I would normally recommend for new users of WordPress or those unfamiliar with running web servers, but if you do have some technical background and want to save a few bucks per month this is a great cost-effective option.



StartLogic is less beginner based when compared to FatCow, but less extensive when compared to WPengine. It could be viewed as a nice middle ground in WordPress hosting services when compared to the other two. StartLogic features assistance in marketing your website or blog using Google Adwords or Bing paid ads, as well as access to simple to use online marketing guides for tips and tricks. An easy website design builder makes creating your first website or blog simple, and customer support features 24/7 chat support, email support, and tutorials you can access at any time. Once again this is not the WordPress hosting service that I would normally recommend for beginners, so if you are new to the world of building an online business I recommend going wtih WPengine.

The Compare And Contrast

Now that the top 3 WordPress hosting services are outlined, it’s time to compare each and see which is best suited for your blogging or website building needs. If you’re creating a WordPress blog for affiliate marketing, you’ll be looking for something that prioritizes content and visibility, while also being user-friendly and able to handle real traffic coming to view your content.

First, and it’s important to note, that StartLogic and FatCow are perfect for the beginner blogger or website builder. If you want something simple and straightforward, with just enough features to keep your site running smoothly and efficiently while making you visible online, they both offer just what you’re looking for. StartLogic, however, features better customer service capabilities than FatCow, and if you’re concerned about what would happen if something goes wrong on your website or blog, opting for the 24/7 support of StartLogic may be your better bet. That being said, FatCow really prides itself on ease of use, and for a first-time e-commerce site or affiliate marketing blog, they really do keep things simple and straightforward.

the-top-3-wordpress-hosting-services-comparedWhere both StartLogic and FatCow may not be the best choice is if you plan to have your beginner website or blog begin to grow. Unfortunately, both of these options really place focus on beginner to intermediate WordPress use, and these WordPress hosting services may be outgrown if you’re successful over a shorter period of time. What they lack is the proper features and architecture to keep your efforts growing how you want them to grow, and your success may leave you feeling frustrated and looking for a new provider more quickly than you initially anticipated.

This is where WPengine comes in. What WPengine offers that StartLogic and FatCow cannot is a place to not only begin your WordPress hosting services journey, but a place to see it through to the end. Not only does this WordPress hosting service provide to you the easy building capabilities and 24/7 support you’ll need when starting up, they also feature innovative technologies that keep your blog or website going no matter how successful you become. With server speeds 4 to 6 times greater than average, your website will be able to handle any traffic that happens to come its way, and instead of focusing on your website’s functionality, you’ll be focused on its continued success.

WPengine also supports continued success, and wants to help you to get there with additional features. Using simplified and easy to use Google Analytics tools, you can analyze your content and see what is working for you, what may work better, and how your content should evolve in the future to continue to bring you success. For ecommerce websites and affiliate marketing blogs, this translates to attracting more interested audiences and better conversion rates.

Content management isn’t the only additional feature offered by WPengine. On top of content management, the WordPress hosting service also allows you to track your website or blog performance, feel safe with real-time threat detection and enterprise grade security, and application performance tracking.

Figuring Out What WordPress Hosting Services Are Right For You

The whole goal of comparing and contrasting WordPress hosting services is to determine which hosting service is best for you and best suited to your overall goals. If you plan to grow your website, your blog, or your brand, you’ll want to go with WordPress hosting services that grow right along with you, and don’t hinder you with capabilities or a lack of features holding you back. A choice that allows you to begin and grow with one hosting service will take you all throughout your WordPress hosting journey allowing you to focus solely on your success.

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