February 20, 2022

As a professional freelance writer, you need to learn from the experts or at least those who are more experienced. One way to improve your own writing, stay current on trends and learn from the mistakes and successes of others is by following some of the top freelance writing blogs. Here are a few you might want to bookmark.

The Renegade Writer

This blog comes from Diana Burrell and Linda Formichelli and provides valuable information based on the personal experiences of these two successful writers. The blog posts cover all aspects of writing from being creative to handling the business side. The site also provides courses for aspiring writers or those who want to increase their income.

One of the benefits of following this blog is that it also offers information and tips for those who want to write for print magazines. Learn about queries and how to write a killer pitch. You will also read about developing good habits as a writer and creating a home office that works for your lifestyle.


Learn everything you need to know about blogging and copywriting from this blog. Created and written by Brian Clark, he is an authority on the subject and passes along valuable tips. He will not only teach you how to write, he will help you learn the best way to market yourself to get clients. The blog links to e-courses and other resources that will help your career take off.


This is another site that every freelance writer should check out. The site is written by Darren Rowse, who teaches you just about anything you need to know on the subject of blogging. What is even better is the fact that this blog includes a job board that is well-recognized and often includes lucrative jobs for freelancers. If you want to make money from your own blogs or by writing blog posts for other people, learn from Darren’s advice.

Freelance Writing Gigs

This site focuses on finding jobs for freelance writers and posting them every day. However, it also includes blog posts about all aspects of writing. Written from current writers who provide practical tips to help you break into this lucrative profession, this is one of the best all-around freelance writing blogs to follow. Learn how to deal with writer’s block or where to go for magazine markets. Find out the best apps for writers or how to deal with burnout. Because the blog deals with practical issues for all levels of writers, it is ideal for newbies and those with more experience.

Be a Freelance Blogger

Created and maintained by British blogger Sophie Lizard, this is one blog you will enjoy just for the fun of it as well as to learn more about blogging. Actually, if you spend some time reading her informative and entertaining posts, you will learn about writing of any kind. She offers practical advice from her own experience and provides it in such a way that you’ll forget you’re actually learning something. The fact that her income from blogging provides for her family should make you sit up and pay attention. She has a “been-there, done-that” approach in her blog and readers love it.

Make a Living Writing

If you want to hear it like it is, and learn how to make real money by someone with serious industry experience, this blog from Carol Tice is one to put on your radar. She doesn’t mince words, whether she is criticizing content mills or baring myths about writing. She tackles just about every issue from what to do if you don’t get paid to why your website doesn’t bring in clients. Another great feature about this blog is the fact that she responds to people’s comments and questions. She says she wants to help writers succeed, and she backs her words with action.

Inkwell Editorial

Yuwanda Black turned her freelance writing career into a company that hires freelancers. She even enjoys working from the lovely island of Jamaica. Since she is living the life many of us only dream about, it only makes sense to learn from her advice. In addition to her blog posts, she has numerous ebooks and courses where you can learn to follow her tactics and enjoy a great level of success for yourself.

Upwork / Textbroker / Other Sites

Many of the content and bidding sites also feature their own blogs. If you have signed up to work with any of them, you should read their blog posts on a regular basis. That is where you will find out the latest information and keep updated on current trends. It also helps you learn the secrets to being successful on those sites.

Tips for Following Blogs

Be willing to try out several or even all of these blogs. However, you will only want to select two or three to follow on a regular basis. Otherwise, you will spend all of your time learning about freelance writing and very little time actually doing the writing.

Sign up for the blog and you will get an alert in your email. This saves you time constantly checking for a new post. Most of the top sites provide daily or at least weekly posts. If a blog is outdated with the last post several months old, skip it. It’s probably not worth your time.

Once you finish reading a blog post, take time to peruse the comments. You never know when you might learn something or stumble on another blog to check out. Feel free to make your own comments. You might be surprised to discover a valuable connection that can help you in the future. At the very least, you won’t feel so alone in this solitary writing life.

Following the best freelance writing blogs is one way to sharpen your skills and help you be more successful. If you want to be like these writers, learn from them and you will enjoy similar success.

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