February 20, 2022

When you are just starting out as an affiliate marketer, the learning curve can be pretty steep. If you’ve never had a website or blog before, you may find yourself Googling “top hosting companies for WordPress.” However, once you see the results, you may end up more confused than ever. I know when I was first starting out, choosing a hosting company was one of the hardest decisions I had to make, and I made the wrong choice several times before I finally found the service I use for all my sites today. This review is mostly written for those of you who were like me when I first started out. I didn’t know a thing about web servers. Still, to this day, I focus on what I enjoy most which is creating content. My experience in actually running web servers is very low. That’s why this is the best list of the top hosting companies for WordPress if you’re a beginner. You can learn from my years of mistakes and skip right to finding the best web host.



Want The Fast Answer? This Is The WordPress Host I Recommend


One of the things that I found when I was researching was none of these WordPress hosting reviews ever seemed specific to my needs as an affiliate marketer. Ultimately, the reviews I found weren’t very helpful to me. They either got really technical or were just obvious sales ads. The other day someone asked me what the top hosting company for WordPress was and I started thinking, maybe I should write a review of the top hosting companies for WordPress but specifically for new affiliate marketers. We have very different needs than traditional businesses, so what the top hosting company in one industry may not work for us. So here are my top hosting company choices for WordPress.

My Choices For The Top Hosting Companies For WordPress

When deciding my top three, I looked at what I’ve used in the past and what others in my industry are currently using. These three are:


I decided that the best way to evaluate these top hosting companies for WordPress is to do a side-by-side comparison of each service based on the specific needs of affiliate marketers. I determined those needs are:

  1. Ease of use
  2. Performance
  3. Features
  4. Customer support
  5. Pricing

Let’s get started!

1. Ease Of Use Of The Top Hosting Companies For WordPress

Top Hosting Companies For WordPress - The Top 3 Services ComparedI believe the ease of use is the most important thing for affiliate marketers. Not only do many of us lack the technical background to manage a complex hosting platform, but the easier a platform is, the quicker we can make changes. Ease of use to me is ultimately about saving time so I can focus my energy on other facets of my business.

WPEngine, Rated 5/5: WPEngine has my favorite admin panel. It’s very simple, streamlined, and incredibly easy to navigate. So it’s really great for beginners and a huge time saver for the novice and expert because you don’t have to dig around to find what you need.

BlueHost, Rated 2/5: When I first launched my site on BlueHost, I was immediately confused. The cPanel made no sense to me. I could barely navigate it. I did talk to customer support agents who were able to help me understand, but I feel like BlueHost has a steep learning curve.

HostGator, Rated 4/5: HostGator was a lot easier and honestly, I would rate it 5/5 if you already have experience running a website. The panel definitely has everything you need, provided in an easy-to-understand, user-friendly design. However, they offer too much at once, which can be really confusing for a newbie.

2. Performance Of The Top Hosting Companies For WordPress

Performance is incredibly important. Studies have shown that if your page takes more than ten seconds to load, 60% of your visitors will navigate away without ever engaging in your content. In order to engage any traffic that comes to your site, you need a reliable web host.

WPEngine, Rated 5/5: WPEngine definitely has the best performance for the cost. They have a proprietary cache system that makes websites work beautifully.

BlueHost, Rated: 3/5: I found BlueHost offers a lot of performance, but you have to constantly upgrade if you want access to them. So it really depends on how much you are willing to spend.

HostGator, Rated 5/5: HostGator has great performance features. I found load time, reliability, and speed were all top notch at all levels.

3. Features Of The Top Hosting Companies For WordPress

Affiliate marketing requires a lot of analytic tools, automation, and publishing capabilities to grow your business. So any hosting site for affiliate marketers needs to have all of these features so we never miss an opportunity for success.

WPEngine, Rated 5/5: WPEngine has a program designed specifically to support marketers. This extra bit of care, makes finding, loading, and using their features really easy. I think it definitely has the most tailored features for affiliates.

BlueHost, Rated 1/5: If you want any of these features on BlueHost, it is an upsell. Their standard package comes with nothing.

HostGator, Rated 4/5: HostGator has some really great standard WordPress plugins designed for affiliates. So you’ll find what you need pretty easily.

4. Customer Support Of The Top Hosting Companies For WordPress

Customer support is really important for me because I am not a tech-savvy person. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge over the years, but sometimes I simply get stumped and need someone to help guide me. Most affiliate marketers do not have a background in web development, so I think customer support is really important in our industry. All of these top hosting companies for WordPress offer great customer support.

  • WPEngine, Rated 5/5: 24/7, 365 live support.
  • BlueHost, Rated 5/5: 24/7, 365 live support.
  • HostGator, Rated 5/5: 24/7, 365 live support.

5. Price Comparison Of The Top Hosting Companies For WordPress

Finally, the price is crucial. Any business owner looks for ways to cut down on overhead, so there is a bigger profit margin and more resources to invest in growth. So obviously, the price will be a factor in any business decision you make as an affiliate.

WPEngine, Rated 4/5: Starting at $29/month, WPEngine is more expensive, but has way more features for the price. Plus unlike the other two, there are never hidden charges for upgraded features.

BlueHost, Rated 5/5: Starting at $3.95/month, BlueHost is very cheap. However, their low-end programs do not offer much in performance and features.

HostGator, Rated 5/5: Also starting at $3.95/month but not offering great features for the price.

Final Ratings Of The Top Hosting Companies For WordPress

Overall of the top three, WPEngine rates the highest for affiliate marketers. If you are looking for the top hosting company for WordPress, start by looking at WPEngine.

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