February 20, 2022

LinkedIn is the largest professional social media network in the world. Currently, there are over 450 million users with 106 million unique visits to the site every month. You may be thinking LinkedIn is only for job hunters and employers to find one another, however it is a powerful networking tool you can use to build your internet marketing company, reach customers, and expand your brand. Here are the best ways to use LinkedIn to build your internet marketing company.

Highlight Your Business On Your Profile

When you build or edit your LinkedIn profile, rather than just highlighting your professional experience and competencies, highlight your company. Detail the operations of your business, focus on your products, and add links to your websites and professional social media accounts. Another great idea is to display testimonies of satisfied customers to add extra credibility to your page. Finally, as with any webpage you make, use important keywords so that your profile is easily found with searches related to your company or products.

Build Your Network

Next, you want to build your LinkedIn network. There are two effective ways to do this. First, is by seeking out potential clients, customers, and other associates and adding them as connections. You can even find other affiliate marketers by searching “affiliate marketers” in the search tool. The second way is to join professional groups for affiliate marketers so you can meet others in your field. Here are some of the more popular affiliate marketing groups on LinkedIn:

In these groups people share tips, ideas, and market research. So they are also a great way for learning more about affiliate marketing.

Create A Company Page

Beyond your own profile, you should set up a company page on LinkedIn for your internet marketing company. LinkedIn allows members to build free company pages. With a company page you will increase your credibility and help others learn more about your company, products, and brands. You will also be able to reach a larger audience of potential customers. Plus, if used correctly, company pages are an excellent tool for B2B marketing and lead generation.

When you design your company page make sure that you include all the important information about your company, add images and logos, and fill out every field including the often forgotten “products and services” page. Also, in your “about” section use keyword-rich sentences so your page is easily found through a search. Do not forget to add your company’s URL, so people can easily click to learn more about your business. Finally, take advantage of the “Showcase Page” feature where your company can spotlight new campaigns, products, and services to reach a more targeted audience. You can learn more about Showcase Pages here.

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Follow Related Company Pages

With both your company profile and your professional profile, you should follow related company pages to gain valuable market insights on your industry. For example, say your online marketing company promotes health supplements. You’ll want to follow nutritionists and personal trainers, so that whenever they provide content about the health of certain nutrients found in your supplements, you can tie that into your own brand by sharing the article. This also fosters cross promotion because when they see your interest in their expertise, they will look to yours as well.

Become A Content Matter Expert

Once you have your professional profile and company pages built and your network setup, you will want to become a content matter expert to build credibility and foster client relations. Use both pages as a way to have a conversation with your network. Start by setting up a schedule to post routinely to keep the conversation going. The best times to post for the most clicks and shares on LinkedIn are Tuesday-Thursday between 10-11 am. When determining what to post, follow the 4-1-1 rule, where you post four pieces of original content, one piece of shared content, and one piece of advertising. One of the coolest features about LinkedIn is whenever you post an article, it will send out automatic notifications of your activity to your network. So article promotion is built right in. From there, you just have to engage your network with your expertise.

Gain Competitive Insights

LinkedIn has an amazing advanced search feature that can help you gain competitive insights on both potential clients and your competition. Using the advanced search feature you can search for companies, people, and groups. With the advanced search you can filter your searches down to location, industry, and interests and use that information to target your ideal customers and build your network. You can also use the advanced search feature to find competitors see how they are promoting their brand online. LinkedIn also allows you to save your searches and get notifications when there are any changes to your search like new people or company pages.

LinkedIn also offers a Company Page Analytics feature so you can understand your page performance. The Company Page Analytics can help you rate post engagement, identify trends within your company, and understand the demographics of your followers. You can also see how your page compares to your competition on LinkedIn. With the Company Page Analytics tool you can gain important insights so you can optimize your LinkedIn company page.

So if you are looking for a great way to promote your business, build your network, and establish your brand for your online marketing company, LinkedIn is a great tool. There is tons of marketing potential on LinkedIn if you follow these tips. To learn more about other ways you can improve your online marketing company on other social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, check out the tips at Affiliate Marketer Training.

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