February 20, 2022

Have you signed up for this affiliate marketing course? If you have, and assuming that you take the course seriously and then implement your own business plan as I show you through step-by-step instructions, it is a very realistic possibility that within the next 6 to 12 months you will be quitting your full-time job. It’s okay to daydream about that day, I was doing that for almost a year before I quit and when the day came it could not have been sweeter.

While this site mainly focuses on training new affiliate marketers to start a business and get their finances under their own control, there are many others that enjoy working in the workforce but are simply interested in changing jobs. Everyone has had that horrible boss or a job that didn’t turn out to be what we thought it would. So the question is, how do you quit? Here are some of the right ways to quit your job and some of the more fun ways to quit your job that the experts would never recommend. It’s up to you to decide which one you want to pick.

Super Boring Video Showing The Super Boring Ways To Quit Your Job Gracefully (Pffff!)

The Resignation Letter Is One Of The Most Common Ways To Quit Your Job

One of the most boring ways to quit your job is to hand in a simple resignation letter. While this doesn’t have the pizzazz that many other ways of quitting your job have, this is the best approach if you want a “no fuss” way of quitting. This technique is used by those who do not want to get into details with their boss or coworkers about where they are going for the reasons why they are quitting. You have absolutely no obligation to tell your boss or anyone else why you are leaving your job. Often times, you must give notice that you will be leaving her position which is usually a two week notice. You can easily accomplish this by simply handing your boss and envelope with a simple resignation letter and then walking away. Don’t get too crazy with your resignation letter. When we think of letters we usually think of a full sheet of paper being utilized to create several paragraphs, etc. That’s not going to be the case with your resignation letter. It is one of the benefits of a resignation letter because it is so simple to do. Here is an example resignation letter that you could write to your boss…

Dear Boss,

This is my official written notice that I will be leaving my position with this company on (insert date).



This is all that needs to be said, no more, no less. That’s what makes this one of the easiest ways to quit your job. If your boss or anyone else ask you questions about why you are leaving your employment or wants to speak with you about trying to get you to stay at your job, it is your choice whether you want to have this discussion or not. You have absolutely no obligation to go into details if you don’t want to.

Still Confused? Maybe This Guy Can Help (But Probably Not)

The Personal Approach To Quitting Your Job

Some of you may actually have a good working relationship with your boss, but you just want to leave to explore new opportunities or for a wide array of other reasons. If you have a good relationship with your boss and you are open to talking with your boss about your future plans and why you are leaving, there are may ways to quit your job, but this personal approach is often the best way to leave on good terms with no hurt feelings. Simply schedule a time to talk with your boss and have a heart to heart discussion about why you need to leave. The important thing to remember here is to make sure that your decision is firmly made. You do not want to go into her bosses office to tell them that you’re quitting, only to have your mind changed. Decide right now if you are willing to compromise and if so, decide what those compromises must be. You need to be the one in control of the conversation and the one with leverage. Before you going to quit, make sure that you have made the right decision and have committed to it.

In the video posted below, you will see a video of a baby elephant playing in the ocean. It’s super adorable. What does this have to do with quitting your job? Nothing at all. But I’m super ADD and you might be too, so enjoy!

The Poop On The Desk Approach

If you have a disgusting sense of humor like I do, one of your daydreams in life is to go to your bosses desk and way a big fat doody right on his keyboard. Well first of all, taking a poop on someone’s desk could bring criminal charges against you because spreading bodily fluids is generally considered to be a hazardous material and you can get in big trouble for this. So while I do not recommend that you take a poop on your bosses desk, there are many fun ways to quit your job if you don’t mind getting fired. Getting fired instead of voluntarily leaving will have its own consequences, but I’m sure you are already aware of this. Just get creative… There are plenty of ways that you can get fired in a fun and humorous way. You could plant a marijuana plants and what that grow at your desk until someone notices. This is probably something that you should only do in states where marijuana is legalized, but it is a funny option because it’s a slow moving joking that will eventually get found out. How big will the plant have to get before people notice?

You could also do things like spending four hours in the bathroom each day, preparing dinner like chopping onions or tomatoes at your desk before work is done, interrupting and just being completely rude and outrageous during meetings, picketing outside your work by yourself for a few hours each day while drinking some beer, stuff like that. There is always something that you can do which is creative and hilarious to get yourself fired. Depending on what your job is will depend on the exact strategies that you will take, but the main thing to do is make it hilarious to be sure that people at your crappy old job will talk about it for years.

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