In another article I answered the question, what is black hat SEO? If you haven’t read it yet, you might want to either read that article now or after you read this one.

In this article, I’ll answer the question, what is white hat SEO?

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White Hat SEO Is What Search Engines Love

While black hat SEO focuses on manipulating search engines (things search engines don’t like), white hat SEO is all about doing the things the search engines love. When you work with the search engines, you are setting yourself up for a long-term partnership with Google and other search engines. When you work against them, you are in for some unfortunate surprises.

Top SEO Mistakes

The Negatives Of White Hat SEO

What Is White Hat SEO
Personally, I ONLY use white hat SEO methods. Many people do not like using white hat SEO because it takes time. If you start a website today and you use black hat methods, you could be ranking highly in search engines by next week. If you only use white hat methods, chances are it will be months before your site ranks highly. That’s why black hat SEO is the method of choice for spammers. Other than the time it takes, I don’t really see too many negatives when it comes to using white hat SEO if you wish to build a sustainable income online.

The Information Kiosk Analogy

Imagine for a moment that Google is the information kiosk at a giant mall with just about every store imaginable. If you go to the information kiosk and ask what the best store is for buying cell phones, who do you think Google would recommend?

Sure, they could recommend the new cell phone store that just opened yesterday, or, they could recommend you go to an established store that has existed for many years and has a ton of positive customer feedback. Who would YOU most likely recommend?

Google as a search engine works in a very similar way. When your website is new, Google might only send a small percentage of people to your site while they send the majority of people to the well established and trusted websites. Over time, Google can start getting “customer feedback” and learn more about your “store.” As you naturally gain trust with both customers and Google, you’ll get rewarded with more “customers.” After about 3 to 6 months, you can realistically start competing with the well established websites in your niche. Although the exact timing will depend on how much competition there is within your specific niche topic.

You have a choice here. You can either do things legitimately and EARN your trust (white hat) or you can manipulate things by say, paying people to go to the information kiosk and say great things about you (black hat). How do you think this would make Google feel? Would you expect them to ever trust you again?

Yes, white hat SEO takes longer, but when you form a real trust with Google and other search engines, you will benefit for years to come. Keep it white hat.

Popular White Hat SEO Methods

White Hat SEO Methods

First of all, the search engines really only care about one thing. They want their users to find high quality information they were searching for on websites that provides a great user experience. If the search engines can perform that task well, people will keep using their search engine which means they can keep charging advertisers to display ads in their search results. This is how Google earns its billions of dollars per year.

However, in addition to providing a great user experience, there are a few white hat SEO methods you can use to increase your visibility in search engines.

  • Using Proper Keywords – A “keyword” is a word or phrase that people type into search engines. If you know what people are typing into the search engines, you can use that exact wording in your page title, description, and embedded within’ the content of the page. As long as you don’t overdo it (called “keyword stuffing”), this can actually help Google and other search engines figure out what your site is about and also rank you higher for those exact search phrases. I get into more detail about this in my affiliate marketing e-course.
  • Good Site Structure – Here is another white hat SEO technique that I explain in more detail in my free affiliate marketing e-course. If your website is difficult to navigate, this not only provides a poor user experience, but search engine robots (also called spiders) may have difficulty figuring out what your site is about. Always make sure your site is very easy to navigate for both humans and search engine spiders.
  • Fresh Content – Search engines LOVE fresh content. If a website hasn’t been updated in several months, it might be considered “abandoned” by search engines. That doesn’t mean search traffic will disappear, but your site won’t rank as high as would otherwise be possible if you had fresh content. Always try to add at least 1 or 2 articles per week to your site, even when it already has hundreds of pages.
  • Social Media – Being active on social media helps to show the search engines that you are interacting with your sites visitors. This can be a huge signal to search engines that your not just isolated in your own corner of the internet, but that you get involved and interact. This white hat SEO method has become more important over time and no doubt, it will continue to change as social media continues to evolve.
  • Proper Linking – Not only should you interlink pages on your site, but you should always make sure your incoming and outgoing links are high quality. If you are linking out to low quality websites that provide a poor user experience, Google and other search engines might think twice about ranking you highly. This goes for incoming links as well. It’s true that incoming links is a major factor in boosting your search rankings, but it isn’t the number of links pointing into your site, rather the quality. One link from a high quality source is much more beneficial than a bunch of low quality links from spammy websites.

What Is White Hat SEO?

Those are just a few white hat SEO techniques you can employ. I get into a full list of white hat SEO techniques in my affiliate marketing e-course. If you haven’t signed up yet, I HIGHLY recommend you take the 30 seconds to do so. My free course will blow you away and I don’t charge you a single dime. Check it out!