February 20, 2022

The success of your WordPress blog will depend not just on producing great content, but other aspects as well such as your SEO efforts and other factors that rely heavily on high-quality WordPress blog hosting.

Using a poor quality or cheap WordPress blog hosting provider will cause your blog to be more difficult to find, less functional, insecure, slow loading, and you will get little to no help in managing your blog. On the flip side of this, using a high quality or the best WordPress blog hosting service will grant you higher visibility, loads of easy to use features, worthwhile customer service, site security & backups, SEO benefits, fast loading pages, and so much more.

If you’re new to web servers or simply don’t enjoy learning about the backend programming required to run and maintain a web server, finding the best WordPress blog hosting service can seem like an intimidating task with all of the offerings out there, but there are a few features you can use to determine which hosting service is best for you.

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Features To Look For In The Best WordPress Blog Hosting Service

What sets a particular hosting service apart from all of the rest are the features and services they offer. By investigating these features, as well as customer testimonials, you can feel confident in your decision to choose a particular WordPress blog hosting service over another. Prices vary widely and in general, the more expensive the service the better it’s going to be, but that isn’t always the case.

Remember, if you’re new to this, do NOT try to go with the cheapest hosting provider you can find. In fact, I recommend the opposite. Spend the extra $10 per month and sign up for a great hand-holding company with excellent customer service. Trust me on this!

The Best WordPress Blog Hosting Service Should Have EXCELLENT Customer Service

Look for high-quality customer service, as no matter how experienced you may be in WordPress blog hosting, something could always go wrong, and you want the help available when it does. For those of us that aren’t very technical people, this is even more important. That’s one reason I personally use WPengine for all of my WordPress blogs. They have amazing customer service with WordPress specific experts ready to help via phone, live chat, or email 24/7. You also get local customer service experts to help. For instance, I get connected to their Austin, Texas support team which is a great touch.

Customer support that is available 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, including holidays, ensures that no matter when a problem occurs, your blog will never be down for long. For bloggers in the field of affiliate marketing, this means less time you will need to stress about lost traffic, sales, and conversions.

WordPress Hosting, SEO, And Site Speed

One of the most overlooked aspects of finding a great web host is determining what your loading speed will be. Page load times have a tremendous impact on SEO, meaning going with a faster web host will likely give you some very distinct SEO advantages. As my business relies very heavily on search engine traffic, I have decided to go with the fastest web host I could find which is WPengine.

Now, if you really know what you’re doing and have experience with web development, there are ways to make your site fast without having to sign up for a web host that costs as much as WPengine. However, for those of us who would rather focus our efforts on creating great content instead of web development, WPengine is an excellent host that will give you extremely quick page load times.

WPengine WordPress Hosting

Is Your WordPress Blog Host Scalable?

Next, you want to look for a scalable architecture. You don’t want to begin your WordPress blog experience using one hosting provider, then find that you’ve outgrown their services and need to start looking again, worried that your migration will lose data for your blog in the process. While migrating a WordPress site to a new web host is not impossible and can certainly be done, there is a lot of room for error and in general, it’s much easier to just stick with one web host as your business grows.

A WordPress blog hosting service that uses scalable architecture is one that will allow your blog to grow naturally and organically, with no worry that it won’t be able to handle the additional traffic coming through. No blogger should have to worry about their blog becoming “too successful”, and crashing as a result. The right scalable architecture will be able to handle and accommodate your visitor base no matter how much it grows.

WordPress Hosting Should Include Rock Solid Security!

which-wordpress-blog-hosting-service-is-bestSecurity is always important, and this rings true for your WordPress blog hosting service as well. For a blogger looking to monetize their blog or working in affiliate marketing, data breaching and hacking can create an embarrassing and catastrophic experience. Real-time threat detection can help to eliminate any threats from the start and give you peace of mind that your work and your data is kept safe. In addition to this, proper security also helps your blog to run faster and can help keep backups to protect you even further. If you don’t know how to secure your site properly, sign up with a web host such as WPengine that includes top notch security. Trying to clean up the mess after a breach can be a total disaster.

Analytical Performance Data

Performance assistance is also important, and this is one of those features not offered by all WordPress blog hosting services, so it really sets the best apart from all the rest. Assistance that tracks the performance of your blog as whole, catching any slow-downs or problems before they become major is important, as is tracking the performance of your content and applications. Content is growing in importance each and every year, particularly for such content focused mediums like blogs, and you want to make sure the content you’re creating is working for you. Content management and tracking uses simple Google Analytics tools to show you what content is working, what isn’t, and how your content can evolve with your blog going forward. Application tracking and performance is also important. Complex application issues with your blog will no longer be a problem with simple troubleshooting and constantly available customer support.

One of the reasons getting analytical data from your WordPress web host is so importaint is because they have the most accurate data. While they do often compile data from 3rd party sources such as Google Analytics, They are able to use that data combined with their own proprietary data right from the server.

Finding The Best WordPress Blog Hosting Service

WP Engine WordPress Hosting

The way to find the best WordPress blog hosting service is to determine which have most of, if not all of, these features. Typically, WordPress blog hosting services meant for beginners aren’t going to have as many features to play with as your blog grows, and those for expert level website builders and bloggers won’t be quite as user-friendly. What you’re looking for is a happy medium that includes the useful beginner features that are user-friendly, as well as the more high tech needs your blog is going to have when your user base continues to grow.

Luckily, there is one WordPress blog hosting service that offers each and every one of these features, as well as so much more. WPengine has a plethora of features for WordPress bloggers of any experience level including:

24/7 customer support

    • – No matter when something happens, you always have the help you need. Using simple chat, email, or phone methods, you can always get a professional on the line to walk you through whatever problem you may be dealing with.

Content, performance, and application performance tracking – Your applications, your content, and your blog itself are always under your control. WPengine allows you to track each aspect individually, which provides you the peace of mind that everything is working exactly as you wish.

Real time threat detection – On top of enterprise grade security, WPengine offers real time threat detection that squashes any security threats as they happen. What this does is leaves your blog always safe and never exposed.

Scalable infrastructure – Scalable infrastructure using innovative technologies makes WPengine the WordPress blog hosting service that you can start with and keep for as long as you wish as your blog grows. No matter the type of traffic you’re receiving, your blog will always be able to handle it without risk of crashing.

Visibility – WPengine will also help to boost your visibility, which is important if you want to attract readers to reading your blog. For affiliate marketing or monetized blogs, this heightened visibility helps to garner you more sales, more conversions, and more results for the efforts you put into your blogging.



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