February 20, 2022

Quite frankly, affiliate marketing is perfect for work at home moms (WAHMs). The unfortunate part is many work at home moms don’t realize this money-making opportunity even exists. I mean, you can’t REALLY make money online, can you? Aren’t all those make money from home systems scams?

Well, unfortunately, many of them are. But on the other hand, yes, you really CAN make money from home, in your spare time, while being around your kids all day long. Here are some examples of work at home moms making money with an affiliate marketing business right now. If you need some motivation and inspiration, you should definitely check these out. They are regular people, just like you. Not computer programmers and marketing experts.

…The moral of the above examples is this – Other moms are doing it, right now. They saw through all the scams and get rich quick baloney out there and found a legitimate way to make money while staying at home with their kids. Not only that, but many stay at home moms end up earning more than their husbands doing it!

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How To Make Money Online The Legitimate Way By Providing Value To Others

Work At Home MomGet rich quick is a scam. You have to understand that right now. If you want to make money online from home, it’s not going to come through some “secret system” or special software program that does all the work for you. If anyone ever tells you they can help you earn a living from home online without doing any work at all, they are lying to you.

Affiliate marketing is business. You have to actually provide value to others in order to warrant getting paid. If you’re not actually providing value to others, why would anyone pay you in the first place?

Establishing Your Affiliate Marketing Business Plan

Since you now understand that in order to succeed online, you actually need to run a legitimate business, that means you need a plan. A real life working business plan. You need to lay out exactly how you will provide value to others in order for them to pay you. And you need to figure out how to run your business in your spare time from home. Since you’re probably brand new to affiliate marketing, that is probably a bit overwhelming to think about.

May I suggest a crazy idea?

Sign up for the same training program I used to find success online.

Ok, but who the heck am I? Well, actually I don’t have any kids myself (unless you count my awesome black lab Cooper who I get to be around all day long). However, I began my affiliate marketing company while I was an over-the-road truck driver working 70hrs+ every week. I did it with nothing but a laptop and an internet connection. Did I know anything about how to build a website when I first started? Nope! And either do you. In my course, I show you step-by-step with both written and video instructions how to develop your own custom WordPress website, and it’s going to be super easy.

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So… What Value Will I Be Providing To Others?

Great question! I’m glad I asked!

Having a website is all well and good, but not everyone with a website makes money. So, here’s how you’ll be different. In this e-course, I will help you choose a topic for your website. Your website will be based on a topic you already know and love, or don’t mind learning a little bit about. Everyone knows something about something, and with the help of my e-course, I will bring that out and show you how to make money with it.

But in short, it goes something like this. You create a blog or website about a topic you’re already interested in. By providing high quality and FREE information, you will attract lots of people to your website by using FREE search engines. But there’s a catch. You’ll just so happen to place some advertising on your website. Once you attract 500 or 1,000 or 5,000 people PER DAY to your website (more than achievable), even if only 5% of your website visitors clicks on your advertisements, you’re doing very well for yourself.

You simply provide the platform to bring lots of people with a common interest to one place (your website) and then you promote relevant products and services to them. So in essence, you will get paid to write about a topic you already know and love and get paid for selling other peoples products and services. AND, you can do it all from home, by yourself, for pennies per day, with no overhead, and on your own schedule.


Yes, seriously.

By the way, if you’ve never heard of affiliate marketing and are still confused about how this all works, check out my page where I explain in an article and in a video about how affiliate marketing works.

Great! But How Long Is This Going To Take Me?

Work At Home MomsI know… You need money like, yesterday. I’m sorry, but that’s not what I teach. Get rich quick simply doesn’t work. I usually tell new affiliate marketers to wait 6 to 12 months before revenue starts flowing in.

HOWEVER, you have to understand that affiliate marketing is residual income. So, even though you have to work essentially for free for the first 6 to 12 months, after that, you will literally make money while you sleep. All the work you put in now will end up pumping money into your bank account every day for years to come. And while that’s making you money, you can work on new residual income sources and continue growing your website / business. It becomes exponential.

From personal experience, I saw some initial revenues right around the 6 month mark and was able to quit my full-time job as a truck driver in less than one year. In my second year, I was earning 6 figures from home. So, “get rich quick” is in the eye of the beholder. Whenever I get up in the morning and check how much money I made while I slept, I am reminded that 6 to 12 months of my initial work and effort was MORE than worth it.

Plus, did I mention you’ll be building a website about a topic you already know and love? It’s almost like being paid to enjoy your interests and hobbies!

Check out this video to see even more about how this all works. After I watched that video, I was sold.

But, Work At Home Mom. How Many Hours Per Week Do I Need To Work?

Let’s put it this way… The more you work, the faster you’ll see success. The less you work, the longer it will take. The amount you work is really up to you. However, I understand you probably want a number. So, my answer is a minimum of 10 hours per week. You can probably do it on less, but my recommendation is at least 2 hours per day on a 5 hour work week. If you can’t squeeze that into your busy schedule (and I KNOW you’re busy), this might not be the best way to go.

Can you start with just a 7hr workweek? If so, sign up for this incredible training course. Getting started is the hardest part, so allow me to help you to get off to a great start. By this time next week, you’ll already have a business plan and a website ready to go. From there, all you have to do is start writing whenever you can. If you think you can manage that, sign up now and let’s get started right away!

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