February 20, 2022

Generating a profit from affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online. There are plenty of affiliate programs to choose from that will pay commissions on any sales you refer through your sites. However, creating an Amazon review site could perhaps be the best way to build your online business profits.

The Amazon affiliate program allows you to promote a broad variety of products across a massive range of niches. Amazon even gives you a very user-friendly way to create promotional banners, widgets and display carousels for you to highlight the products you want to recommend.

Despite how easy it seems to put a stack of banners and widgets all over your site promoting lots of products, it’s a little more challenging to encourage your site’s visitors to click on those links. If you’re serious about making profits from your website or blog, it’s important to build trust with your visitors first.

Planning Your Amazon Review Site

Before you rush out to register your new blog or website, take some time to work out what type of products you want to promote. It’s easier to make money with Amazon’s affiliate program if your site’s visitors are searching for a specific product that you can offer information about on your blog.

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Creating Your Review Site

When you have decided on a niche you want to focus on, go ahead and register your domain name. Be sure you choose a keyword-rich URL that describes exactly what your site is about.

Choose a webhost and create the layout for your blog. If you’re using WordPress you can upload a pre-made template relatively easily and customize it to suit your preferences.

Researching Product Options

Once you’ve chosen a niche and set up your site, take the time to browse Amazon’s product selections. Lot into your Amazon Associates account and type your chosen keywords into the search bar. You’re able to search for specific products that match your niche and see what results you get.

For example, if you type in a broad search, such as ‘iPod’, you’ll receive more than 2 million results. Each result will have the price listed below each item and a yellow ‘Get Link’ button alongside it, where Amazon will create your unique affiliate link to that specific product.

Writing Your Reviews

One of the most effective ways to build trust with your site’s visitors is to provide them with detailed reviews of the products you promote. If you have actually purchased an item, write an honest review of the product from your perspective as a customer.

Be truthful about your opinion of the product. Include any benefits or drawbacks you noticed about your experience with the item. Describe clearly what customers will get if they decide to purchase the same item.

The whole point of writing a review is to convince the reader to consider their purchase options. Of course, the added bonus of posting niche-focused reviews is that your site becomes content-rich, which is exactly what search engines prefer. Over time, search engines will start to pick up your keywords, which can be great for boosting your site’s search engine rankings.

If writing isn’t your strong suit, it’s possible to outsource the task of writing compelling reviews. There are plenty of freelance writers available who will happily create keyword-rich reviews on any product you want to promote.

Generating Your Amazon Affiliate Links

When you’ve located the products you want to promote, go ahead and generate your links. Amazon gives you plenty of options to choose from. You can create banner links that can be added to your blog’s side-bar or at the top or bottom of the post. You can create individual product links or you can generate widgets that automatically update whatever products you want to promote.

Linking to Products Within Your Content

Visual representations of a product are a great way to encourage people to click your affiliate link. However, it’s also important to include simple text links within the body content of your reviews.

Your review might include mention of a product name. Insert your affiliate link into the anchor text so the words show up as a clickable link within your text.

Add Clickable Product Images

No matter what product you are reviewing, be sure to include a clickable product image with your affiliate link embedded somewhere on the page. Your blog’s visitors will want to see what the product looks like, especially if you’re writing a positive review about it. Amazon makes it really easy for you to create links to a specific product image.

Even if your review already contains text links within the content, it’s still important to ensure any product images you include have your affiliate link embedded in them. People really do click images to learn more information, so make it easy for them to click through so you can get paid.

Promote More Amazon Products

Once your Amazon review site starts generating some profit, the easiest way to increase the amount of money you make is to promote more products. Amazon increases the percentage you earn on commissions as the number of sales you make goes up.

For example, you start each month at 4% for shipping between one and six items. After you’ve sold six items, the commission rate jumps up to 6%. The more products you promote the greater chance you have of earning a higher rate of commission.

Alternate Product Price Points

Far too many affiliate marketers focus solely on selling the high-ticket items in the hopes of generating larger commissions. There’s nothing wrong with that approach, but if you’re serious about earning money online using the Amazon affiliate program you need to keep your quantity of sales up to earn the higher commission percentage rates.

Perhaps the easiest way to keep your sales numbers high is to alternate your product price points. Choose some cheaper products that relate to your niche, as it’s much easier to sell larger quantities of inexpensive items.

More expensive items may not sell as frequently as the cheaper products, but you should still include them on your site wherever possible. After all, if you can get your commission rate up to 8% or 8.5% with lots of smaller sales from the cheap items, you’ll make more money from those larger sales when they do come in.

How to Create an Amazon Affiliate Review Site for Profit
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How to Create an Amazon Affiliate Review Site for Profit
A very large number of affiliate marketers begin their business by partnering with the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program. But how do you do it?

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